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What has changed?

Like most of you, the Rand Paul announcement caused a stir of emotions within me: anger, disbelief, confusion, etc. I was out of town this weekend and didn't get a chance to catchup on all the feedback from DPers, Hunter, Rockwell, Jones, etc.; and to be honest, I really didn't want to. I was in such dismay that I wanted to forget about everything and try to at least enjoy my weekend. Of course, I couldn't stop thinking about it, coming up with my own justifications that teetered from all sorts of possibilities of how this could happen.

Then I began asking myself, what has changed? Does this really even matter? The only people that really care about this is us! The MSM has no power, everyone I was with this weekend had no idea what happened, remember, they're asleep?!

Dr. Paul always compares the campaign to this track days, "I never worried about the finish line, I just ran as fast and as hard as I can." The race isn't over, it doesn't matter how far back we are, or how ahead we may actually be, we have no idea, but we can't worry about the finish line regardless of the bumps and bruises we hit on the way on the obstacles we face everyday. We have to run as fast and as hard as we can! The revolution won't be won over night, it happens day by day, convention by convention, and election by election.

Remember the bubble that us DPers live in. Nobody cares about this stuff as much as we do, nobody really knows who Rand Paul is...hell, this country has been dumb down so badly many people don't even know who Romney is and don't realize there is a presidential election this year. People don't care! So Rand's endorsement means absolutely nothing. Dr. Paul knows this, and he expects us to realize this, because as long as the MSM (who live in their own bubble and think they still have the power that they used to) convince themselves this is a bigger deal than it actually is, they'll continue to let their guard down while we, the awake ones, take over this country.

We are labeled Paulbots because those who call us that think we will live and die by Dr. Paul, yet, the reality is we live and die by his ideas. His ideas are so powerful that it doesn't even matter who his own son endorses for us to be even slightly swayed; the good doctor himself could endorse Romney and we would reject it with a much more fierce fervor.

In the end, it's not about Rand, Romney, Obama, or Ron; it's about us and our future. Nothing has changed, we still have conventions to win, Tampa to rock, a general election on the way, and most importantly (what Dr. Paul has been doing so well and for so long) people to educate! A lot can happen in that time and we have no idea how things will turn out, but we must continue to run as fast and hard as possible.

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Doug Wead answered the burning question with......

....an open ended answer.

On the Mike Molloy show, about 3/4 of the way through the guest host sitting in asked Doug if Ron Paul was still running for President and he answered,"the son also rises" referring to Rand Paul and adding that Ron wanted to help Rand if he had a shot in 2016. Then later it was asked in effect if the Ron Paul delegates still wanted to fight for him would he be president if elected? Doug said ,"Yes, the fight's not over".

You can hear it for yourself at this link. http://www.bradblog.com/audio/MikeMalloy_BradFriedman_GuestH...

There's no more need for speculation about Ron Paul's position now after listening to that interview if Doub Wead was being straight forward.

Here's where I'm at on the

Here's where I'm at on the Rand Paul issue.

It's one thing to work with someone who does not stand for the same ideals you do to get certain things done, much like Ron has done for so many years.

It's an entirely different thing to come out and endorse, and then actively campaign, for someone who holds values and ideals totally different than you.

There is nothing wrong with working with people. Not everyone is going to agree on everything. But when you start actively supporting those people who believe in the TSA, drone wars, aggressive foreign policies, expanding government powers, who support the Patriot Act and the assassination of American citizens, then you have crossed the line. Rand could have worked with Romney without endorsing that man and his beliefs. Rand betrayed the movement. And all traitors to liberty deserve what they get.

The movement cannot tolerate people who side with the devil to get ahead. Our movement will win on the power of our ideas, not on our willingness to compromise.


How will this go down in history? Just think of it. Ron Paul will be a hero in the history books. I think everyone here must agree with that. How can Rand Paul possibly justify endorsing Mitt Romney of all people, while his father is still a viable candidate? How can any of you justify accepting what he did?

Bulllseye...compromise is cowardice...

No deals, no compromises, no way. Anyone remember Neville Chamberlain?

Never give up, Never give in.

