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Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul

Tom Woods' personal appeal to Dr. Paul, but let's us all listen in....


Ron Paul changed the world in 2007.
Spurn those who would have him change it back.

References: Ron Paul - Rudy Giuliani Blowback Debate - May 2007
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Tom Woods (1 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic
Tom Woods (2 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic

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Look at what Tom Woods and Rand Paul just did

Rand Paul just confused and scattered us. May he be known as Random Paul. May he be voted out of office by the Ron Paul supporters themselves. When Rand comes back to his senses, may he also be praised for his clarity and wisdom.

Tom Woods just cleared it up. Tom Woods just brought us together. May Tom Woods be known as Tom Stone, for being one of the few anarchocapitalists in the Ron Paul Revolution who didn't get power-drunk and dither toward Romney. When Tom Woods stops insisting that he's not the right person to run for public office, may he also be respected for his humility and humanity.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

This might not be popular

to say on here right now, but I personally don't think we need to be so tough on Rand. Yes, it made me too feel absolutely terrible to hear him endorse Romney and I was angry for awhile. It may not be ideal to us, but I'm positive that Rand knew he wasn't going to sway any of us to vote for Romney with his crumby half hearted endorsement. He did it for political gain, knowing he would risk our dissaproval, to advance OUR beliefs. I dont think I could have done it and I'm sure he couldn't have felt good about it, but it may turn out to be one of the most selfless things anyone has done for us. One of the things I love about Ron Paul is that he doesn't play the game of politics, but I can accept that Rand has a different strategy and that he believes he is going to have to play the game to be in the game and give liberty a better opportunity to succeed. It may be hard to stomach at times, but I'm beginning to be thankful for what he is doing. Let's just keep watching what he does and not be so rash as to vote out someone who may turn out to be one of our greatest allies.

Dragons and Princesses and Dwarves

I want to tell you what I remember hearing on a talking-head show as a kid. I'm sorry that I can't remember the show nor the exact wording.

Host: "The Libertarians believe that increased gun ownership decreases crime."
Neocon Guest: "Oh come on. Let me make this clear. The Libertarians are nuts. They believe in dragons and princesses and dwarves."

I thought, "Dragons...and princesses...and dwarves...aren't they all real?"

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.





"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

Could not agree more

thank you Zom

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

Thank You Tom!!! Jesse and John Have to Go!!!

Thank you Tom.....the talk was on point and very persuasive.

If John Tate or Jesse Benton have anything to do with the Campaign for Liberty after August I will not renew by membership or have anything to do with that organization.

The Liberty Movement clearly needs new energetic people, who are willing to fight for Liberty and not line their pockets with outrageous salaries and bonus's from the hard earned dollars of RP Supporters.

Thank-you Tom Woods

Nothing else to say...just thank you.


I feel exactly the same way! NEVER compromise! Honor and integrity are what brought me to you in the first place, sir. There are very few things in life that I believe in; but I believe in the Ron Paul Revolution! Please let me continue to have faith in it!

Brought tears to my eyes.

Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Tom.

"Just be Ron Paul." We do you love you!

War or Election

Many people view the debate on Rand, is he compromising or not.

In my view, the real question is, are we at war or not. If elected, will those in charge hand over power nicely, or will there be blood at the hands of police state.

If you believe that those in power are not simply disagreeing like gentlemen, but are instead holding us all simultaneously hostage and as slaves, then winning over the people might not be enough. Infiltration might be required. We are at war.

Rand Paul endorsed Mitt, giving the reason that they both have the same number of kids. That was a message to us. It means, it's an empty endorsement.

A Rand Paul VP would red flag everything Mitt does. He would be on TV spreading our message. Infiltration is not enjoyable. Having those on your side hate you for it, is the worst part, and certainly something he could do without.

Excellent speech! But, he

Excellent speech! But, he doesn't have to worry, RON PAUL IS NOT GOING TO ENDORSE ROMNEY!!!! Geez people, get a grip on yourselves!!!

Rand is his own man, and if he thinks he can change the GOP from the inside than LET HIM!!! Why do you people cry about this so much??? Jack Hunter has it right, Rand has a different style, leave it be!!!

All the doubters of Rand should go stick their heads back in the sand because we don't need you! If you don't get it then there's no hope for you.

This movement is about Ron Paul, not Rand Paul. If you don't like Rand's style then don't support him, go support someone else!!!

The Movement Isn't Even About Ron Paul...IT'S ABOUT LIBERTY!

Many of us have missed the mark. I'm not into hero worship. NOW, THAT IS A DISTRACTION! i love what Ron paul stands for, what he has fought for, but I'm not into HERO WORSHIP..

Ron Paul this, Rand Paul that...Utter nonsense! it is about the restoration of our republic...NOT ABOUT HERO WORSHIP!

