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I'm not sure that Ron Paul ever got this, and it's really moot since he's retiring, but immigration actually is NOT a delegated federal power in the Constitution. It is one that was recently INFERRED by an activist SCOTUS in order to take it away from the states and further centralized federal power, only because it is a delegated power for the loosely related delegated authority to create an uniform rule of naturalization, the process of becoming a citizen once you have moved here and become a resident of any given state that shall have you.

Further, this is an issue that is directly contradictory to both libertarianism (freedom of contract, freedom of movement, natural rights, etc, etc) and Austrian economics (for much the same reasons).

Libertarianism and Austrian economics by nature embrace unlimited personal economic decisions, including and especially moving to where the work is, the ability to seek employment, the ability to seek refuge, the ability to seek housing, the ability to contribute to the economy.

I'm not sure that anyone has ever noticed this contradiction.

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I've noticed a lot of

I've noticed a lot of contradictions. I worked in immigration law for six years. My critics forget that I was absolutely anti immigrant before learning what the law really says.

For example, it is not a crime to enter the United States nor be in the United States without papers. It is a civil violation.

We demand that people enter through some "legal" process, but in most instances, fail to provide that "legal" process.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no "line" to stand in. BICE does NOT work on a first come, first served basis.

Right now, I have a thread here regarding "Open Borders." It's a continuation of the contradictions over immigration. I hope that you will look it over and the internal links that will be put into that thread.