Best post yet (and hopefully ever) on Rand


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I'll explain what has changed.

The Ron Paul 2012 campaign is unraveling. Yes of course the liberty movement must go on and it is a mistake to allow one or two men to hold too much importance. But the reality is this: This movement would be nowhere without the person of Ron Paul. This is not to say that the movement cannot go forward without him. In the future it must. But previously and still now the integrity of Ron Paul is of inestimable value to this movement. The recent actions of Rand Paul in tandem with strange communications and actions from the Ron Paul campaign have caused confusion and discouragement to people that have literally been pouring their lives into this campaign, some for years. These are the backbone of this movement. Much has changed. The campaign has now immersed itself in doubt and confusion and mistrust. It has eroded supporters confidence in the overall intentions of the campaign.

Your point is not well made. Yes the DP'ers are in a bubble. True. But we are the movement. If we become disillusioned and disenfranchised because key members of the movement appear to be betraying the cause, the movement begins to splinter and degenerate. Is that too hard to understand? This is exactly what is happening.

My suggestion is that we acknowledge that things have changed and that there are some very large and dirty flies in the ointment. I suggest we try very hard to come to an understanding of what is going on inside the Paul campaign, (which is the spearhead of the movement at this time) withhold support from those that degrade the movement (Yes that would be Rand Paul) and do everything we can to continue to support those worthy of support and expose those that are not. Otherwise the whole movement stands to come completely unraveled, not just the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

Don't be afraid to acknowledge reality. The Reality is this: The person of Ron Paul is the core of this movement. If he were to betray the cause at this juncture, and his actions and methods seem questionable of late, the movement will be shattered. You will no longer be asking "What has changed?" You'll be asking "What liberty movement?"

I would prefer that Ron Paul wasn't so central to the success or failure of the movement, but sadly, he is. Once again people find themselves clinging to a human man. By the way, just in case you doubt what I'm saying about how central the person of Ron Paul is to the movement, ponder the name of the website that we are now using as the central hub to communicate our thoughts to the movement. It isn't called the Daily Liberty Movement or the Daily Ideas about Liberty, it's called the Daily Paul.


Ron Paul is exceptional and had he not existed there would be nothing but hack politician and corrupt officials. He is probably unique. I will always see him as someone who stands taller than the rest. He has immeasurable more courage and integrity than certainly I do. So my admiration is complete. But the forces that would seek to undermine and subvert him are truly massive. There is nothing surprising in this. The amazing thing is that he has survived so far. But clearly he is surrounded by lesser men. This is just the usual pattern of history. The greatest causes are brought down by the failing of men. Even Christ could not find twelve good men.


Nothings Changed

Nothings changed. Were gonna keep doing what weve been doing. If we dont get what we want immediately, we are going to keep fighting. If it takes us another few years we are going to relode our muskets and keep firing. If it takes us another decade to restore liberty to the republic then we will keep fighting with the same passion as we have been. If it takes 20 years, If we have to fight for the rest of our lives, and we will, then we will stay as vigilant and as passionate about fighting for the cause of liberty as ever. The future belongs to us.

This is a movement. A cause

This is a movement. A cause for Liberty. We may have our moments of questioning is it worth it. Yet we soldier on, for we know the answer. The flame burns brighter and hotter everyday. Spread the message!

Something changed a several weeks ago....

Something changed a several weeks ago....What? I don't know, but it sure put a damper on things. I would guess it came down from the establishment and is probably as I suspect....pure evil. The establishment was getting scared. They will do everything in their power, including breaking the law, to stop this momentum.

While we try to make sense of this, our representatives are trying desperately to take control of the internet. If they get control of the internet, we won't be able to communicate freely. Then, future political activists will be targeted, shut out, possibly arrested, and detained for as long as they want to keep you. In others words....Silenced! It will be MSM internet, and we all know how that goes!! We can't let that happen. While we are distracted with this campaign, they are pushing through CISPA and any other law they can slip through. We have to stop it somehow. It could possibly destroy the Revolution, and any revolution in the future.

