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Alex Jones Rant on the Pauls


Just amazed to see how all this is spinning after a simple endorsement. Only time will tell whether the heart of the nation which lies in Ron Paul's hands is saved, or not.

Take a listen to ol Alex here ranting on the Pauls now. It is horrible to hear this disharmony from him after his supportive energy was behind him all the way until rand's announcement the other day. Way to unreal and way to crazy.

Hr 1:


Hr 2:


Please don't shoot the messenger.


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How can anyone listen

to this garbage?

Here's a link

to a current thread here on DP that touches on an interesting theory about this subject.


just a simple endorsement?

As if rand paul s endorsement for president means little.

The real issue is the lame and false excuses we have heard from both pauls.

I'm in the Alex Jones camp!

Tyranny by its very nature can not stay static. It must by its definition get worse. Alex knows what he is talking about and we should take heed to what he is saying.

Remarkable that a junior senator

in his first term can make such waves with an endorsement.

Does anyone have any proof

Does anyone have any proof that Alex is a CIA asset or are the guys posting this garbage just making acquisations without any proof again?

Frankly, we didn't help the vote tampering issue by claiming it was happening in every state, when there was no evidence of it. We did have evidence of tampering or crap going on in Iowa and Maine that should have been focused on more than throwing acquisations with no facts to support in other states.

Vote me down, but it is very interesting some will post complete crap with no proof to try and deny the reality to themselves that Rand just endorsed the anti-Paul. We get the 'he's getting on the inside' crap. When Santorum endorsed Mittens, we all called him out as a flip-flopper and not true to his principles (the few he has) after saying Mittens was the worst candidate who could be picked. Now when Rand does it, folks want to cover up and say it is a benefit.

Do a little research and

decide for yourself if you trust Jones. There is supposedly evidence linking him to STRAITFOR, an Israeli intelligence firm.

fiddle dee dee

The 'research' for most is

The 'research' for most is that he doesn't bash Israel enough and is seen as some part of a grand Zionist conspiracy. I call BS.

I don't agree with everything Alex says. I believe he is being too hard on Ron and not seeing that a father will sometimes do things or remain quiet for his son so the son can obtain what he wants, maybe if the father disagrees with the approach. This is just a theory, but one that is sound with the reaction of human nature.

Alex says more far good things than he does bad.

There are laws

against bosses who insist that a woman sleep with them in order to get a promotion, yet some women do it anyway.

I respect Jones...

...however, his interpretation of recent events is incorrect.

See Jack Hunter's recent video.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Let me elaborate...

...since some good folks took the time to downvote my post without any explanation.

Re Jones' video message:

1. Jones says that the campaign has demoralized supporters by admitting that winning the nomination is now impossible. But would it have been better to lie and dupe supporters? No, honesty is the best policy here.

2. Jones criticizes the campaign's request that supporters "be respectful" at upcoming conventions - I guess Jones sees this as evidence of a betrayal of some kind. But that is wrong, the campaign wants us to "be respectful" because that is in our own best interest. There is nothing to be gained by making Tampa a warzone - we can't win that war. We can't win the nomination. So, we don't need to give the enemy material to make us look bad in the eyes of Republican voters.

3. Jones suggests that Rand's recent Romney endorsement, of which Ron is aware and approves, represents an attempt by the Pauls to win points with Romney, in the hopes that Romney will support certain parts of our agenda. Jones points out that this is a bad strategy, that Romney would never support any part of our agenda, because he's a bought-and-paid-for establishment shill. The second part is correct, if Rand's endorsement were about persuading Romney, then it would be a bad strategy - but that's not the strategy. The endorsement was not about Romney, nor about us, it was about legitimizing our movement in the eyes of the great masses of semi-conscious Republican voters. It was about preempting future attempts by the GOP establishment to paint us as disloyal Republicans, or to blame us for Romney's loss to Obama. In short, the endorsement was about securing our future within the Republican party: not as lap-dogs for the establishment, but as steadily growing opposition to that establishment.

...again, see the video by Jack Hunter.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

He is quite negative, isn't

He is quite negative, isn't he? Like one of those poor crazy persons standing on a corner, but with a microphone.

Alex Jones is paid by the CIA to be crazy, to protect them...

...from us getting our people elected.


To my knowledge, the CIA has

To my knowledge, the CIA has never employed comedians.

This had to happen sooner or later.

Alex Jones is well-informed, but his followers will not follow us into the Republican Party to take over the GOP. That's their loss.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul will NEVER run third party. If you Jonesies want a third party run, one of you truthers start your Truther Party and go for it. If you're not going to help us and Rand Paul take over the Republican Party, please kindly get out of the way.


You mean Ron Paul will never run third party *again*?

It was Glenn Blech who tricked Medina on air.

"Truthers are Despicable"
Medina remained silent and did not go on Alex to clarify. Even as Alex pleaded to her to come on and explain as to why. Tricked by Glenn and/or threatened by the establishment? She remained silent. Alex is trying to reserve on the Pauls, but, He is well aware of Olson & Benton. Who around here is taking a close look at Olson?

Admittedly though, I don't agree with putting Ron in the mix.

Alex Jones is Glenn Beck's Fake Truther Twin

So ask yourself, what DON'T "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then lets do that, do this:

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

- Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

- Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.


If Alex Jones thinks the

If Alex Jones thinks the endorsement was a bad idea, I think we can be pretty certain Rand did the right thing.

You hit it on the nose!



They are the controlled opposition



Wow, Alex Jones hitting it on

Wow, Alex Jones hitting it on the head. Not a huge fan of his but he's clearly not drunk the kool-aid like so many of the Rand/Romney ass kissers around here.

Alex Jones never met a

Alex Jones never met a controversey he didn't like. This is what his whole product boils down to: sensationalizing everything.

He criticizes the media for sweeping "important" things under the rug, and then proceeds to do the opposite by making everything "important".

This is the same guy who was convinced we'd be in Obama death/concentration camps by the end of 2010, that we'd have a new currency in 2008, etc. He's a nutjob.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

No need for us to be childish.

Alex Jones is not 100% sure what's going on with Rand Paul just like the rest of us so there's no need to bash him or anyone else until we know what's really going on.

Come on!

The guy wants to support a third party candidate. Anyone pushing third party anything needs a head exam. The media will never let a third party get off the ground. Our ONLY choice is infiltrate the GOP and not let up until we've completely taken over that son of a gun.

We are all confused...

...on this whole thing. Though I like A.J. the times I have heard him, I think he should remove any blame from Ron. There is no evidence of any wrong doing from Ron. And A.J. should be the first to say innocent until proven guilty. The words of endorsement came from Rand's mouth, not Ron's. There have been SO MANY different opinions on the who and why. No one really knows yet and it's causing unimaginable division! We are all supposed to stick together and support each other regardless. If we are divided against ourselves, we will not stand. There is nothing we can change about what happened except move forward. In love...to each and everyone of you!!!

Rand Paul just committed Political suicide ...

... and very sadly took his dad with him.

However, Dr Paul taught us well and we move on with or without him.

Thats right! Even Ron paul

Thats right! Even Ron paul has stated that if he goes against his principles be knows his supporters will be pissed. He taught us to well lol.

juan maldonado

Too bad Rand didn't listen to the

wisdom of Steve Martin (35 seconds) priceless

That's good!

So true...lol