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Alex Jones, Secret Double Agent of the CIA / Status Quo (Remember Debra Medina 2010)



Update Thanks to JoeDanger... to understand AJ



Never Forget The Texas Governors Race of 2010... Glenn Beck and Alex Jones Executed a Coordinated Attack on Debra Medina in Texas; Now Alex Jones Is Going After Ron & Rand Paul in Exactly The Same Manner

Alex Jones had repeatedly interviewed Debra Medina for months leading up to the Texas primary of 2010.

Then BAM, just before the election Alex Jones teams up with Glenn Beck to throw Debra under the bus.

While Glenn Beck sought to destroy Debra in the minds of the NeoCon Tea Baggers saying she supported truthers, Alex Jones did his equally destructive deed on Debra by bashing her with truthers for not standing behind them... when in reality all Debra did was to hesitate to answer an inappropriate question.

For Debra, she was simply trying to not take a position at all. To Debra the campaign for Texas governor had no relation the issues / questions surrounding 911... the topic was out of scope, so she hesitated... and that was all these dirty dogs needed to spin the context and condemn her to both sides.

Both of these dirty scumbags Beck and Jones (the last line of defense for the status quo acting as the controlled opposition) executed a coordinated attack on Debra Medina by taking an irrelevant national issue and making it a pivotal question in the Texas state governor race of 2010 just 2 weeks before an election that otherwise would have placed Debra into a run off with Bilderberg Attendee Rick Perry.

And in Texas, the underdog always wins in the runoff elections, so the big dogs Jones and Beck were called in to act in the final weeks as the last line of defense for an establishment fearful of a TRUE 10th Amendment Candidate for Governor.

What Alex Jones did today bashing Ron and Rand Paul is typical of what I would expect from Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. The value of these two lies in their ability to strategically divide and conquer all non-polar groups that organize against the status quo at that critical point in time; specifically when we are in the final weeks, just before a major election or nomination is to take place.

This is what these @ssholes are paid to do. That is what has happened this week and today. They are paid to control the establishment's opposition by taking on their respective roles as the controlled opposition, to act their part and throw elections back to The Powers That Be.


So what to do?... Well ask yourself, what don't "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then do that, do this:

Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.


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Like I said in another Alex Jones hate post.

You know they should change the name of this site from Daily Paul to Daily Hate Alex Jones. I am sick of this crap. Oh wow he blew up really it's Alex Jones. He can be off the wall but I first heard about Ron Paul from him and Infowars.com is where I get most of my news, because I couldn't trust the MSM after they fed us bullcrap about Ron Paul. How about instead writing a long ass article you talk about how we are going to move the Liberty Movement forward. It seems like everyone that post something about Rand endorsing Romney someone has to plug in how bad of a person Alex Jones is. I understand many people don't like him fine, but has he not exposed corruption? Has he not stood by Ron and Rand's side for years and he is being a little too emotional like many on here are. Since the endorsement this site has been mad house of anger and bullcrap that isn't even relevant to Ron Paul or the R3volution. How about spending time and writing a long post that explains how we go forward from here, and how we have maximum effect in Tampa and in November. For the love of God please quit with all this crap. I miss coming to Daily Paul and seeing inspirational articles about the grass roots, now its nothing but anger and despair. Many Ron Paul supporters like Alex Jones and us fighting over a news anchor is only driving a wedge in the movement. Can't wait for the dumb ass responses to my comment but I don't care. I'm here to support Ron Paul not vent my anger cause big bad Alex Jones said something I disagree with. I'm here to promote Liberty and Peace and all I see is crap like this.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Whats with all the hate and down votes???

I dunno if he is "CIA" but I DO KNOW that Alex Jones is no friend of ours

Had a lot of Cult of Jones on here the day Alex ran his attack.

You can be sure the Jones people, the neo-con bloggers, and COINTELPRO were all over this post as I went against Jones and confronted the truth of who he is right as he was running his attack on our movement Sunday.

He failed miserably but the down votes here demonstrates that Alex Jones has embedded himself deeper into our ranks than Glenn Beck.



If you want to control popular opinion, which delivers more bang for the buck?:

1. Actually creating and controlling all these groups and individuals ("Alex Jones is a Jesuit/Vatican agent, GCN is an ABC affiliate, the Pauls are all Masons, the von Mises Institute is Rockefeller funded", and so on)


2. Spreading rumors about the above

Just sayin...