Am I upset that Dr. Ron Paul disappeared right when his Revolution was starting to really kick butt? No, I'm not. Ron Paul has served extremely well. He has opened the eyes of the world to the truth. I don't think he ever expected his message would ever get through to the American People, especially after 30 years. I'm sure there were many times he probably thought he was wasting his time. But it did catch on. We finally started listening!!

Now .... I think it's time for the people of the world to carry Congressman Paul's message forward, for everyone, everywhere, to hear. It's our time!

His job is done. He can go play now.


Drive on soldier!

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated."
- Thomas Paine from "The Crisis", December 23, 1776"

Read the entire pamphlet with this link: http://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/pds/makingrev/war/text2/...

Anonymous Libertarians

Anyone who calmed down to

Anyone who calmed down to think about this should have came to the same conclusion.

What does Dr. Paul say repeatedly?

"This is YOUR revolution."

We know our job.

Betrayal or Power Play?

I think buying into the idea that Rand is selling out for some spot in the new Obamney-Sith Lord administration is a bit reactionary. I also think this is partly the remnants of a poisoness seed planted by the MSM (back when Rand first said he would eventually support the nominee) used to further isolate Ron and this movement. Further, I think it’s unlikely that Dr. Paul and Rand haven’t put some forethought behind this. They’re both doctors-presumably quite intelligent-and capable of strategising even in an atmosphere of media spin and blackouts. Also, remember that Dr. Paul chose to take this wayward GOP head-on, and not pursue a more idealistically pure third party approach (think 1988). So, there are a couple questions that need to be asked that may offer insight as to why Rand would support Romney. Firstly, what can be gained and what needs to be gained? And in practical terms, how is the liberty movement supposed to walk into Tampa amidst the GOP neocon machine?

Paul supporters could march in there in complete defiance, chant the platforms of the revolution, remind the government that the constitution is the law of the land, and show the establishment cronies that their days are numbered. But to what ends? Is the coronation of Romney certain? What will be gained that hasn’t already been gained by this movement?

Obviously, if Paul supporters are pitted against the establishment cronies it will cause some further divide among Republicans, both for good and bad. It may force some people to critically evaluate their own ideas about what the role of government should be-independent of establishment rhetoric- but it may further entrench others. Perhaps it could even break the backbone of the entire party and forge the way for a viable liberty minded third party alternative. The GOP may falter for a while or may usurp the movement and keep propping up establishment candidates (think Tea Party). This could occur, and to some extent it may be fruitful beyond what the movement has already accomplished. But this isn’t the only problem.

Democrats prop up establishment puppets too. A weakness for Republicans, even if both parties are weak, is a strength for Democrats in this pretend left-right dichotomy that exists in politics. So Romney gets made weaker and Obama, despite continuing the failed policies of the past and further eroding the constitution, has a chance to coasts his train wreck for another four years. With either Romney or Obama, the people lose. The perpetuation of debt, war and big government continues with only as much concession as is needed to keep the public in line.

But what if Paul supporters walk in to Tampa with decorum and sanctioned respect from the GOP? It would mean Paul supporters get a seat at the table in an atmosphere where the GOP can’t afford to marginalize them in -without further undermining the party in general. Whoopty-doo, right? Paul supporters get to sacrifice some integrity just to make inroads into the GOP, and possibly put a new flip-flopping-establishment-puppet in the White House with a token seat for Rand to appease the masses.

I’m not going to say that this won’t happen and I’m not going to say that Rand is as gallant as his father. Rand’s virtues will be his own, and time will tell. But I don’t think he’s betraying his father and he will never be vetted into the same inner groupings of criminals that are running things now with a father that speaks so truthfully about them. He is on his own just like the rest of us.

So why would Rand sell out his father by supporting Romney and tow the line for the GOP crew? I think it’s because he’s smart. The establishment cronies are never going to welcome individual liberty, limited government and constitutional adherence as serious platforms because they are principles that undermine any establishment and any tyranny in general. But they are going to-this time.

