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Way To Go Doug, Trygve And Jack (Not). Your "strategy" = Utter Fail


Contrary to whatever you were trying to do, Jack, Trygve and Doug, here's how your move played with the mainstream


This neocon blog post pretty much sums it up: Jack/Doug/Trygve's strategy was a TOTAL BACKFIRE
1) Rand and the pro-liberty movement really didn't have much spine nor principle
2) Rand abandoned his father and the movement
3) They REALLY were (big L) libertarians and not Republicans anyway (incl. Rand)
4) For all of their effort and whining, they accomplished nothing while hurting the GOP and Mitt Romney in the process
5) Good riddance

So, don't take out your ire here on the neocons (and don't shoot the messenger by taking it out on me and voting this post down). They're right this one time. It was a total and complete sellout. I know that's how you are feeling right now. It's how I'm feeling. Why? Because that's exactly what happened.


Here's another one proving the Rand endorsement BACKFIRE and failure.

No matter how the Jack/Doug/Trygve crowd tries to spin it, the neocons here regurgitate the sum total of what happened in the wake of Rand.

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The 4 UPs.

Wake UP
Dress UP
Show UP
Speak UP



This is where we need to focus.

1) We need our people to wake up, both ideologically, and literally. Wake up to the fact that you are a soldier in this revolution, not a general. Rand, Ron, Jack, Doug, et al are calling the shots, for better or worse, and they're not always going to explain their orders or motivations. That's the ideological part. The literal part is we need to WAKE UP on the day of the primary, the caucus, the election, and be prepared to campaign, vote, work, and fight.

2) We need our people to dress up. Get a haircut, take out the piercings, cover the tats. Put on a suit, and a tie, and some nice shoes. Leave the Ron Paul gear in the closet. Look professional, respectable, and serious and people will think you are professional, respectable, and serious.

3) We need our people to show up. My county had 50 unfilled delegate slots at the Texas Convention. We brought no alternates. Paul folks should have filled every one of those slots. There is no excuse.

4) We need our people to speak up. Once you've done the first three, get your butt out of the seat and SAY SOMETHING. Speak your mind. Don't be timid, because the establishment isn't going to be timid.

If you cannot or will not do these things for the Liberty Movement, then please shut up. Crying like spoiled children over Rand's calculated risk gets the movement NOWHERE. It hurts us, and gives ammunition to the Neo-Cons and the liberal; something we don't need to be doing. It puts Liberty vlunteers on the defensive, when we should be on the offensive taking over the GOP.

I agree with you on the 4 (5) "Ups"

I agree with you on item 2).

However, if you have donated money time and effort to WIN, but your candidate is not in it to win it, it's NOT ok to mislead people.

Rand should NOT have endorsed Romney, at least not this far out from the convention. Ron should NOT have conceeded defeat.

THE RESULT is what you read on the two blogs referenced in my original post. Those of us unhappy with the campaign and Rand didn't write those blog posts, OUR NEOCON OPPONENTS DID.

That only proves out my point in the original post - that whatever strategy Doug, Rand, Trygve and Jack were trying to accomplished UTTERLY FAILED and BACKFIRED big time.

Kudos to an excellent, logical summary of the issue here....

http://www.dailypaul.com/239346#comment-2544177 --->

Predictable cause and effect
Submitted by Law on Mon, 06/11/2012 - 08:23. Permalink

Anyone mildly familiar with the campaign could have predicted outcry from supporters over a Romney endorsement from a sitting Senator who has stood onstage alongside Ron Paul numerous times during this 2012 presidential run - especially before the GOP nomination is officially concluded.

Not a fan of how Drudge has covered – or not covered, really – the campaign, but to blame supporters for getting this into mainstream media is misdirected. Senator Paul himself generated the news and the inevitable backlash. Does anyone really believe Rand thought his endorsement would be well-received at the DP or any other community of strident Dr. Paul supporters?

No matter how you slice it.

Rand just put the death nail in his own dad's movement. Can you imagine the laughing and back slapping going on in the GOP club room? There's old Ron Paul, out there slugging away for years, and in one crummy endorsement of his up and coming boy Rand, he just had the carpet pulled out from under him, and therefore, his cause. Why couldn't he have just kept his mouth shut? Has Romney been chosen as the nominee? Is Ron Paul still in the race? Like so many other weak moments of Paul campaign staff, this gaff is so ill timed. I really have to question Ron's ability to draft a competent team. Sorry.

alan laney


So ask yourself, what DON'T "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then lets do that, do this:

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

- Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

- Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.


Right, except, I didn't endorse Mitt Romney.

So, what's your point? And can you read the original post?

Shhhhhh....back to sleep good little neocons,

Dream of profiting from war with Syria, Iran, Pakistan, dream of ruling the world.
And when you wake up, you will find that the American people have taken back their country.
Power to the revolution!

I wonder why the down votes?

Are you mad at me for what the neocons wrote?

Are you mad that the neocons wrote what they did and you're just shooting the messenger?

Are you mad that Rand's strategy backfired and you're shooting the messenger.

C'mon cowards. Why?

Here's another one.

Way to go "leadership" (FAIL).




Kesari et al

& any other backstabbing political opportunistsss

Well he needs a job after the campaign too, right?

[ironic eye-roll]