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After A Weekend Of Reflection, Have You Changed Your Mind About Rand Paul?

What a crazy and emotional weekend! It's been a roller coaster of craziness as we all try to sort things out in our heads.

Robert Scott Bell and his producer discussed the situation this morning and came to some conclusions that I agree with. Good commentary, objective reasoning and definitely worth listening to. These guys have a pretty good show.

What do you think?


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Romney and Rand Deal

Romney hoped that the RP supporters and their votes would come to him with Rand's endorsement. Rand tends to refer to RP supporters as "our supporters". Maybe he thought they would rally to his endorsement.

Rand has a chance to be a Romney VP running mate. Good career move; maybe, maybe not. The only problem is that Romney is not respected or trusted and will not win the presidential election. Not even the media can make Romney look good. He is mindless; flip flops daily and cannot be trusted.

The GOP missed out on their chance to elect a republican president by refusing to acknowledge Ron Paul as the best choice for nominee. Ron Paul's power and number of loyal supporters is legend.

Ron Paul has not dropped out of the running. Ron Paul does not endorse Romney. Ron Paul is still the best chose for GOP presidential candidate and is the best possibility to win the presidential election. .

After Crowd booed Josh R, Ron asked us to be respectful

Rand showed us how to be respectful of the man, if not of the man's politics.

The rest is noise in the background.

Free includes debt-free!

Yes i have changed my mind

At first I thought it may be a political tactic, as it is being spun to be by many here. After seeing the reaction from the supporters, many of whom have given when they could not afford it, worked hours and dedicated several years to support RP, it was just the wrong thing to do. I think it was a huge mistake making the endorsement before the convention and on, of all places, Hannity! I don't think the campaign nor Rand understood the blowback that would result from from this just like they did not understand the support they would generate when RP first announced.

I agree for the most part with these guys

We need to move past this and keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for posting. These guys are great

Right there with you.

We can't get caught up on something said by Rand Paul on the Hannity show for God's sake! It wasn't Rand Paul that was energizing us in the first place, was it? Nobody seriously thinks that Rand Paul's endorsement will sway Ron's supporters to vote for Romney, do they? The ONLY way we can win this thing is to overwhelm them with numbers. Neocons are mostly the ones who listen to Hannity anyway. Maybe that was why it was chosen for this. Hopefully many of the Romneyites won't bother to show up to Tampa figuring it's all sewn up now. But if WE give up, it will certainly be that way. Say what you will about Rand (and his endorsement of Iran sanctions too, for that matter), but he is still BY FAR the loudest voice for the Constitution in the senate. I personally don't care nearly as much about foreign policy concerns as I do about the government's war against our own population here at home in the form of NDAA, TSA, and so on ad infinitum, and Rand is our senate champion on this issues of freedom at home. They are most important to me, and he's been entirely consistent in these areas and I don't see that changing.


I will not support Rand Paul...unless some decisive information comes out that will change my mind! I will not give my money to such a traitor.

Now, you can put up Bell or Hunter to speak for Rand, and it won't change my mind. First of all, Rand is the one who should be speaking and explaining his actions! Secondly, Bell didn't even ask enough penetrating questions that have been listed on the Daily Paul. And, we all know the backlash of Jack's misstep, too.


I understand where you're comng from


I do too but

wow how things have gotten chaotic over this. Crazy