Imagine Rand says no to vetting Romney as the nominee at this stage. Says that, as a matter of principle, he can’t support such a status quo candidate in these dire times. Maybe this makes him a hero among Paul supporters. Maybe it even pushes him to the forefront of the movement, while making him an icon and a potential leader in the future. However, what would be certain is that Dr. Paul has to go into Tampa this year with hostility from the rest of the non-Paul GOP delegates and people duped by the MSM. Paul supporters will have to go in there in defiance. The establishment cronies get to say that party divides brought about by rebellious Paul supporters cost Romney the election and kept Obama in office. It’s a win-win for the establishment since they’ve already hedged their bets in both parties-at least in the short term.

Now imagine that the GOP actually welcomes Dr. Paul and his delegates. Not likely? I'm not sure they have a choice-at least not in appearances. Rand said he would support the nominee. How can the GOP openly sacrifice the support offered by someone so closely associated with the liberty movement? A minority movement or not, the establishment has to accept this support or risk revealing the strings that go on behind the scene and admit the unfairness of the game. Like it or not, Rand’s support of the nominee means Dr. Paul gets to speak to a crowd of GOP delegates not necessarily pitted against him. He’s going to talk about sound money, limited government, and the prosperity that can only come from freedom and individual liberty. The delegates are going to hear him, the worlds is going to hear him, and they can’t unhear him. Then Paul delegates will vote for him. But who else? They’re not all bound. And what happens when some delegates break ranks and the others realize they aren’t really “bound” at all.

I expect some more shenanigans. Perhaps the “resurgence” of Santorum or some new “legal” party rules will develop. But it won’t matter now if the establishment brings back another puppet to sink the party as a whole or tries another tactic against Paul. The die has already been cast. Dr. Paul’s going to speak, the delegates are going vote, the liberty movement is not going away, and the constitution is going to start meaning something again.

Good luck America.

This is what I

The only way

Dr Ron Paul gets a convention speech is if we get enough delegates to force it. The establishment is quite aware of what happens to Romney delegates when they hear him speak. In Nevada and in Texas they tossed their Romney buttons and signs on the spot. Rand may have been coerced but that is of no real importance . What is important is Ron Paul has not quit. The day after the email that the MSM and our visiting vulture trolls keep spinning as a concession, and just hours before Rand made his move, Dr Paul gave this speech in Texas at the convention. a few hours later after Rand had endorsed mittens he gave another which can be found down in the thread.

So thankful!

You hit the nail on the head when you say that the movement is bigger than one person. Personally I am so thankful that I have "woken up" and have been able to be apart of this amazing movement. The idea of liberty will NEVER die. It is like a disease that has infected my mind. It has become an obsession and I feel compelled and obligated to share and convince everyone I talk to. I am forever indebted to Dr. Paul and all he has done.

We are the future of the party; NAY, WE ARE THE FUTURE OF AMERICA!
Petty differences aside this entire community has the same goals and dreams.

Did Rand hurt my feelings, yes he did but only because I expected the same values that Dr. Paul had instilled within me.

This is an amazing time to be alive and an even greater time for OUR political system. So I say to you nothing has changed. The movement is a resistant hardened shell of intellectualism and patriotism and will grow from the bottom up.

I love this website the people involved and the feeling of being part of something bigger and righteous.

ONWARD I SAY ONWARD!!! Who can stop us? :)

txbluebonnet's picture

Guys, you are great....it may

Guys, you are great....it may have taken a couple of days to get our wind back after being socked in the stomach with Rand's announcement but I believe we are getting back on track. Let us not forget the long term goals of Dr Paul. As mentioned below, we knew this wasn't going to be easy. The powers that be will try anything, they are shaking in their boots, Dr Paul knows this. They may be trying to take him down but we will give him strength by us standing tall. He's given us that example. Look how long he stood all alone. We at least have this like minded group that he's brought together. Now, we must if need be go on to work for the ideas Dr Paul has fought for all these years. We've been shown how to never, never compromise. We know him, let's trust him now and pray for him to be given the strength he needs. Just knowing we're going forward will encourage him.


Lawyers for Ron Paul.... Repost and spread this video to delegates and EVERYONE!!!


A double bump...


