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I am on the ballot, but so disillusioned

Well, I turned in my affadavit 3 minutes before the deadline in May. Then last week I got the sample ballot in the mail with my name the only one under Republican delegate. Just hoping that in the next election cycle, there will still be someone worth supporting. Don't want to be an Eeyore, but the prospect of hanging out with Republicans for the next four years doesn't really appeal to me unless there is some true Revolution going on.

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Got elected last Tuesday

Thanks for all of the encouragement here. I did get elected last Tuesday as a Precinct Delegate and am going to the County Convention next week. I am sure it will be an adventure!

You rock, Merry Mom!


P.S.: Merry Mom, there are some things of a religious nature that I have posted on another thread; you might find some of them edifying. One such post is here:


Please feel free to look around and post questions and comments. God bless, lady patriot.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


Stay involved, while understanding change takes time. Do what you have the time and desire to do, and for everything else simply get too busy to do it.
When we stay involved, we have a chance of winning.


Congrats! I just got a call from someone who was a write-in and got elected as well!

None of the good people

actually want to hang out with them. They drive everyone good away, and that's why they've been so successful. Think of it this way, you can offer it up for a good intention. And, even if there isn't the same kind of purpose in having that position next year, I bet that there there will be a reason...something you could never dream up right now.

Hate to be Eeyore as well, but,

the truth is the revolution has been put down by the Republican and Conservative establishments. It was our hope and Ron Paul's hope to be able to take over the Republican Party in one election cycle by turning enough Republican voter over to Ron Paul to get him nominated. That didn't happen. We did however double our numbers in the past four years. Only one of two things are going to happen now that Ron Paul has been soundly defeated at the polls and Mitt Romney WILL be the Republican nominee. People on the fence like yourself will become disillusioned and give up on the Republican Party (i.e. give up on America since there is no other national party capable of running serious Senate and presidential candidates) or grit your teeth, get even more fired up than ever and determine to fight on the inside of the GOP for what Ron Paul fought for for thirty years, even if it takes you twenty years to see your hard work come to fruition. That's ultimately the only way we're going to restore our Constitutional Republic - by transforming the Republican Party into a Constitutional Republican Party.

Keep your chin up.....No One

Keep your chin up.....No One ever said restoring Liberty would be a fair, fun, or easy process. The fruits of the labor are well worth the effort. It does make one really appreciate Ron Paul's 30 year effort.

Keep in mind the votes have not been counted in Tampa. Ron Paul still has a shot in Tampa. (Mitt is already stumbling all over Bain). If Tampa doesn't work out the liberty movement is counting on people like you (who have given much more than lip service to the movement) to edge us towards victory. Thank you for your efforts.

Yes, there is a R3VOLution going on!

Yes, there is a R3VOLution going on! Thank you for taking part! Now get more just like you and you will be surrounded by Friends of Liberty in the Republican Party which is the goal! Re-Take the Party for LIBERTY! Thank you doing your part Merry Mom!

As a duly elected delegate, you are an elected official.

You will elect the officials that will serve as your County's Executive committee.

I found that supporting the Constitution was a a stand that I could take and was accepted by others.

I spoke with Jack Hoogendyk at State Convention in 2008. I also read some of his posts at the Campaign for Liberty later that year. I hope both you and he win. That would be good for the 6th District.

The number of people who were officially reported as voting for Ron Paul this year could fill the Big House to overflowing. You are not alone in Michigan.


Jack Hoogendyk could use your support.

Free includes debt-free!

YOU are the revolution.

Don't you understand that? You need to become the change that you want to see.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

The perfect case in point!

As to just how much damage Rand caused. I am sure, they are many delegates that feel like you. All the fighting and dedication to go against the status quo and Rand decides to endorse the status quo. That my friends is a SPIT IN THE FACE of every delegate who has spent time and money fighting the good fight.

We should with one voice make Rand take back his endorsement.

If he chooses not to then bye bye..

You should be a banker, you make up stuff from thin air.


Free includes debt-free!

That fact that you are using

That fact that you are using phrases like "MAKE RAND" shows you don't have the first clue about what Liberty is or what Ron has fought for all these years. You are the one doing damage. Shut up about Rand already.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!


Let me state it in words that you can't use to change the meaning. Basically we all as a group ask him to retract his POS endorsement which hopefully will CAUSE (MAKE) him retract his POS anti-liberty endorsement. AGAIN.hopefully this request can cause(make) him to change his mind or if you will rethink his position. Its his choice- Liberty or Tyranny.

Right now, RAnd is a pos, who has damaged the movement. He can fix it or go on damaging the movement.

You are not helping matters, zforce...

