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I think Ron Paul will endorse Mitt Romney in Tampa

I just read newest explanation of Jack Hunter what endorsement means. It is simple... excuse for endorsement of Romney and preparation for “inevitable” move. These “new”principles ...I don't buy them. I think that Paul's have only intention to bring in Republican party new people who will do their bidding. Now this wider freedom movement is counterproductive and not needed and they are ready to use kill switch to shut down. Sorry guy's but I am done with this demagoguery and hypocrisy. And I know ...some of you will buy newest William Kristol ideas and be actively involved in Romney campaign but not me. Officially for 24 hours I am wiping my Ron Paul your tube channel and going back to my independence. I have not done ethically any mistake on my part. I supported Ron Paul,but I am not his zombie or robot to be for somebody who will endorse Romney. And ...no,I don’t think that I made mistake. This post is on his official campaign side from his Jack who obviously don't give a crap that freedom movement is going in destruction. And please don’t use troll name to minimize my point.
You are loosing fellow supporters by thousands...get real what is going on. Besides for the hawks,you need people like me to vote and become part of the movement and whatever you say negative I really really don’t care,and will make my point right on .

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At this point

It's a very serious possibility than Ron will endorse Mitt in order to pay off his part of the deal that has been struck. I'd love to hear what the negotiations were and with whom.

Let's face it, Ron isn't running for office ever again. And he seems to be very silent these days.

I think all this is a done deal, it's just a matter of the deal unfolding and revealign itself.

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"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Where are the "Zero Tolerance" mods now?

"We" need to watch our P's and Q's, but they let the flamers run rampant.

This site has gone to hell in a handbag.

I'm starting to think the mods are being influenced

by the same people who sabotaged the campaign...or getting paid to let these people post. I'm serious.

Enough is enough!

I've had it with these snakes!

Enough is Enough !

Don't you see what's happenning here? They are trying to divide and or destroy the Liberty movement. We still are in a fight for our survival. March on to Tampa in force, UNITED. It looks like a false flag event with the USS Enterprise has taken place in the Straights of Hormuz . God I hope I'm wrong. Be strong. This is NOT the time to fall apart..................


Who the hell is "they"

Do you mean Rand Paul ?

Thanks,for change some

Thanks,for change some positivity and integrity for something more than blind followers who dont care to grow movement.

So...you tell me that I am

So...you tell me that I am sell out?To whom?I cant accept Romney endorsement and refuse to follow that endorsement from anyone. How that make me sell out?And please,I am not Jack Hunter to spin...how is OK to accept lesser evil ...you guys read,READ what is on official Ron Paul 2012 side posted today...and think about that.




YOU are a sell out.

Dr. Paul hasn't endorsed Mitt. Don't cause confusion by saying otherwise. Hope the Mods delete this post.

I can't imagine

Ron Paul ever endorsing Romney ... if he does that will be the end to this liberty movement. Where is Ron Paul ... why does he not make a video to talk to the supports for a couple of minutes? Where is his Texas straight talk - anyone heard it yet?

This movement does not hinge on Ron Paul's endorsement

It would be weird if he endorsed Romney, but it certainly wont end the liberty movement. If it ends it for you, then you never really wanted to be free in the first place.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Could you have imagined Rand Paul endorsing...

Romney three months ago??

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Oh good!

Can we count on you leaving immediately, or are you going to continue to torture us with your pathetic and ridiculously worthless commentary in your version of butchered English?

To have more credibility...

...you may want to proofread your posts first. You might even consider using spellcheck while you're at it.

But regarding your post, you've had enough and I understand that. Frankly, I don't know how you managed to last a whole 31 weeks as it is.

note to self: stop listening to anyone but RON PAUL

if you are a delegate you have work to do.

I swear it feels like the whole of the DailyPaul has become a stomping grounds for a giant psychological experiment - the results of which get picked up when deemed helpful by other outlets.

When did this become the Daily "Anti-Paul"?

When did this become the Daily "Anti-Paul"?

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