This quote has helped meout a lot and helped remind me of what I

already knew, but what I don't always follow. I hope it helps out someone else like it has helped me out!! "I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." Thomas Jefferson

As someone whohas poured hisheart andsoul intothe movement, lost

friends, and had close relatives more or less shun me for speaking out publicly and forcefully in defense of the freedom message, having strained my finances many times in order to support liberty minded candidates like Ron Paul, bore added stress in my marriage for not ever backing down about the freedom message among my wife's family who consider me a delusional fanatic in regards to politics, and someone who has spent more time pushing Ron Paul's reelection than almost all of my other past time activities, and I know that there are many others on this site who have done the same and much more, but I really feel that Paul has an obligation to make a video and come out and talk to his supporters about what has been going on!! I will finish what I started, and push to make the biggest influence and showing at Tampa, but after this election I will form my own movement and I hope that all the other energetic, studied up, and passionate freedom fighters on this sight do the same!! I think Paul is a great guy and one of the best politicians I've ever seen! He woke me up to so much knowledge out there, that I will always owe him a debt of gratitude, but I'm completely over idol worship of any politician, Ron Paul included!! I really feel that if you need a leader than your not worthy of the movement! Of course I think that tons of people on this site know this, and unlike a lot of the cult of personality worshipers on here I was really glad to see how pissed the Fuck off a lot of my brother and sisters where when they saw Rand go on Hannity's show and happily endorse Mitt the NDAA Romney!! Some see the anger and criticism among the freedom fighters as a bad sign of weakness and a movement that is falling apart, but I see it as real awake and strong individuals who aren't cult of personality followers, nor mindless followers, but rather they are true blue freedom fighting patriots who would turn even on Ron Paul if he abandoned the freedom message!! Because, these last eight years when I yelled "Ron Paul" I was pushing no man but the ideas and message that he spoke of and embodied. I hope Ron Paul ends this campaign with the same integrity, openness, and commitment that he started his journey out with, but regardless of what ever happens I feel like millions of others out there that I've got the truth and so help me God I'm going to run with it!!! JCM

One exception with your post

it would not be wise for Dr Paul to address this it would just give the MSM ammo to use against him. You want him to address this. He did in his speech at the Texas convention and a bit more at the speech to the concert which was after Rands endorsement. No he's not going to talk about his son's bad move. but he's not behind it.


Convention speech embedded at that link , the concert is linked down in the thread aways.

SteveMT's picture

I read every word of your great post and agree.

I'd even take it a bit further than you did.

One of our own that we thought was on our side and that we thought would have understood this movement more than anyone else except Ron Paul himself has left us as abruptly as if he had died. He has abandoned his father's principles and abandoned us for a flip-flopping, neocon, big spending republican. The anger is passing, and sadness is coming. The realization has arrived that Rand Paul has left the Liberty Movement.

Nothing has changed. If we are ready to give up with every

curve ball, then we are not really in it to win this R3volution. We ARE the campaign. Stop focusing on distractions and give away our power! Don't you guys realize how far we've come? We have been winning delegate slots and changing the platform. The status quo won't give it up without a fight and we've shown that we're winning the game. This is a test of our will. I'm going to continue to fight. What will you do? Answer this question for yourself because it will reveal your strength of character.

We are a movement

They can't control us ... we will not be bought ... We will field people for office ... We will grow ... We are the most informed ... We are winning hearts and minds ... Rand does not control us ... Ron does not control us ... We have chosen a champion ... and it is a Idea not a Man ... DP will not go anywhere ... if not this year then in two more ... We will debate policy ... We will break news ... We will help others prepare for the Paradigm Shift that will come ... We will overcome ... We will restore the Republic


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Right On!! and Amen to everyting carpavel just said!!

I'm so glad to see that there are tons of others on here who feel the same way I do!!

Nothing has changed except Us ...

I was somewhat surprised Not at Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney . It simply made me raise a eyebrow ... for about 2 seconds , but the reactions of the many Paul supporters , the ' anger, disbelief, confusion etc ' that broke out after Rand Paul's announcement brought into question , just one thought ... How devoted are the Ron Paul supporters ?