... Why don't you go to one of the many "Rand Paul Food Fight" threads instead of trying to bring the strife over here? Thank you.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

The initial thread

cast disillusment on the importance of being a delegate and hoped for a true revolution. I am pretty sure this feeling comes from Rand Paul deciding to join the opposition. Thats why. Rand Paul damaged the movement and the more people who apologize and rationalize for him the more people will feel that this is just a waste of time.

You are that revolution be the change

Your heart has not changed stay committed to the cause of liberty,
We need everyone to do their part do it for you your family your country.
Find in yourself those things worth fighting for and fight for liberty and never give up.

MerryMom, God Bless Ya!

I remember when you first "arrived", and you were truthful, and sincere...many welcomed you..never forget that.
Tell the truth....just as you've always done.
The truth cannot be argued against.
Truth is absolute,
God Bless Ya!...Rootin' for ya!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

God bless you too

I do remember how wonderfully welcoming everyone was here. It was disheartening to see Rand Paul endorse Romney, as the Invasion of the RNC Body Snatchers continues on. But it looks like Ron Paul will not endorse the Pro-Death Statist, so there is still hope.

Keep That Memory Foremost

...in your thoughts. Here's a post I just put up with an "inspirational message" in the video attached.
Please view this..It may very well help.
Godspeed, and Best Wishes,

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Don't be disillusioned

by the people who came here to this site for the purpose of disillusioning you.
That's what their goal was. They want you to not go, because then their candidate can win, instead of us reaching our goal.

There are a LOT of posters on this site who are working for the enemy camp, and a LOT more who are useful idiots on an emotional trip, who are serving the needs of the enemy even if they don't realize it.

There is nothing at all to be gained from disillusionment. It puts you back into bondage.
The only way out is to fight your way out, and the only way to do that in a peaceful manner is to take control over the political system with enough people to change it.

None of this peripheral emotional crap matters, except to try to keep you enslaved. Don't listen to it.

Absolutely correct

and wise statement.

Spread the wisdom, neutralize the foe, end tyranny.

Ron Paul will prevail in 2012.

The secret is out. What Dr Paul will be doing in 2021 after his second term as president:

Don't give up now! We are winning

We are winning in spite of the NRC, in spite of the RP Campaign. This is HUGE. Heed the message!

Do what I do

Living in Austin, we've got a lot of bars here. Truth is, most of them are crap. So when I have to go to a crappy bar and hang out, there's only one thing to do: Bring an Army of Friends :)


Mom: Don't put that much food on your plate honey you won't finish it.
Child: Yes I will mommy
Child: Mommy I'm full can I have my desert now?
Mom: No you didn't finish you dinner. ; )

Look into the possibility picking an alternate to take your position that you have vetted and selected personally if you are certain you cannot go any further.I know that this can be done on GOP Central Committees because a friend of mine had to do it.

And the revolution is going to see this through until we have full control of this country once again so keep the faith.

Look whats going to hit the RNC this week. This is really great news.
Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ


This video explains a basic overview of the Civil Rights (Voting Rights/Election Fraud) Lawsuit being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters.

Here is the Lawsuit FAQ in PDF format.

I almost forgot.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul


I am willing to continue--just not sure what I am supposed to be doing. I didn't even know that I would be running unopposed. The ballot says you can choose up to six, and then I am the only one on there. I am not sure if the six are just for our township, or for the whole county. Another lady told me she filed her papers to become a delegate in our county, but she is not on my ballot. She is in a different township, so perhaps that is why. The other candidates for other positions are on there. This other lady was a Santorum supporter and apparently still is, because just the other day she posted on Facebook about Santorum's new endeavor. So I don't know what she will do in the future, now that Santorum has kissed his political future goodbye.

Write-in's possible?

If there are more positions available than there are filed candidates
(or even if not) are write-in votes allowed? If so, maybe you should
be trying to hunt up a few more like-minded folks and try to
vote some more Liberty minded folks in...


I didn't see this until after the election--not sure if they do write-ins for the precinct delegate. It's kind of like "Deliverance" around here, so I wouldn't know how to find a Liberty-minded person. I did buy some eggs from a lady down the street, but I am afraid to stop by the house of the guy who has the locked gate and the "NRA Gun Classes" sign to ask when he holds his classes. I don't think he really wants drop-in visits. He doesn't have a phone number on the sign, so I figure the sign is perhaps just a deterrent rather than an advertisement?

Delegates are elected by

Delegates are elected by congressional district. She can be in your county, but perhaps her town is in a different cd. This would explain why you do not see her on your ballot.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

She got elected too--in a different township

I found out from her on Facebook that she got elected. But then I saw today on FB that she likes Paul Ryan. I am going to see her next week at the couunty convention, so we will have a chat about it all!