We are suppose to be fighting for somethinG special, LIBERTY!

We need to become a moral people, ladies and gentleman, this means that we not attack one another. We need to stick together and fight to regain our freedoms.

We need to work together with or without Ron or Rand Paul..The rEVOLution is about US,... "WE THE PEOPLE."

Dr. Paul cured my apathy...

...and Tom Woods saved my sanity.

Thank you Tom, for being who you are and for doing what you do. :)

Beautiful Tom.

Thanks. I sincerely hope he hears you and listens to you. You speak for me in this case. This world is steeped in darkness and dark moments find us all. It would be a very dark moment indeed to see such a beautiful, improbable legacy, erased.
Please God, don't let it be so.

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well spoken, tom

you have said what we are all thinking...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.



If Ron And Rand Were Assassinated What Would You Do?

If Ron And Rand Were Assassinated What Would You Do?

Would the liberty movement die? Would you die? Would you rally behind Mitt Romney? Would you just give up and crawl into a bunker? What would you do?

The above are legitimate questions...Is this all about Ron and Rand Paul? Is this about you and I and the fight for liberty?

For me the answer is clear. This is about our fight to save and restore the republic, and our civil rights, with or without Ron and Rand Paul...

I will stay the course and encourage others to do as well and never give up the struggle we began in 2007.

ecorob's picture

are his children being held for ransom?

have they been threatened with loss of life?

what else could cause this utter deceit?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Just speculation,

but have you considered the possibility that a
general threat might have been made against *us* -
that is to say,Ron Paul supporters and dissenters generally?

Something along the lines of "Back off or we start
using your people to fill up FEMA camps." for example..?

you know

That's a really good point. What if the slime balls (establishment) said they were going to make a false flag of us at the convention or something. I wouldn't put it passed them. If that is the case they need to expose the threat. There are many more of us. If they want to threaten us or the paul family we need to defend ourselves.


Hit the nail on the head. And I'm sorry, I don't agree with all of the Rand Paul equivocating... Ron Paul didn't get to where he is by compromising or "going along with the Republican crowd" so why in the hec are we acting like it is okay for Rand???? Total Fail and lack of backbone on Rand's part, or perhaps that's just the way he is, more of a Neocon than we ever thought.

Please Dr. Paul, NEVER endorse Romney. If you are not the Republican candidate come November, I will write your name in. Ron Paul or NOBODY!!! Sorry G. Johnson, this Republic is in a death spiral and only a Dr. Paul can shock it out of it!!!!!!


I can't imagine that Ron Paul has even considered endorsing Romney, after all the times he's said he wouldn't unless Romney swung to his line of thinking completely. Maybe Tom knows something I don't, but he's right, if Ron endorsed Mitt, millions would be devastated.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

One hasto beleive in real politik andbe able to spin one's views

like Rand Paul in order to support a guy who says he is in support of the NDAA!!! I just hope that the people who vote for the lesser of two evils like George Carlin stated so clearly in his skit don't blame me from abstaining from voting, or writing Ron Paul in!! I don't want to hear any complaining from these people cause they actually voted for a guy who supports the NDAA, I on the other hand could not be forced at gun point to vote for establishment candidate A nor B for the first of many reasons being they support the absolutely draconian NDAA!!

Knowing in your heart what is right...

That is what Dr Ron Paul stood for.

His message, his principles, his belief for the Constitution, for more than 30 years, defending you... and me.

In his heart, he felt what was right and shared the truth into our hearts.

"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"

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Tom is one of the most articulate out there and he is going to be a BIG player in the Liberty movement for many years to come.

Reading his book Rollback right now, which I highly recommend.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Steering Clear Of Foreign Policy Is A Bad Move

Tom is right. 70-80% of Americans are with Ron Paul on the wars. The campaign should have hammered the point home in TV ads instead of sticking to domestic policy only and attacking Rick Santorum, who never had a chance.

America and the world supports Ron Paul's foreign policy. Like Tom points out here, his refusal to back down on this issue is one of his biggest strengths.

With Rand endorsing Mitt Romney, maybe Tom Woods is the future of this movement. Get him on a debate stage with anyone, and he will represent us proudly.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Thanks TOM

Articulated effectively!!!


Thank You Tom!

Thank You Tom!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I really think that Adam Kokesh makes some really good points in

this interview!! I think more RP supporters need to hear it from different sides in our movement like Adam Kokesh and others, so they can see that it's not just a few people who can see what is happening!! I hope the very best for our movement!! Our Delegates, and Ron Paul but we really shouldn't shun a full discussion of what is going on and what has taken place, and what might very well take place!! You can call me crazy but look at the facts and tell me why Ron Paul isn't coming out on a video and clearing the air?????? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRUKXgN_OoM