Listen , Ron Paul didn't endorse romney , Rand Paul did . The many rumors going around on the internet , and esspecially the one concerning Webster Tarpley , stating that the whole Ron Paul campaign was nothing more then a ploy to get Rand Paul onto Mitt Romney's vice presidential ticket was in my opinion , a simple ' twisting ' of the knife for the many Paul supporters who thought they were stabbed in the heart .

This Heart of the Ron Paul Revolution , or the 2007 Tea Party Movement and now , The Liberty Movement can never be disbanned by one person , namely Rand Paul . The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign has been plagued by the corrupt establishment from the very beginning when Dr. Paul announced his candidacy on May 13, 2011 . Since then , The Liberal Lamestream Media , along with a majority of Dr. Paul's republican constituents have shyed away from Dr. Paul like a bastard step-child . The beginning of Dr. Paul's 2012 presidential campaign in Iowa exposed the State GOP's corruption with vote counting in secret locations , with precient and district votes that favored Dr. Paul , ' disapperaring ' or simply not being allowed to be added to the total vote , with the misleading vote counts in the state GOP's ranks , with the rules violations in many state caucuses and conventions , with the police butality toward Paul supporters , with the lawsuits rising from delegates favoring Dr. Paul when those states favored another candidate , with the millions of votes for Dr. Paul either purposely being mis-read or allocated to other candidates in the world of the ' electronic ' voting system , the the RNC and it's Chairman breaking RNC rules in favor of ' Their' candidate , and not ours . . and it goes on and on and on ... You better get up off the ground and dust yourselves off , pick up your flag and march forward . We still have a GOP convention in August that will surely , once again , change the rules of the RNC in favor of 'their' candidate , not to mention a Presidential election coming up that will have the vote counted by a company outside the United States . We've been through hell so far and guess what folks , it's going to get a little hotter in the kitchen before this whole thing is over .

If you think for ONE minute that the Liberty Movement is over , then maybe you were never 'In It To Win It ' from the beginning . If this little Rand Paul distraction has overwelmed you to a point of quiting , then the Establishment has gotten to you in a way that you never thought they ever would , shame on you , and shame on us .

This 2012 presidential campaign isn't about politics , it's about Paulitics . I see stratrgies here in Rand's endorsement of romney . If this is simply a endorsement of Rand to Romney , then that's exactly what it is , but if this is about a possible Romney / (Rand) Paul presidential ticket that could place a Liberty Movement candidate into the second most powerful position in the civilized World , then that is something to consider as well . The Lamb has been thrown to the wolves and all some of you can do is criticize the lamb ?

Youth For Ron Paul - now the Youth for RNC ?

Personally I thinking about the movement. Basically Rand's endorsement has split the group, those that still believe they can influence the RNC and those that are more Libertarian. The worse part is I have this nagging belief that Ron Paul 2012 existed only to get Youth for Ron into the RNC.

The Young were core Obama supporters and Romney could NEVER get that vote on his own. But Ron Paul could get them registered RNC in the primaries. That is a valuable group of voters and valuable email list on Campaign 4 Liberty and Ron Paul Inc.

So can you change the RNC ? Is this the best way to change America ?

There is a business philosophy, you must cut out the bad(old) before you bring in the new, otherwise the bad corrupts the new. Same is true in refactoring software code.

I was saddened this weekend to see a Youth for Ron Paul supporter asking Doug Wead for an explanation as to what happened to Rand and who is Trygve Olson...yet his words went unanswered. Guys we've been played by the RNC, but good.

Look how many times the establishment RNC thru Ron Paul under the bus, and he never fought back. Can you change America if you play the game and NOT fight back. He never challenged Romney, despite serious idealological differences with Romney and establishment RNC. Be "respectful", I guess that mean be submissive. Even watch Leno shows again - listen for "Romney".

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"


They aren't going to go to Romney and the reason Dr Paul focused on the fake anti-Romneys is because they were the ones there to dilute his vote.

Of course not

The motive for the RP2012 was to get new young registered Republicans that would otherwise vote Obama. Whether it worked or not is yet to be seen. I was explaining why since Feb. the focus of this campaign was the Youth for Ron Paul and the campus speeches.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"