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Congrats! Our Rand Bashing Just Made Drudge Report!

Drudge has a link to an article highlighting the division in the ranks and even screen captures of Rand bashing from this site and others. It's amazing how quickly we turn on someone. Those who helped us achieve this must be very proud. It's not enough to disagree...Now we must rip the person we disagree with to shreds--while also throwing in some baseless conspiracies for good measure. So much for LIBERTY for all. Ron must be very proud of us! (SIGH)

Personally, I have never been so ashamed to be associated with a group of people. I hope the selfish neophytes in our midst are the minority.

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I for one have been supporting Ron Paul since his LIBERTARIAN PARTY bid for the White House in 1988, long before this site was established, there was an internet, and some of you were born! Dr. Paul saw the LP as his best chance to grow the cause of Liberty, hence his resignation from the GOP. He later saw that the crony Republicrat dictatorship made viable "third party" candidates "unelectable" and thus rejoined with the lessor of the two evil party establishments.

Dr. Paul's principles have remained clear and unwavering for decades despite the fact that the Republicrats have pandered to the elite and the military-industrial complex.

I would say that YOU and perhaps Rand are the "neophytes " here!

Campaign leadership left a vacuum...

Ron Paul is taking a well deserved break... we get that.

But, the campaign leadership let several weeks of silence evolve into confusion and chaos about Ron Paul's candidacy and the future of the Liberty Movement.

For a while I thought this might be some sort of deliberate test to see if a new leadership dynamic for the movement would emerge on the grassroots level.

But the silence from the campaign has left a lot of questions and the announcement by Rand and the thin reasons he gave for the endorsement have created some destructive vitriol in the movement.

The campaign has fallen off the grid without much explanation at a time when the movement needs to hear them say "Hey... Don't worry. We're still working on this and you should be too"

Regardless of what the campaign does however... we should continue to be interactive on the internet.. not just Liberty sites.... Its time to start engaging the message of Liberty on mainstream republican sites. Take them to task and point out where their beliefs and assertions about government don't match up with the founding principles of America... www.theiowarepublican.com is one such site.

Start looking past 2012. Lets make sure the social nodes for the Liberty Movement like this one remain strong and vibrant and maybe start-up some new ones. We may not get the House of Liberty built this time around, but we can continue to strengthen the foundation!

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

I stand behind my comment

that the news story copied... I was happy to see they did not edit out the part about how our votes are not so important as the person who counts the votes.

Face it until we can cast a fair vote that is truly counted (not rigged) nothing else really matters (in elections). You can have a majority and if it is not counted what good is it? The media appears to cover this issue with the smoke and mirrors of voter id.. Like it matters that all voters must be valid as they flip the vote...

As far as new user? I have been an American for 45 years.. Reading the Paul for the last year.. Signed up when Paul vanished about a month ago to try to find out what was going on.

As far as Rand? I still think he made a deal with the Devil.

I also do not approve of the Rand bashing

Rand has not changed, as far as I have seen.

Rand has been part of this liberty movement for decades, as have maybe 400,000 other citizens. Most of the people that have joined us, while I really welcome them, have joined in the last few years.

I am really so hopeful seeing liberty spreading, Ron Paul really deserves this. He has been our leader and voice for most of his life, and it's about time he was heard.

Rand is very much his own voice. I was shocked when Ron Paul went back to the GOP, but at least we didn't turn on him, like some people are turning on Rand.

I guess the part you don't

I guess the part you don't get is that Rand turned on his own father. If he could do that to his father, where do you think you and I stand with him?

Well, it IS news when your own U.S. Senator son endorses

a candidate that is opposing his own dad in a race that has not been finalized. Period. Dumb stuff by Rand. What is he hoping to accomplish? I think it makes him look like a bought off Washington insider, which he probably has already become. Why not just keep your trap shut until the nomination process is final? I'll never respect Rand Paul over this. Something is very shaky with the Ron Paul campaign team. I can't believe they allowed this to happen. These guys just couldn't put together a coherent plan. Even with all the grassroot networks out there working to push Ron Paul, they couldn't harness the energy. Almost like they didn't want to.

alan laney

And all of this happened

And all of this happened right after he just won some big conventions. And after he received $750,000 in a moneybomb, when he said he needed $650,000 to continued. Something happened that we don't know about.

No news is bad news while we wait for Ron to castigate his son

Yeah, "almost". Like Webster Tarpley and Alan Watt discovered, the Pauls are shills for the globalist bankers, and their role is to elect the puppet Romney. Nepotism is their reward. We were all duped. Fox News, not freedom, it turns out, is popular.

No, not all.

It's just YOU that's duped.
By Tarpley.

I think the 1 who made the

I think the 1 who made the deal with the devil is the 1 to blame. And mitt romney said " all these things will I giveif you will bow down and campaign for me and endorse me ."

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Your post is a bit condescending

Endorsing a war mongering, fed loving, Obamacare inventing establishment player....ya! Go Rand!

