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Dylan Ratigan departs MSNBC

I know this may be a stretch, but I think he could make a positive influence on the liberty movement. Not knowing if he's capable of becoming more libertarian or would even consider it. In my opinion Dylan is the closest philosophically than almost all other MSM hosts. Upon watching scarcely over the last few years, he seems to be the "most" open minded to ideas this movement carries. He also comes with a credible amount of followers, myself included in 2008. I broke away from this and woke up to the real ideas of Ron Paul and many others. Just thinking that it could be a possibility for him to become more acquainted with the governments role in this, which until now I believe he has been denied from revealing. MSNBC as most of us know, doesn't like to place blame on government actions.

Give me your thoughts. He is a pretty decent speaker and thoughtful mind.

He also gets along with Peter Schiff. But hasn't taken to heart how much elected officials are to blame, along with the FED. again, IMO he's real close

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Thanks for the info. I had

Thanks for the info. I had no idea he left MSNBC.

Two shorten the road.