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Self-serving demagogues using Rand's treachery to attack Ron Paul

I'm in the legal profession and do issue-spotting all day so when I see people muddying two issues together I get very irritable :). Here goes, list form rant style.

1. There is a slight chance that why Rand did what he did was strategic. NOT to "influence Mitt Romney" (demagogue strawman) or "get a cabinet position"(will obviously be marginalized unless its RP as an independent Fed Chair or DOD/CIA director or something). The only benefit would be to make sure that even though Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney, we as a movement cannot be blamed by brainwashed but well-meaning Republicans for "costing Romney the election". Our people in the GOP will be further entrenched and legitimized. Not with the elite who hate us, but with the Republican proles we are trying to reach. You know that Ron Paul will not endorse Romney so someone had to, or so the argument goes. My opinion is that this is nonsense and that successful revolutionary movements have never had to compromise before, but its a possible legitimate reason other than simply being threatened.

2. For the sake of argument,assume what Rand did was simply treason, the culmination of a few "compromises" with the establishment like genocidal sanctions on Iran. That is the simplest explanation, anyway, the Occam's Razor argument when dealing with politicians. Rand Paul does not deserve as much of a benefit of the doubt as his dad does. Yes I gave him money, over $400(a lot for me).

3. So if RAND did this treason, why is Ron being dragged into this? I heard Alan Watt bring up that discredited freemason mumbo jumbo about Ron Paul, as did Webster Tarpley along with tired nepotism arguments(if you were RP, who would you trust?). These guys are self-absorbed paranoids and blowhard socialists with a hidden agenda, respectively, so no surprise.

4. Adam Kokesh to his credit was pretty fair to Ron. Lew Rockwell said it best, Rand is not really one of us 100% and that's been clear for a long time(for those that were not delusional).

5. The worst offender is Alex Jones. Alex Jones has the most to gain from Ron Paul losing influence in the movement. Alex Jones is probably second in command of the movement's ideology to RP, followed by Lew Rockwell. Alex has repeatedly conflated Ron Paul with Rand Paul's betrayal.


a. "Rand Paul is Ron Paul's Son"
- Obvious nonsense, they have disagreed on many issues in the past and voted opposite on the sanctions issue. How can he blame Ron Paul for that when he literally voted opposite? David was the good king and Soloman was the bad king(mixed actually, like Rand). Do you blame David for everything Solomon did?

b. Ron Paul has had some sketchy endorsements

-Nothing new. Poor oversight, like the racist newsletters and Afghanistan war vote. Adam Kokesh did a good job expounding on this. He simply is not aware of everything happening in the nation, even in the Texas Senate race, and personally when I read anything generic, poorly written, and lacking insight coming out of his campaign or C4L I attribute it to John Tate.

c. Ron Paul told people in a letter to be "respectful" at the RNC
-Totally boilerplate and generic admonition from a classy 75+ year old, who cares?

d. Ron Paul said that Mitt Romney had more delegates that he does
-Um, yeah obviously. Why are people so delusional this time around? Since when is truth treason? Truth is treason in the empire of lies...or among the deluded paranoids.

e. Ron Paul made a deal with Romney too

-What evidence without relying on the fallacy laid out in point (a)? The MSM articles that we discredited as soon as they were released because they were based on zero evidence?

6. So whether Alex is just an emotional thinker(seems like it) that is hurt that Ron Paul is not 100% on board with his methods(he never was though...so why bring this up now?), or he is purposely conflating these two issues the way Alan "the sky is falling" Watt or Webster "USSR" Tarpley for their own selfish egos or gain of market share of influence on the movement is unclear. What is clear is that we need to watch Alex and these other cartoon characters closely.

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Ron Paul revolution, give us back our contribution

My boyfriend, said that. I wanted to share it with you all here to show you the feelings we have after this whole Ron Paul campaign unraveled and all the insider information about how the campaign was accused of never being in it to win it. He thinks Ron Paul is worse a traitor than most because he mislead the young people and hopeful remnant to the GOP just to make his family more influential. I don't know what to think entirely, but it is doubtful we will attend the rally in Tampa or ever vote for Ron or Rand.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

Pretty angry guy

As your guy knows, Ron Paul has faced massive censorship and the facts about his message, his campaign, and his life, has been twisted, spun, and actually lied about if he got any press at all.

Meanwhile, those who paid attention to Ron Paul and his message, joined the GOP, attended their local GOP meetings, worked to qualify and become credentialed delegates in an effort to nominate him at the GOP convention. This was the campaign's focus.

