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Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul

Tom Woods' personal appeal to Dr. Paul, but let's us all listen in....


Ron Paul changed the world in 2007.
Spurn those who would have him change it back.

References: Ron Paul - Rudy Giuliani Blowback Debate - May 2007
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Tom Woods (1 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic
Tom Woods (2 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic

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i so agree

i loved this video. you go adam!

Kokesh got this whole thing spot on!!! I used to like Jack

Hunter but I now think that he hitched his dog and pony show to the R3VoJution after he left Pat Buchannon's gig in order to further his political career which I believe has taken a very bad move in my opinion!! I really don't care to hear much from that sale out any more!!

Excellent synopsis by Thomas

Excellent synopsis by Thomas Woods.

I simply couldn't have been said better.

He is one of those select few who really "gets it" on economic thought. I've read 2 of hs books and we should listen to him.

Thank you Mr. Woods.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

right on

i agree with tom's plea and about why those in the freedom movement are strong, passionate, dedicated, and determined. i know that i was inspired in the previous campaign because i couldn't believe there was a politician who actually spoke the truth and said things that none else dared to say. i was so inspired that it was the beginning of me truly going down the rabbit hole and researching this world as i didn't know it. i also was deflated after all the energy and work to get him into the white house ending with his withdrawal from the campaign. we were in it to win it back then, too. i didn't want to believe that there were campaign staff who did not have ron paul's back and were giving him bad advice as was rumored back then. there were many supporters from that campaign who were totally disillusioned about the management of funds not being used all the way to push his campaign forward and instead were funneled into the cfl.

so, now for the second time, i am looking at this issue of fund usage. i hope that ron paul's campaign uses all the funds which were entrusted/donated to further his campaign for just that, the campaign. after the recent events of his walking or standing in the last lap and conceding defeat, that he stops listening to those in his campaign with substandard advice, and listens to his gut and his supporters. he may be a great statesman, but i don't think he has always gotten the best advice. no, he should not become a polished speaker (as was suggested to him in last campaign), what we all love about him is that he is NOT polished and rehearsed, but speaks from his gut and tells the truth whether others like it or not. that he puts his money where his mouth is and is the most consistent defender of the constitution. that he stands up for his beliefs and instead of caving in, brings others around.

ron paul needs to get rid of his campaign "managers" that are not in line with his mission.


This one says it all. Olson and Benton need to get the heck out - PERIOD. I'm wondering, of late, about Jack, too


I personally don't believe that Ron Paul has betrayed anyone

but I'm extremely concerned that he might endorse Mitt Romney, and the very weird and inconsistent things which have been taking place!! I don't assume that I know anything other than a lot of the stuff that has been taking place with the campaign has struck me as them striking a deal with Romney, the party, or that Ron Paul thinks that if he really supports the freedom fighters/ the delegates/and the rest who want to show up in Tampa and let the crooked Establishment know that they are fooling no one, that it will result in his movement being kicked out officially or purged form the Republican Party. I think Paul was right to leave the third parties and running in the Republican party in 2008 and 2012, and if they will let us stay I say we take them over from within but I think for Paul not to go out in the spirit of his last speech in Texas will be a compete mistake on his behalf for listening to these obvious family members with their own agendas and wormtongues' agendas within the campaign who have got the kings ear!!

RE: I personally don't believe that Ron Paul has betrayed anyone

I very much agree with your point. As a mild reassurance, we can reflect that Olson, Tate, etc. probably would not have the nerve to send out an endorsement of Romney over the Doctor's signature without the Doctor's approval. And it seems unlikely that he would be willing to knowingly endorse Romney. I am still very much under the assumption that he knows little or nothing about the events of the past two weeks, and how much disappointment and disaffection has arisen among the Ron Paul corps due to his supposed premature concession, the premature concessions of Wead and Benton, Wead's weird UStream "big announcement," Jack Hunter's foolish pronouncement, etc., and I greatly doubt he has seen the videos directed to him from Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Penny Freeman, Alex Jones, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, and others. I especially agree with your idea about not ending the effort until the convention is over, and then doing it, if need be, with complete affirmation of all we have fought for.

Now, that quite a few of us have a copy of the video, and there

is absolutely no way to take the thing back and get it off the Web, you aught as well, just leave the video up!! This action actually just inadvertently helps to highlight our plea, So take it off, block the video. Better yet Erase and delete this whole thread under this blocked video!! Haven't you learned by now that spin and sensorship doesn't work the same way with this informed bunch like it does with the mindless sheeple!! It draws more attention here, and makes people take another look at it!!

Here is the link again...


    thanks ~ replaced.
    hey there ... all you guys try to grab a download for yourselves! ~ mod

Tarrant County (Fort Worth) TX Precinct 4261

Downloading now

I'm downloading it this time, just in case.

Great job, keep it out there for all to see. This is the Net and

we all should be able to get information freely, and especially information that people have put out there for people to see!!

Ron called Tom

and told him he was going to run third party. Ha-haaaaaa!!!

But seriously...I think that is a possibility. Why else would Tom suddenly take this video down? Other than a good explanation from Ron?

John F


You have said exactly what I would say to Dr Paul. thank you soooo much! I would make one more suggestion to him, though, and that is to get himself trained in spotting people who would stop him. Some of these people will seem to be the nicest most supportive people you could ever meet - while they covertly stab you in the back. L. Ron Hubbard has the BEST information on that subject, whether you agree with Hubbard in any other respect, or not, there is no denying this fact. So, I would suggest that Dr Paul either study that specific data, or locate and hire someone who has.


