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Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul

Tom Woods' personal appeal to Dr. Paul, but let's us all listen in....


Ron Paul changed the world in 2007.
Spurn those who would have him change it back.

References: Ron Paul - Rudy Giuliani Blowback Debate - May 2007
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Tom Woods (1 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic
Tom Woods (2 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic

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There is a way to purge ourselves of the darkness. You also, have supported an individual I know to walk in self-serving darkness.

Soul searching time..

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

Original post / video removed by Tom Woods

Has anyone heard why Tom Woods deleted the post on his website, along with the original video? I wonder if, in hindsight, he thought he crossed a line somehow, or did someone (maybe even Dr. Paul himself?) perhaps ask him to take them down?

EDIT: I see his (vague) answer in the comments section of another post:

I have more information now, and in light of that, I fear that my video may do more harm than good. I never want to do that. I’ll just say, have confidence in the man who has yet to let us down.

Sounds positive to me.

We don't know what's happening. We don't need to know. We just have to do the best we can wherever we are. Keep on going delegates!!!

Going after Tom too.

Jesus, what is UP!?!

I knew it!!!

This is great news! Very subtle, but the message is there. Think about it: Tom Woods makes his appeal to Dr. Paul and then quickly removes the video after speaking with Ron Paul.

I'm assuming he spoke with him b/c of his last sentence: "I'll just say, have confidence in the man who has yet to let us down."

Tom Woods has suddenly regained his confidence in the man. Why? My opinion is that Ron is going to run third party. What other answer could satisfy a man like Tom Woods? He said, "I have more information now." This is a veiled offer of encouragement to the Ron Paul community. He has more information that he can't give out, and this information is leading him to console us, and tell us just to have some faith in the man. What else could it be?

John F

I really doubt Ron will go

I really doubt Ron will go third party. Despite being given the shaft by the GOP, people will still be going to the convention as delegates and fight for shaping the platform. It would be a dumb move to lose all of that, seems to me.

No big loss.

Ron knows you can't effect change from within the corrupted system. Lew Rockwell was once his campaign manager. He hasn't done a 180 since then.

He could announce before the convention. His delegates can do whatever they want. And think of all the people who wanted to vote for Ron Paul but didn't want to become a Republican to do it...

He could take Ventura as his running mate. Nah, he probably wouldn't, but I can dream can't I? Seriously, though, I think this may be what's going on. What information is Tom Woods referring to? And why would it be enough to make him say what he said?

John F

RE: I knew it!!!

Nice thought, but if he is planning to run as a third party nominee, why wouldn't he just announce it and stop the disintegration of the volunteer corps? Or at least make a video appealing to his supporters for trust and promising that something good was happening in the background?

Everyone will be back on board in a hurry

if he announces this. He'd have to wait for the whole Rand endorsing Romney thing to settle down. In fact, he would probably wait until the convention to announce, or slightly before...

I just don't think he's going out like this, with a whimper. It's not his style. He's giving Rand a chance to disassociate himself from it so he can risk everything and run third party (which was always what he wanted to do, but now he has a much bigger audience and too much support to ignore). Honestly, I think he wants to now. And giving it away too early could give them too much time to prepare for it. I could be wrong, just a thought.

John F

Very unlikely....

"He's giving Rand a chance to disassociate himself from it so he can risk everything and run third party (which was always what he wanted to do, but now he has a much bigger audience and too much support to ignore)."

He has always said he has no interest in a 3rd party. Moreover, his political organization, CFL, is fully promoting Rand's position of working with the GOP. This means cooperating at Tampa with Romney's coronation.

Think about Ron Paul's history.

After the run in '08, he got together with Ralph Nader and several of the other party nominees and held a press conference about the two party monopoly. He ran third party in '88. He is only running as a Republican now in order to be heard.

Everyone already knows he's masquerading as a Republican. Why would he care if he ruined his reputation as a Republican, or severed ties (again)? What he said was he had "no intention" of doing it because he didn't "want to." Well...maybe he wants to now. Just a thought.

I think if he does this, it will be his own thing. Maybe he doesn't want to go out like this. Maybe he's tired of all the politics and being told what to do. Let CFL and everybody else tow the line and he can move all in as an Independent. This, to me, is the only way he DOESN'T allow his reputation to be sullied.

John F

RE: Everyone will be back on board in a hurry

Well, bless you for coming up with a possible positive explanation. We should all earnestly hope you're right.

RE: Original post / video removed by Tom Woods

Well, here is a little something. But I fear it is very little, indeed perhaps too little to do any good at all. The corps of supporters is melting away in bitter cynicism and despair, as anyone can see who reads the pages of this website. We are to watch patiently and have faith while the Doctor or Olson or whoever contemptuously and pompously ignores the heartfelt pleas of the Ron Paul supporters, people who have scrimped their family budgets and isolated themselves socially in devotion to this cause? While they offend and embarrass Ron's most devoted base and scandalizes his new converts? I will watch this unfold *from the sidelines* but my guess is that someone at the campaign told Tom to take the video down and in his good nature he agreed in fear of doing harm and that is that. I would love to be wrong, but see scant hope of that.

Yes, said he thought he was sending the wrong message.

Also said he learned more and was convinced Ron paul would not be endorsing Mitt Romney.

The Winds of Change!

RE: Yes, said he thought he was sending the wrong message.