As the political process moved from straw polls and state conventions selecting delegates, from the lists of those qualified, the MSM never gave an accurate account, continued to promote candidates who had dropped out, and even invented candidates (Sarah Palin). The campaign got first hand knowledge about who was selected delegates and kept a count, while seeking to acheive the 5 state plurality. When, by the campaigns account, the 5 state plurality was achieved, and Ron Paul had qualified for nomination at the Republican National Convention, MSM said NOTHING. Obviously the censorship and mis-disinformation machine was still operating.

Now, Ron Paul did not accept contributions from corporations, but people. People who had far less money, worked hard for that money, were tapped out from money bombs, and there was still a LONG WAY TO GO to Tampa.

So the campaign, believeing that Ron Paul had acheived pluarity (5 states), backed out of actively campaigning to save money for the LONG haul ahead. Why should he, and the campaign, continue to beg for funds when MSM was not going to tell the people the truth and give Ron Paul and the campaign the credit WE deserved? Why feed the beast that was hurting us most?

In one month many of us will be in Tampa, FIGHTING to get Ron Paul the nomination. His Audit the Fed Bill has given him an opening on MSM, enabling him to also talk about other issues. As Obama flops and Romney flips and both hide their lies, Ron Paul is looking more and more as who he is, Ron Paul, and very presidential.

The hope now, is that Romney's delegates, many who do not love Romney as much as Ron Paul delegates LOVE Ron Paul, will also come to appreciate Ron Paul and join Ron Paul Republicans in nominating and ultimately voting for Ron paul for president.

Perhaps if your guy had done more than donate, but invested himself in going to the GOP meetings and fighting for Ron Paul's message to be THE message of the GOP, he would be in contact with the campaign and have a much better understanding of the challanges and the solutions? It worked for me.

Your guy, and you, are far from alone, and that is unfortunate, because it would be great to have your passion working with us, rather than turned against us, because you don't see the VALUE in donating your hard earned money. This is very unfortuante. We've come a LONG way. Ron Paul is prepared to accept the nomination of president, and MSM is still not giving him credit. So why buy their BS and turn on Ron Paul and the campaign? All you do is empower the MSM and help them win. That's where the anger would be better placed.

I'd like to say something about anger. Anger is like fuel. It's good to have a constructive way to vent anger, because when you store anger, it can explode. There are many ways to vent anger in a healthy way, sports, writing, music are some good ways, but also getting politically involved and working to make the changes that made you angry. So again, you might see, that by joining the campaign and attending local GOP meetings and facing the Neocons, and making your(Ron Paul's) issues heard, while pressing Ron Paul's message, well, that's been a fantasic way for me to not just vent, but to actualize change, in materializing Ron Paul's message.

Yes Granger

The "Anger" that you speak of is "Righteous Anger" a "Legitimate Emotion".

The anger expressed in the poster you've replied to is not really anger at all...It is RESENTMENT, a "Destructive Emotion".

Resentment is anger turned inward...it has as much validity as this:

"If you are wearing a dark suit...and you wet your pants..you sit there being angry for a reason nobody is aware of except yourself"....this is the real definition of resentment and the anger turned inward concept.

NOT a Positive Emotion.
NOT a Constructive Agenda...a Self defeating destructive emotion.

To "channel" that resentment into a righteous anger will be up to the poster and her boyfriend...to do something positive instead of harboring a resentment.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I see your point

I agree with you.

If I make it to Tampa I'll be sure to wear white pants. ;))

Haha! Yes!

We will ALL be wearing white...or pastels I suspect.
And I hope you do make it to Tampa!
Keep up the good work...be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

And don't forget to laugh from time-to-time..It's healthy!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


what a good post.

but seriously thought. i'm kind of like. stfu about rand.

why are we relying on other people for our happiness?



Yeah, endorsing a guy that we

Yeah, endorsing a guy that we simply cannot support and now campaigning for him...not good.

Ventura 2012

After watching the peter

After watching the peter schiff interview, it looks like my theory was correct. ROmney could very well lose due to Gary Johnson so we need some cover for the partisan GOPers, which the Rand endorsement gives us a little of(of course the MSM can spin anything). I STILL disagree with the strategy because we have the hearts and minds of the people and there is no need to sell out. Plus, the MSM will do what they want. However, he was 100% right about the party leaders we have that may be forced to resign if they dont endorse Romney. In that case those indorsements should be tongue in cheek.

Ventura 2012

Romney Will Lose Most Likely...

..And NOT due to Gary Johnson.
It will happen because Romney has NO BASE except for Financial Supporters.

They are desperate fora base of support, even as far as to send me a letter from Ann Romney LOL!...requesting a "donation? Hahah!

HOWEVER: WE MUST PROTECT our "partisan GOP base".
Thanks for reminding us all of this.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Very good post

Much props from one barrister to another

Come on!

