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Alex Jones is attacking RON Paul Right Now - Sunday

Alex Jones is going ballistic attacking Ron Paul's integrity and painting him exactly like Rand. He's trying to chain RON to Rand. Listen to the Sunday show for yourself. He is saying SOME things that are true and then mixing in a full out ATTACK on RON Paul.
He's stirring up trouble like crazy for the liberty movement.
Please don't listen to Alex Jones insane "analysis of Ron Paul"
He's done this before to another liberty candidate..

Rand said he is not libertarian, months ago.

This is exactly what AJ he did to Debra Medina just a few days before she was probably going to win the TX election for governor. Ousting Rick Perry.
AJ went ballistic on her about one point. She got tricked into what sounded like flipping in an hostile interview with a neocon host.
She was brand new to politics and it was just nerves.
Alex purposefully destroyed her support with his radio show
Rand Is NOT RON and now Jones is trying to ridicule that statement and say OH YES Ron IS Rand.
He says "That's what I was told when I got behind Rand
Alex Jones seems to think and is acting like HE owns the liberty movement right now.
Do not listen to his advice on politics
He's chaining RON to Rand / RON to Romney. If you keep listening and you'll hear him doing it..
He going nuts right now because people from the r3volution are calling in telling him he's wrong about RON and he feels threatened because we're not all just buying his chaining RON to Rand/Romney

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For all of his good qualities

Alex just cannot keep his thinking in a straight line. He gets overly excited and goes right off the cliff many times. He did it with Deborah Medina and he'll do it with Ron Paul if he feels that this is a popular and emotional "kick" to his listeners.

With all that Alex knows about the world it is no wonder that he sees boogeymen under every bed. But, I've often wondered if he is manic.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Ambitious men

will come out and vie for power if they perceive the possibility of a vacuum.

I haven't been listening, so I dont' knwo what he said.

no he is not

he condemning Romney.
He is questioning the timing and actions and endorsements.
I salute Alex on this one.