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Final Analysis: Rand Paul Left the Movement

The most succinct summary of Rand Pauls endorsement came from Adam Kokesh: Rand Paul left the movement. He has declared his father's campaign over and has moved on to closing ranks with other Republicans and endorsing Romney. The Daily Paul should move on with the business of getting our voices heard and Ron Paul nominated.

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I figure

Rand Paul does not need my support. Who needs the grassroots moneybombs when they've joined with the elite PTB? He'll have money and positive press for campaigns aplenty -- until they decide he's through.

Rand knows where the winning is

Due to citizens united cash from companies is where its at and that's where he has chosen his support.. Romney. I have never liked Ran he is fake and has been forever. From his "I am not a libertarian" to his koch brother friends.

I disagree. Adam Kokesh, love

I disagree. Adam Kokesh, love the guy to death and salute all he has done, but Jack Hunter's take on Rand is the best in my opinion. You can lose battles and still end up winning a war. Rand has the most conservative voting record in the Senate. If he does not fall in behind the nominee it would ruin any chances he has to be President one day. And make no mistake, Rand Paul as President would be a great thing for this movement.

Up vote

for common sense.

Up vote

for common sense.


for stupidity!!

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.


Was Rand ever part of the movement?

I thought our movement was about peace. Rand said from the beginning that he wanted a declaration of war on Afghanistan, and never bothered to clarify whether he'd vote for or against it. Rand said he is pro-torture, pro-Gitmo, and he voted for sanctions against Iran. He kissed up to warmonger Sarah Palin, in keeping with his neocon leanings, and so it's no biggie that he prefers "It'll be an American Century!" Romney to his own father.

Ron Paul voted for the

Ron Paul voted for the authorization of force in Afghanistan. Does that make him a war monger according to your logic?

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

I think the...

... Romneybots have infiltrated our movement and using the Rand issue to sow dissent. Go with Rand and join the "Anyone-But-Obama" campaign. They need your help to put a big government protagonist onto power. Romney stole $440 million from the US taxpayer for his Olympics and then bragged about how he saved the Games. It is time to take the country back from falling into the arms of the Liberty movement and deliver it back into the embrace of Goldman Sach, et al. Go at it. We don't bend. We don't compromise. We are free.

Don't underestimate the GOP, its lackeys and the many stooges who are easily swayed by sentiment to try and undermine our movement. It took the GOP about 12 months to annex the Tea Party and bend its will towards the neo-con ideology. Rand gave them a foot in the door and they are pushing with all their might.

Kokesh is a true campaigner for liberty. He is unconventional. He is irreligious in his ways, which is fine by me having just spent three days at the Texas State Convention with Christian Jihadists. Give me Kokesh any day. The Christian Jihadists own the GOP. Kokesh stands in stark contrast to these hypocrites. Thanks Adam, you are a true hero whose devotion to liberty is unsurpassed. If Rand had half your courage and commitment to the cause, he would have put principles above party loyalty. Those who criticize Adam are carrying water for the establishment.

Plano TX

romneybots are in paul's campaign,

and it is those officials you love and give money to. they are also called islamic jihadists. it is christin jihadists are more peaceful, but you have delcared them as your enemey. funny, how your comments resemble bin ladin and his religion.

but truly, to make you feel better, romneybots are also on your side. so you can declare victory.


You are...

... "konfused"... with a "k"... that's the worst form of confusion... The "Christian Jihadists are peaceful..." You can't propagate unprovoked war and be called peaceful.

"...your comments resemble bin ladin and his religion." No doubt, George Bush was your mentor. He said if we don't stand with him, we stand with the enemy... Hitler said the same, which explains why he and Bush were able to perpetrate their dastard deeds.

No, romneybots are not on my side. They are merely imposters trying to sow dissent.

Plano TX

Your comment is provoking war.

as you brought up religion and layed focus only on what you call 'christian jihadists' and noonelse, while covering for the islamic ones.

yes, romneybots are not on your side, but you are a romneybot just like rand paul and potentially ron paul as some people are declaring he will formally endorse what he has already said about romney.

there is no dissent b/w you and romney or obama. you are all aligned against christianity and think they are the cause, while islam is the victim that you need to protect in the paul revolution.


Who cares what you think?

You're just a freaking troll, and everybody knows it.
You should stop wasting your time. It ain't working.

Anyone who perpetuates

Anyone who perpetuates dissent in the name of religion is a huge problem, including Christians. It only further divides us. This religious animosity/war has got to end.

"ALL are created equal and are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights." Newsflash! That includes Muslims, Pagans, Buddhists, et. al.

Blessings )o(

I wish that was true

After my Mom passed away, I decided to explore my catholic baptism and find out what it is to be Catholic.