It is good that the Doctor is not endorsing Bombney, but that is not a major part of the issue here. What is driving people off in droves is the strange early concessions by Wead and Benton, and then in paragraph 7 of an email from Ron (rather than a dignified concession speech at the end by the candidate himself); and the request that the grassroots base, who have conducted themselves in the most exemplary way and have been physically and verbally abused and slandered, even having their bones broken, at the state conventions, be courteous! As if they were the perpetrators, rather than the victims, of the disorders that have occurred. Even more important are the suspicions about venality among the campaign professionals expressed so well by Penny Freeman. All this needs to be addressed, and it is suicidal to fail to do so. Among my many RP supporter friends, I am the only one holding on, but a pompous request to "have faith" is a pretty thin handle to hold to.



What is the Doctor Communicating by his Silence?

It is disheartening that Dr. Paul has not yet responded to this. I am trying to believe he will not dismiss these concerns with contemptuous silence.



BravoTom Woods! You don't compromise with evil...

You fight it! Ron Paul will always be an inspiration to me too, and he deserves our heartfelt thanks.

Now come back to us, Ron, as the principled fighter you have been for decades! We will be ready for you!

But no matter what you decide, there is no turning back for me. I will go ahead with or without you in the fight for Liberty. There are many roads for me to choose from, but they all need to go in the same direction. Long live the rEVOLution!

Tom Woods You are Absolutely Correct!

I first learned about Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney on Friday morning from Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (www.worldaffairsbrief.com). I was in shock! Here were some of his comments from that issue:

"... If we are to suffer more of the inevitable march into global governance under this secret combination of power that controls our government (and both political parties), it is better that an evil puppet like Barack Obama do the dirty deed that a naive Mormon politician like Romney—desperately trying to please the establishment. An Obama presidency would continue to build a stronger resistance movement. A Romney win would weaken it as he would tend to talk many people into accepting the neocon agenda—and that would do more damage to the soul America than anything else. ..."

Joel also said:

"...I do not consider Rand a suitable replacement to lead the liberty movement his father helped build. ..."

I couldn't agree more. This made me begin to think WHO would be suitable to lead the movement? The Liberty movement will move on with or without Ron Paul and without Campaign for Liberty if it gets co-opted. I specifically thought of YOU, Tom Woods, as a first impression. After hearing your message to Ron Paul I am not disappointed in my first impression.

Hopefully, Ron won't endorse Romney and won't be taken down as collateral damage from all this. I'm however prepared to move on to keep the REAL (and not co-opted if it comes to that) movement alive. The chips must fall where they may.


Rand is the sacrificial lamb

This is chess yall not checkers.

There's a racketeering lawsuit that has hard evidence at least five heinous offenses.

There's an army of delegates.

There's an army of festival goers to Tampa in a show of power.

There's a lucid Libertarian waiting in the wings to garner 5-15% of the vote.

It all boils down to this for the GOP - the Wolf is at the door.

Listen up criminals in the GOP syndicate, better toe the line now or suffer the consequences. We don't care if the Chicago political machine runs roughshod over your pathetic coercive party. It's all the same to us.

I think there's a deal going down and I hope it's the long last Fed End. De-fund the 'statist' quo and end the abomination of the welfare warfare pig men.

Sorry Rand you had to take one for the team but dad looks happy so I think good things are coming down the pipe. I wouldn't have done it. Not for any deal. Well maybe to end the fed and defund the machine. I hope that's what you've done. I hope it isn't for your little political career, I would have happily gone back to my day job. I've seen the shit sandwiches and giant douches that politicians turn into.

And guess what GOP, I was a delegate for one guy only. The one that brings substance. I'll never toe your shameful party line. Even though you like me and I'm what you think is a good example of a republican, I stand with the "Libertarians and their Youtubes".

Go easy on Judas. Not everything is cut and dried. We are closest when we seem furthest away. We are strongest when we seem weakest.

ecorob's picture

obombya wasn't even born in this country...

you think racketeering charges will stick?

i've got some property to sell ya...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Every move can't be a checkmate.

Just as every issue isn't necessarily a dichotomy.

We have the GOP surrounded. The real problem is this - "Gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes into you". Just bc Rand has the abyss gazing into him doesn't mean we have to. That's the sacrificial lamb.

I listened to the interview Peter Schiff did with Rand Paul and

I couldn't believe that Schiff let him off without asking him why he decided to make his announcement on that notorious bitch's show, when he could of done it on a bunch of other forms where it wouldn't of been such an insult to so many Ron Paul supporters considering Sean despicable beliefs, track record, and our past history with him?????

The right play is to shove all-in....

When you're short-stacked and dealt pocket rockets, you don't fold to a re-raise from the big stack. You shove all-in and double-up. Even if you're rockets don't hold-up, it was the right play. Never fold rockets pre-flop, never.

Don't worry Kiss.

We might be holding aces cuz I think there's still a chance Ron is going third party. That way Rand's reputation is secure, and Ron doesn't give a flip about being labeled the spoiler since he's out to save the country. I'm hoping for that anyway...

John F

Adam Kokesh just released a

Adam Kokesh just released a new video responding to Jack.
"Why Rand Paul was wrong to endorse Mitt Romney & Jack Hunter is a statist"

BMWJIM's picture


Adam. He has done more to harm this campaign than he will ever admit.

Semper Fi, Adam. Look me up when you are in the Bayou State!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

ecorob's picture

i disagree...

adam rallies troops

you, sir, as a former marine, seem to divide them

that's my 2 cents

i like adam

people KNOW you can't speak of assassination...only the nwo bitches can do that!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


Adam Kokesh has been a loose cannon for several weeks (to speak nothing for his disastrous attempt at running for Congress) and got himself in the news by musing over potentially using assassination as a means of achieving political reform. I unsubbed from the guy a while ago and I haven't looked back since.