All New Groups Have 3 Stages...

Form, Storming, and Norming.

We come together = form

We fight a little = storm

We understand each and proceed = norm

Ron Paul supporters are intelligent and in time the details will be sorted out.

The anger is the misdirected frustration at the establishment.

I don't know anyone who thinks Rand Paul has sold his soul to Satan, like Romney has.

I don't know anyone who is doubting the integrity of Ron Paul.

We're just a bit frustrated but this can never frack the liberty movement.

We may have minor disagreements but, for the big things, like the Constitution, we are one.

Love to the Protectors of Liberty

"We didn't inherit the earth from our parents. We are borrowing it from our children." -Billionaire Mentor

All that matters is what Ron would have us do...

All that matters is what Ron would have us do...

So ask yourself, what DON'T "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then lets do that, do this:

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

- Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

- Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.



WE are so quick to turn on rand for doing what he said he would. I have full confidence the Paul's know what they are doing. RAND and RON deserve our trust. They are playing a game and it has been working thus far. WE LOVE YOU PAUL'S!
BUT, WE are going to Tampa and we will be heard DAMNIT!

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The screenshot comments are from users who are new and haven't posted much of anything except on Rand. Not a single purple comment (and there are enough for them to use, myself included).

So why did they single out these specific comments from very new users that make us sound a very specific way... Just food for thought.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

their narrative

it has to fit the MSM narrative (as well as the conservative media) as Ron Paulers are kooks, fanatics and the sort.

Prove them wrong

Who didn't know they would spin it this way? IT was a no-brainer.

Whatever happens, this movement must not fragment along the Ron-Rand line as some believe it might. We are not a movement built around any one man, so it would be foolish and lamentable to allow one person to divide us.

Don't blame "us" blame Rand.

Don't blame "us" blame Rand. He really screwed up big time.

HE didn't do anything. All he

HE didn't do anything. All he said were words. YOU are the ones performing the immediate action that has a negative impact on our cause. YOU are the one promoting division and ignoring the principles of liberty.

with words?

with words?


I love how Rand's endorsement was "just words", but comments here on the DP are somehow "actions" and not "just words".

And another LOL,

for people down-voting calls for logical consistency!

Words can have an effect.

Words can have an effect. Your vote is just your word, and that matters. It is not logically inconsistent to view an endorsement as a meaningless gesture when you are judging by the real-world effects of said words. It is, however, a fallacy of false cause to assume that just because one word had no real-world effect, another cannot.

What a load of crap.

Either words can count as action or they can not.

If words can count as action, then your "All he said were words" statement is empty rhetoric, and you need to demonstrate why these specific words were "just words" and not "action" (and how calling out Rand on his bad choices are "actions" and not "just words").

If words can not count as action, then your "YOU are the ones performing the immediate action that has a negative impact on our cause" statement is completely indefensible.

Either way, your argument is deficient.

And way to defend the liar here (Rand Paul) and attack the truth-tellers. (Frankly, for me Rand's "endorsement" is not as bad as all of the lies he accompanied it with, which in turn is not as bad as his foreign policy.)

And how is my expressing my unhappiness with his lies an example of "ignoring the principles of liberty"? Fraud is generally considered a violation of the non-aggression principle, and Rand has been engaged in fraud. (E.g., stating that "the nominating process is over" is fraud.)

And are you really expecting anyone to buy your argument that when a standing senator, one of the few with any decent standing with libertarians, stabs his father, the namesake of the Ron Paul Revolution, in the back and announces his support for yet-another-big-government liberty-killing statist, and justifies it with multiple lies, that doesn't mean jack? But if some random person on the internet posting under a pseudonym calls Rand out for his actions, that's going to have a significant "negative impact on our cause"? If "our cause" can't handle hearing the truth, then "our cause" is not what I thought it was. And if the truth is ugly, don't blame the truth-tellers, blame the one who made it ugly.

Your the victim?

So much for personal responsibility

If you think Rand is pure as

If you think Rand is pure as the driven show, do you intend to follow his lead and vote for Romney? No evasion please.

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Right, so right!

Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney was forged in hell.

While Ron Paul was speaking

While Ron Paul was speaking in front of 5,000 or more people and Mitt Romney could barely pack an elementary school cafeteria.....Matt Drudge did NOTHING. Did he point out the obvious? No. Did he show how many people came to see the good doctor all over America. No.

Goodbye Drudge, you have been officially deleted from my favorites folder.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I stopped going on Drudge

I stopped going on Drudge shortly after I cancelled my cable subscription. This became my main source for honest news about RP, and now even his son turnes on him, and half of the people here see nothing wrong with it.


not the drudge report

you know how many things hit that drudge that was POSITIVE about ron paul and it did ZERO for poll results or public knowledge even if it has an ENORMOUS audience.

ask a "sheep" what drudge is and soon you will see my point.

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