It is to discriminated against. To be catholic means people tell you that your pope is the devil and the preistrs are child molesters, the same people who tell me MSM is FOS are telling me what MSM says about my Church is true.

I think as the NWO proceeds to eliminate religions ALL religious people feel the HATE, discrimination, prejudice.

And we have this religion against religion... to me it's all perpetuated by MSM and their efforts to promote a NWO.

How many times have I read LDS are a cult and that's why the voter won't pick Rmoney, Or Obama is a Musim? Or New Age is NWO?

What does this have to do with getting Ron Paul elected?

This is what infiltrators do. Try to get you off the subject.


Paul himself said he will not get elected,

and rand said his father would not get elected long time ago. all the while, rand has been campaigning for romney since last december.

so drop this crap of 'paul getting elected'. move on, you are only helping romney out with your sick attachment to gop for the sake of being under romney's wings.


Excuse me....but you are impertinent and rude.

...the posts I have seen from you are negative and I believe you are a plant.


paul saying he can't get elected is coming from his own mouth

as well as the officials on the campaign as well as his own son. so there is nothing rude about repeating what they have stated.


Am I an infiltraitor?


What are you doing to get Ron Paul elected? Show me what to do that I am not doing.

If either of us are

If either of us are infiltrators Granger, we've sure been at it a loooong time. LOL

Blessings )o(

Just read and

... believe the Beatitudes. Forget about church. Racketeers run the church for their own profit. Once you are done with the Beatitudes, which could take a lifetime, concentrate on the rest of the four gospels.

Plano TX

As I said, its got to end.

As I said, its got to end. Dividing ourselves according to religion is a huge problem. Who cares what someone believes in the religion department, its what people DO that counts. Denigrating anyone or any group because of their beliefs causes not only dissension here in America but has lead to wars killing thousands of people all around the world.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Set an example. Accept everyone's beliefs as their own and as is their individual right. If you denigrate anyone else's beliefs then you open the door to allow them to do the same to you.

All religions around the world have the "golden rule" as part of their belief system as Ron Paul so succinctly pointed out in his book Liberty Defined. Its time to start following it so the animosity will end.

Blessings )o(

I care what someone believes in the religion department

your signatures says "blessings" What does that mean? Why make that your signature?

Religions have the right to exist here, but we are losing that right as people don't care and don't care to understand.

One thing that also motivated me to join the catholic Church is I BELIEVE the world is not over populated. It's mis-managed. I am pro-life and my church is on my side, not my government whio wants a UN Agenda to reduce the human population to the sustainable size of 500 million, and why the perpetuate hate and wars.

I care what people DO not

I care what people DO not what they believe. Actions speak so much louder than words. You're right, most have a very prejudiced, biased view of other's beliefs. That's what needs to end. All people are equal in the eyes of the Creator. And if they are equal according to the Creator what right do we have to think otherwise? In the words of the Christian Bible, "For God so loved the WORLD he gave his only begotten son." Its not for God so loved Christians, or those who believe as they do, but the WORLD. If God loved the world then isn't that what we should be doing too?

And for the record, I completely agree with you about not being overpopulated, pro-life, and our mismanaged world, but I am not Christian. My religion says to love everyone as they are part of creation. Mine also says to harm none and recognizes free will. In other words, let people believe what they believe and conduct yourself with awareness and compassion for all. Pitting ourselves against each other because of our respective beliefs only brings the hatred that all religions warn against.

Blessings? It means exactly what it says. I wish blessings on all and hold good will towards all people and all creation. Including Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, Christians, etc. All are the same in the eyes of the Creator. Who am I to determine otherwise?

Blessings )o(

You have a beautiful perspective

Catholic measn "universal", that is all. The most facinating book I have ever read is "The Catechism of the Catholic Church". It completely changes my life as as old as that religion is, I truley underestimated it's power and kind of power, something that even now NWO is going after to destroy, but when you read that book, you wll see what they can not destroy it, and it's so obvious, but it's completely hidden. Blessings to you too.

Anyone who perpetuates

Anyone who perpetuates WAR in the name of religion is a huge problem, including Christians. It only further divides us. This religious animosity/war has got to end.

I agree.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Voting Record

To date, Rand still has a stellar voting record. I will be watching his votes carrying forward like a hawk... but as of now, he's still pro-liberty when the rubber ultimately hits the road.

yeah. well, he just voted for Romney.



voting record is fairly irrelevant, when you can't get anyonelse

on your side. but what rand has done is gone around getting others on romney's side - that is the biggest and most impt vote of them all.

rand votes for romney - and that is the bottom line. you should now stop denying your own bottom line - that it is the same as rand - and that is to get behind romney, regardless of voting for him or not.