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Giggles... some Mitt Wrongney people are saying RP has released delegates. They have no clue

We are free to vote for whomever we wish. Unlike the mindless lemming masses, we think for ourselves...and since we know he hasn't released them must be Someone is pulling their chain.

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The only thing our delegates are gonna release is

The Kracken!

Well sure.....

... If you do NOT read the DP and you only have mainstream news as your source of info (which is most people), then all you know is Ron Paul dropped out and his son endorsed Mitt Romney.

So, why WOULDNT you believe that his delegates are released to support Mitt Romney?

Campaign HQ's "strategy" was an UTTER FAILURE and COMPLETE BACKFIRE.


I am worried that Romney delegates themselves do not know

Ron Paul is not only still there, but that he is the better choice and most importantly, that he could actually win based on how the system works.

How can we inform them that
Ron Paul is still in
that he is a fabulous choice?

Assuming they don't know his true stances
due to MSM.


True but if Ron Paul does get

True but if Ron Paul does get nominated at the RNC (which is highly likely), they might get inspired by what's happening. Let's hope.

Some do...I get this from lurking on MR Central

Unlike the DP, which is open for all (except for a few who try to stifle opposing views), they are not allowing new members at this time, so we can't get in to educate them.

Edit: I am mistaken. There does appear to be someone in the chat who is explaining freedom to them. Maybe it will catch on!

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

That is the wierdest site. The conversations are cut off

so not much communication can occur....from what I've seen it's very communistic.


Sure and those ones will educate the rest....

... of the Romney delegates of the truth, right?