I love it when idiots are more loyal to wack job Alex Jones

than actual people who have advanced the liberty movement like Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Jack Hunter.


Rand Paul has done 10x as much for the Liberty movement than this idiot or any of you idiiots on this website.

10x votes for Romney

9/11 was an inside job. The Pauls won't speak up for that, but they will speak up for Romney. Romney's top 6 contributors are banks. Pauls' bottom 95% of contributors (after Peter Thiel of the Bilderberg Steering Committee) are fools. Fox News is popular.

The Ron Paul revolution would

The Ron Paul revolution would not have gotten as big as it was with out Jones. Who is throwing who under the bus ?

Thats what you think. alex

Thats what you think. alex jones has got in the way of people trying to find truth, trying to find out how the political process works. All alex jones does is try to get people hysterical & not focus on solutions.

The Jones Report

I think you'll all enjoy this
...listen to the alex jones broadcast on Y2K
The russians are coming!
I know this is who many of you are listening to for
his "analysis of Ron Paul"
Now simply referred to
as "The Pauls"
i hope the alex jones smear campaign
blow up in his own face.

please help this video go viral

The bigger question

Who was feeding AJ the info for the Y2k broadcast? It's not as if he was seeing it firsthand.

Y2K on FOX

I don't see what was so damning in that broadcast. Today, we have Fukushima, and Alex has been there to drill home the danger, as has Major General Albert Stubblebine, former head of U.S. Army intelligence (see Stubblebine's video about Fukushima). 9/11 was an inside job. Deal with it. Just because the Pauls cower in fear when the pivotal event of our generation is mentioned doesn't mean you have to bury your head in the sand with them. Debra Medina flip-flopped on 9/11 Truth, tearing a page out of the Romney/Paul playbook. First, she was for it, before she was against it. That's why she imploded. Now that Rand endorsed Flip Flopney, don't blame Alex Jones. Alex never endorsed Flopney and never will.

I watched the AJ video

To be honest, I agreed w/ almost everything he said. I'm not a regular AJ listener by the way but I do occasionally catch a YouTube video here and there.


This is so crazy

that its something Alex Jones would write about if it wasn't himself

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Smells like desperation

Someone is working awfully hard.

Another 'amazing' topic that

Another 'amazing' topic that gets us nowhere.

C'mon, you never really bought Ron's explanation either

Like the newsletters, eh?

You're just a troll, nothing

You're just a troll, nothing more, nothing less.

sorry your portrayal of Medina is FALSE

I heard her statement at the time and it was much more than just being dismissive.

WRONG! Glenn Beck was phucking with her audio.


Beck had Perry's campaign aide's mic turned up laughing over the entire 30 second conversation.


that old Johnny Rivers song

Secret Agent Man, talkin bout little fat Alex, you reckon?

If you're talking to me..

The song is a 'lil bit of humor.


I find AJ tends to be a reactionary.

But I have found a lot of information he has gathered to be useful.

I was out looking the truths on day, those I found I kept. Those I found wanting, I dropped.

As for the Mr Messenger, what need I say. I was looking for truths.

Free includes debt-free!

I find AJ to be bought and paid for an establishment provocateur

He is just a little less obvious than Glenn Beck.

But he is Glenn Beck.


Granted you have circumstantial evidence.

Have you ever considered just not listening to them?

Free includes debt-free!

Circumstantial? I was there with Debra Medina that day!!!!!

Alex Jones only talks about what we ALREADY KNOW!

Have him tell us something new sometime.

He is carrying water for the establishment, keeping you all from digging deeper on your own.

He just regurgitates the same old sorry crap over and over like a lazy preacher reading a sermon from a missionary's internet blog.

Alex Jones is a lazy talking head just like Glenn Beck.

Watch the video's at the link above and see what he does when he shows up to an event with REAL protestors. He talks over them and disrupts their activism.

Alex Jones is Glenn Beck!!!!

Reread you headline.

That claims to go way beyond your experience in 2010.

Free includes debt-free!

does yelling make you feel better?

cause noone see Alex friggin Jones as a savior. Some seem to believe he is a leader in the Patriot movement, some see him as a half-truther who ignores Israel, and some who never were exposed to the content he covers....see him as informative.

one issue doesnt make a man for all people....some can think for themselves without being yelled at.