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Question: If Ron doesn't become President, that means gold prices will rise? Correct?


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Gold is set to increase no matter who becomes POTUS,

but if your neglecting silver your making a big mistake. Silver will out perform gold by 10 to 1 minimum in the next year or 2. There is no more than 600 million ounces of silver available at any time, less than a years supply. It should be selling at $500. per ounce minimum.

Also the USGS survey says there is only $20 billion ounces of silver left to mine, less that twenty years of silver left. Silver is going to be the most rare metal on earth.

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Yup. That's two yups.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Thanks Everyone for your Intelligent Answers...!!!



The market may not be efficient, but it's already priced in a scenario where Paul does not win the Presidency. Of course, given the factors pushing for more inflationary monetary policy in the US and around the world, I would expect gold to go up.

Indirectly - yes

Broadly speaking, the price of gold is rising in dollar (and virtually every other currency) terms simply because of central bank intervention / money printing / stimulus. As the value of the currencies diminish with money printing, the price of gold rises.

Ron Paul has promised to end such inflationary policies and restore sound money to the American people, if elected POTUS. With that likelihood diminishing, you can count on whomever is elected to continue the inflationary policies of the central banks. Barring Paul's election, the broad trend will be for gold prices to rise in dollar terms due to the continuation of these polcies.

I give my friends and relatives - those who will listen - the Honus Wagner baseball card analogy, which they seem to grasp. To my knowledge there are only 57 Honus Wagner baseball cards known to exist/ been distributed - of 200 produced. They are, consequently, highly valued. If someone were to discover the remaining cards - a shoebox full of them - what do you think would happen to the value of any individual card? That's what's happening to the US Dollar - as more $'s are printed or as the US Government continues to issue higher and higher levels of debt on the open market to finance more bread and circuses - the value of the green 'Honus Wagners' in our purses and pockets drops. And the price of everything in dollars rises.

Remember when a half-gallon of milk was 25 cents? Well, I do - ever wondered why it's gone up so much? The milk's the same and the cows havn't unionized - and even though farmers might make more on the hour, if anything the farmer spends less time per unit of milk produced, so the labor cost has at worst stayed even - why the price rise in dollar terms? That's your Fed at work.

it will go up in us dollars

but only because with the continued hyper spending and funding more wars the dollar bill will continue to fall until the world decides the dollar is not the reserve currency any longer. I think the next step is a total collapse of the us dollar. 10 million dollars might buy an ounce of gold. the debt bubble will pop eventually


No. I wish it's that simple (so I can make profit). But the price of gold is decided in the global market just like crude oil or any other commodity. Price of gold is decided by numerous factors: increase/decrease in production of gold mine, new discovery of gold mine, strengthening/weakening of the dollar vs Euro, yen, and other currencies, how fast our government print money, gold inventory, etc.

No. The president does not

No. The president does not control the price of gas, oil, or gold. The money that will cause gold to rise is already in the pipeline, it started under Bush, however there is a 5+ year delay before the effects are felt. That is why it's so hard for most people to connect the cause to the event in economics. Starting in 2014, inflation will begin to rise topping 12%+ within a few years. There will be deflation over the next 18 months, although gold will rise for the next 2 or 3 months because it is over sold. Around 18 months from now you can buy gold for under $1000 an oz and silver for under $20 an oz, wait until then to buy for the longer term. Around 2018 to 2020, gold will form a blow off top, selling near the top will be the challenge. I don't know how high it will go, but don't hold it to long. Look at what happened in the early 80's.