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Isolated from my family because I support Ron Paul

Warning - this is a rant. If you don't want to read it, skip to something else and I will not be offended.

I went out to eat for lunch with my family yesterday and immediately my dad jumped all over me for making fun of Mitt Romney on Facebook. He told me that I need to quit posting that stuff because the government is watching everything I do on there and I'm going to end up being investigated. Then, my grandmother jumps in and says that I'm disrespecting my husband (he is in the military) by speaking out against the government. Next, my grandfather tells me that a vote for anyone buy Romney is essentially a vote supporting Obama. While I really wanted to start throwing sh*t and screaming, I calmly explained why I support Ron Paul, told them that I'm not voting for Romney just because "he's not Obama", and ate my food in silence. Here is what I really wanted to say:

-First, Mitt Romney is a tool. If I want to make fun of him on MY Facebook page, I have the right to do so. You have the ability to block my posts if you don't want to see them.

-Second, I don't care if I'm setting myself up for investigation. I am not a threat to anyone or anything, except maybe some pizza and beer. I just want to be left alone.

-Third, I love and respect my husband more than anyone could possibly imagine. He feels the same way I do about what's going on in our country and will do what he can to uphold the Constitution and protect his fellow Americans. He is willing to sacrifice his life so that we have freedom to say whatever we want on Facebook and vote for whoever we want. As long as we still have those freedoms, I plan on exercising the hell out of them.

-Fourth, who I cast my vote for is no one's business but my own. If I want to vote for f'n Mickey Mouse I should be able to do so without being ridiculed by my own family. I will not compromise my morals and principles just so I can be a part of the "winning team".

-Fifth, anyone who votes for the lesser of two evils instead of voting their conscious is only contributing to the demise of this country. These a**holes keep getting elected because people keep voting for who the MSM tells them is the "winner" instead of voting for the person that most accurately represents them.

-Sixth, Romney=Obama. Same sh*t, different a**hole.

-Seventh, f off. If you only want to criticize me and tell me that my opinion is wrong, then don't talk to me. I would never treat a Romney supporter the way I was treated and I deserve the same respect.

I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest! Does anyone else feel like they've been isolated from their friends and family because of their support for Ron Paul?

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Just tell em:

Just tell em: "I'm done voting for evil or turning a blind eye. Don't think of it as bad thing. Try and see it as a testament to how you raised me."

yup, enjoyed your rant

You are in an invested position. I am bored w/mainstream narative.I do not wish I could go back to sleep. I also know how tedious talking to much less trying to reason w/zombies.Greater good, it's about the children ueeeeyeuch! I am more receptive to __________ .I was thinking ecyclopedia britanica salesmen.Clarity can be,is , a burden.You can lead a whore to water but u can not make her think. I am paraphrasing. To be sure, no one, can see the tree but for the forrest until they can.I gota go . I feel ya , you are not alone

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Sorry you have a family still asleep :(

Mine is like that, too. I've tried to wake them up before, but they're just not interested. They hardly ever vote, except for when my Dad voted for McCain in 2008. See, somehow he KNEW Obama was bad news, but McCain was probably just the lesser of two evils anyway.

Keep your chin up, just let all the rudeness go in one ear and out the other.

I know what you're going

I know what you're going through. My parents were both very "good" Republicans (supported Santorum while he was still in it) and always talked to me about how completely crazy I was and that Ron Paul never had a chance. Over time though, they've started to come around to our way of thinking - it literally took one 10 minute-ish YouTube video of a Ron Paul speech for my mom to start to realize how awesome he is (for my dad, it took the NDAA after he spent 20+ years in the military defending this country and he came around almost immediately). People have been taught to think in a very specific way and it's just not always easy to break them of that way of thinking.

Reminds me of an old conversation I had

...with a Facebook friend one time. I told him that I couldn't support anyone but Dr. Paul. I also said I considered Romney nothing more than a "white Obama" and that RP was the only candidate to stick to his guns and follow the Constitution. He responded by saying to be careful because RP was "extreme" and "dangerous", that he didn't support Israel enough, that he wanted to cut back on social welfare programs, etc. Romney in his words had changed his views since 2008, and was "much more conservative" (Bulls###) Ironically, my friend despaired over the masses of Americans who were brainwashed by the "liberal media"....apparently the neo-con media is somehow better

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You think you have it bad?

You think you have it bad? My father is a totalitarian socialist. I mean Democrat. And he disowned me in part for being one of those "no rule anarchist types". As in starting off sentences with "the problem with people like you is". And yet I was always avoiding political discussions and when I did, I'd be as rational and low key as possible.

At least you're still talking to your family, it could be worst. Republicans are difficult, but not as diffiult as Marxist Democrats!

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I can relate

As far as the ranting goes. Boy have I wanted to say the same things. Although I don't do FB, I do have some stickers on my car that have brought some unwanted "advice". Can you guess how many fingers I have had shoved into my face in the past 8 months? And my dad, a former union dem, stood in my house all purple with rage screaming at my hubby because my hubby said he would not vote at all vs. vote for Romney. Actually, my hubby said this: "No, I won't vote for Establishment, and if you all are that dumb, you deserve another 4 with Obama, maybe that will finally wake you up." (Maybe them's fightin' words...I don't know) Keep your chin up.

We live in some very

strange times. I deleted my facebook account because I realize the US, the Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer exist. Good luck

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Don't post it on your facebook!