Damn it now the video isgone!! So now I'm left speculating about

another thing!! Something is going on, and I thought that this video/plea from Thomas Woods would of been the best way to get Ron Paul himself to make a video and address our questions!!

Video still available

I couldn't access it on youtube, but it's still working for me on dailypaul.com


Jack Hunters latest....

"Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States"



Save your money if you think Ron Paul is going to Tampa to win. If you are going to Tampa for Liberty, then God Bless you!

Gary Johnson 2012

screw jack hunter

So tired of him.

Oh I think these political career driven schemers and apologists

like Jack Hunter are really turning me off!! Rand totally fucked up in many ways in my opinion and it doesn't take a genius to see it, but does take someone with a large ego, some brain capacity, and a lot of political know how to spin the obvious into something that it isn't!! Good luck with hitching your horse to that wagon Jack Hunter!!

I can't find this video

I can't find this video anywhere.

video gone?

I couldn't get to it via youtube, but I still have access through www.dailypaul.com


When I tried earlier today

When I tried earlier today neither link would work. I just now tried and the dailypaul link is working.


The video is gone. Did Tom take it off or did youtube? Maybe it was a private message to Ron Paul and shouldn't have been posted here. Hmmmm? Anyone know?


video still on dailypaul

I still have it on dailypaul.com


I've always like Lew Rockwell, but this interview of him by Alex

Jones is top notch quality!! I couldn't agree more with Lew Rockwell in this video!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai-IQTyBUVY

Ron Paul would not endorse Mitt for anyone's sake...

If you believe you have to believe, to waver is not believing. I believe Ron Paul will not sell out; he will not endorse Mitt. He would not say one way or the other, other than his own personal opinion. I don't know who these shallow minds are getting so out of focus, being so thrown off because of what?! Rand is Rand; Ron is Ron, keep separated the son's actions from the father's. They are two different people, just as I am very different from my siblings and to a large percentage from my parents--which means they did a good job in raising me to be my own person; to see the world from my perspective, my experience, my knowledge, etc. Something are carried over, but that too is based on my judgement. Thoughts and actions are time related and dictated by the situation, not DNA nor parental directives! Rand has grown to be his own man and we should allow him to be so.

What has changed in our course for liberty? Nothing! Keep moving and stop being distracted. Would it matter who Paul supports? No. Because his ideas are now OURS--our own and that's the key--move ahead, don't let ANY DISTRACTION distract you--that's the key to winning. You can't win if you run with the pack! So don't run with them. Stop posting about Rand this and Ron that. I love Ron and he was the spark, but we are the fire now; let's keep the blaze going and burn some bridges all the way to D.C., and make them remember us whatever the outcome. We do not have to worry about Rand now!

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

Right ON!

Right ON!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Unwavering Simple Truth

Mr. Woods has hit it out of the park. Would that people take his position on this issue to heart.

The ball is in Ron Paul's court, but sadly, the silence is deafening. He is verging on destroying a large chunk of the liberty movement and of souring and poisoning the well of change.

This issue will define whether he is true to liberty and his principles, or if he is not and rather, chooses expediency and acquiesces to globalist-collectivist government.

All eyes and all ears are on you, Ron. What's it gonna be?

"silence is deafening"--NO it's NOT--you should b silent...

It only show once again, true to his form that Ron is his own man. He will not speak because you want him too; he'll speak when he's good and ready. I first was also shocked by Rand and wanted RPaul to say something, but the silence was quite beneficial: "If I want to lead my own life, would I need someone to lead me forever?" Once someone helped you out of a hole, should you depend on that person forever to help you avoid from falling into all the holes? No.

STOP patronizing him! HE DOES NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ALL YOU simple minded, "Oh, daddy, I'm lost again emotional losers!"

Who the hell are you lt496 or anyone else to critize this man and demand what he should do for you to comfort your weak minds when it sways through a little storm?

All of the sudden you don't know what to do? Effin-A. "This issue will define [him]"--No, it defines the weakness in you and your lack of conviction--if you are a RPaul supporter at all.

Listen here, there are many of us that will move forward because NOTHING WILL STOP AN IDEA WHEN THE TIME HAS COME!!! If you have second thoughts or lack self motiviation for your actions to stand on your own--then YOU have not grasp the idea, step aside.

BACK OFF RON PAUL, give him peace! All comment regarding how he should act or what to say is INSULTING and condescending.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

Who am I?

Well, Slick, I am a committed liberty advocate and a free individual. I hold allegiance to no 'man', but hold allegiance to certain principles and my integrity and my ethic.

Rhetorical must not be a word that you are familiar with, eh, slick? the 'question' posed was 'rhetorical. If I had anything to ask Ron Paul or Rand Paul directly, I would send that question to them directly. Oh, wait...I already did that and the silence is deafening.

I calls-em as I sees-em.

It is what it is and what it is, is that you seemingly are some sort of sycophantic minion who will willingly turn a blind eye to chicanery when it is 'your guy' that practices it.

Somehow that tactic and practice seems as common and predictable as poop on the bottom of a birdcage. I see it practiced every day in the republican and Democrat wings of the party.

Congratulations, you are really special.

Go figure...