Do you really think Rand didn't tell his father last year that he would endorse the GOP nominee even if it wasn't him? Do you really think Ron Paul didn't know while he was giving his speech at the TX convention that Rand was going to endorse Romney on Hannity the following day? Do you really think Ron didn't give Rand his blessing on it? If you're still living in LaLa Land go to Ron Paul's Facebook page and take a look at the latest update.

That said, I don't have a problem with Rand's endorsement. What he did is good for this movement. I have no intention of voting for Romney, but it's good if the Republican/Neocon establishment thinks I do.

What do these: "Do you

What do these:

"Do you really think Rand didn't tell his father last year that he would endorse the GOP nominee even if it wasn't him? Do you really think Ron Paul didn't know while he was giving his speech at the TX convention that Rand was going to endorse Romney on Hannity the following day?"

Have to do with this:

"Do you really think Ron didn't give Rand his blessing on it?"

Totally different. I knew Rand Paul was going to endorse Romney too, anyone who was awake did.

Ventura 2012

The Jones Report

I think you'll all enjoy this
...listen to the alex jones broadcast on Y2K
The russians are coming!
I know this is who many of you are listening to for
his "analysis of Ron Paul"
Now simply referred to
as "The Pauls"

please help this video go viral

Obvious BS, I hope he's doing

Obvious BS, I hope he's doing it due to emotional and ignorant thinking and not on purpose, but the result is the same.

Ventura 2012

AJ borderline schizophrenic?

i have a feeling that Alex is borderline something.....
remember his joker phase or throwing liberty candidate Debra Medina overboard? I like Jack blood's hour long commentary on AJ's part in crushing the (winning) Medina campaign (youtube)

deleted by poster


Any comments about the accusation

that the Paul campaign sold its donor list to the Republican Party?

I have received at least 4 or 5 donation requests from the Republican Party recently.

That is weird that you say that.

I used to get requests all the time when I was a "straight-ticket" neo-con Republican. I haven't received anything from them since I voted for Paul in 2008 and Chuck Baldwin in 2008's general. But just this past week I got one from Michelle Bachmann(of all people) and I thought it was so strange. I don't think the Paul's would do that, but I cannot explain how I got that. I have gotten e-mails from Rand a lot concerning liberty issues, but never a request for a campaign donation other than Paul or Campaign for Liberty. And the nerve of Bachmann to even think that a Paul supporter would give her a dime after how she treated him(not to mention she's a real war monger)!

You would think that any

You would think that any REGISTERED REPUBLICAN would be on that list.

Ventura 2012

AJ's responses to those

AJ's responses to those saying Rand Paul is not Ron Paul: "don't be idiots" lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=DKE...

Ventura 2012

Alex knows the Pauls pretty damn well I'd stay out of the way

If he's saying other family were concerned about this we should to. He held out this long before really saying something and that's not like him. Hell I said Benton should be fired in August, but what do I know.

Yeah, thats another example

Yeah, thats another example of him taking everything personally. His ego is out of control. Of course thats a big part of what it takes to be a leader and so you take the good with the bad with Alex.

Ventura 2012

sell out

if ron cant teach his son liberty do you think he can wake a nation of zombies?NO but he sure can scam them



Troll alert (rufusromneysabuseddog)<----Troll needs to be banned.

Keepin' it real.

Do you all really think Rand did what he did

without Ron Paul's opinion? Or the campaign coordination to send out an email saying Ron will have only 500 delegates at best just hours before Rand going on Hannity? How about all these money bombs? I thought we were in it to win it. But now people say the campaign knew they were not going to win months ago. It's not Romney endorsement that is upsetting. It's the fact that Ron probably was never in it to win it. You guys do realize that guys like Adam Kokesh and AJ have been defending Ron for years? So now they are all wrong?

#1, see (a). #2, how were

#1, see (a).

#2, how were they not in it to win it because after LOSING they admitted they were losing?

Ventura 2012

Well, counter to that, Are

Well, counter to that, Are Adam and AJ always going to be 'right' because they've defended Paul for years? Objectively, I've looked at all sides, from Rand to those more distant from Paul like AJ and Adam, I personally think we should be gauging the 'direction' of the campaign by what Paul says, not what those around him say. Isn't the importance of his individuality, of our own individuality in making decisions, the whole point of the liberty movement?

Move ON

Most of us have decided to continue supporting Ron and Rand.
We are not pandering to the dark side. Move on now. We have better fish to fry. Alex is hurt. So what? Move on. Roll with it. It a trick to get us to quit giving them our support. No NO No. President Paul President Paul President Paul.

Keepin' it real.