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Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul

Tom Woods' personal appeal to Dr. Paul, but let's us all listen in....


Ron Paul changed the world in 2007.
Spurn those who would have him change it back.

References: Ron Paul - Rudy Giuliani Blowback Debate - May 2007
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Tom Woods (1 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic
Tom Woods (2 of 2) Ron Paul Rally For The Republic

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Ron Paul Has Not Endorse Romeny

Just as a reminder, Ron Paul has not endorse Romeny but Rand has.

I Disagree with Jack Hunter/ Endorsements

In his recent post, Jack Hunter writes:
"As confusing as it can be, endorsing is not the same as voting. This is not to say that endorsements don’t carry weight. But certainly not more weight than what legislation actually gets passed or blocked."

That's the same type of argument people had for primaries and beauty contests (for unbound delegates) that didn't carry that much weight. Legally, they don't, but in America where image and media spin is EVERYTHING - they do. They re-enforce the message that this movement is backing down. It shapes peoples' views. It makes them lose faith.

"Hope" was everywhere in the last election and it let the world down. This year it is FAITH in Dr. Paul and this movement. Endorsements might not "matter," JACK HUNTER, but they MATTER to us, his supporters. I HAVE FAITH.

I used tolike JackHunter andhiswork, buthe has hitched his horse

to the wrong wagon(Rand's political shenanigans) and he is going to have to live with his choices and the consequences of them!! I'm sure he is so much smarter and more sophisticated than us that we don't have a clue as to what they are up to, nor how this is all going to play out for their betterment and the movements, but I'm buying absolutely no stock in it!!

Well said.

I will buy none of that $hit forever.


I drink (cranberry juice) to you, Tom!

Thank you for all that you have done with the Liberty Movement.

See you at the next rally, protest, symposium or book signing.


Tom Woods True to Liberty

Tom Woods true to liberty, as always. Thanks Tom!


i have been waiting for this all wk end.thank you Tom Woods you are the first one with any crediilty that i hope Dr.Paul hears.




Thanks Tom! And we are all here with you Dr.Paul!

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

If that time comes, we are all here with you, Dr.Paul!


I never thought I'd be saying this to RonPaul of all people, but

if you come to this site and are reading these threads then please cowboy up, put on your spurs, make the hard decisions within your campaign, and level with your supporters!! It will be the gift that keeps on giving in your retirement and be just one more truly heroic act which will endear you to the freedom movement for ever!! Because in the last few days I've come to not trust guys like Jack Hunter, Rand Paul and others who are always trying to further their careers in politics nor low lifes like Jesse Benton who strikes me as a highly opportunistic individual who who gamed the angle of nepotism within the Paul family. Thomas Woods clip strikes me as genuine and sincere, with no alternative motives, but I really want like a Texas Strait talk or a discussion about a lot of the things that have been going on and the mixed signals sent out by the campaign, if to no one else you owe it to the delegates. If I was a delegate and I spent all the time and money to go to Tampa and you ended up endorsing Romney, could you imagine how betrayed and totally pissed off these people are going to be?? JCM


Why won't Ron listen to you and others about the people in his organization. They're diminishing all of his work. What is the explanation?


In case you haven't seen either or both of these, they will help to explain things.



Ron Paul will not endorse Romney

I would be ready to bet 10k$ on that (if only I had them of course :p )

Although he will nor endorse Romney, he must be under tremendous pressure like Tom said...
That man has real courage and integrity to face the State like that.


Lawyers for Ron Paul.... Repost and spread this video!!!


When the goal of political

When the goal of political action is no longer the defense of liberty, no word other than demagoguery can describe the despicable nature of politics.
...Though the demagogues on the right and left are true competitors for power, they share a belief in state power and the techniques and tools of the demagogue. The purpose is to take a principled stand by the proponents of liberty and reason and turn it into support for something ugly and mean by gross distortion of the truth.
From"LIBERTY DEFINED 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom"-RON PAUL

Thanks Tom

You are a true Patriot and a defender of Liberty

Rand Paul, You're a sellout scumbag.

Ron will never endorse Romney

While I understand the heartfelt appeal that Tom put out - and appreciate the fact that (unlike Jones and others) Tom didn't scream "betrayal", Dr. Paul is a man of integrity, a man of principles, and he will do the right thing! He has a proven history of NO compromise. It baffles me that people have watched his record and when Rand comes out and does what looks like betraying the liberty movement, some are quick to judge Dr. Paul in the same breath as judging his son. Rand and Ron are two different people. Dr. Paul should not be held accountable for his son's actions. I have far more history of Dr. Paul's integrity than I have doubts that he will do the right thing in this critical race(been following Dr. Paul since '08). He will not compromise his integrity.
I chose to support and TRUST Ron to the END.

God bless you all!


Fight for Liberty!

Great message Tom

Thank you for doing this. I hope Ron listens.

Excellent Tom!

Plain excellent...

Principles, nothing less!

The road to truth is indeed narrow, walk it alone if must be...

Thanks, Tom. I appreciate your words to Dr. Paul

and sharing them with us. And I hope to hear more from you.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

i love tom woods

i love tom woods

People are willing to die for the message of Peace and Liberty

in reference to what Peggy Freeman said in her interview with Adam Kokesh posted June 8.

When Peggy Freeman said to Ron Paul, "People are willing to die for the message of Peace and Liberty", she was talking about people like me.

I was born in Iran but I was raised in the west coast of Canada. Because of circumstance, I have not had the chance to visit the country of my birth, nor have i seen any of my aunts and uncles that live there. I would very much like to visit them without the specter of war hanging over the country. I have nightmares about nuclear war and I pray to god that what happened to Iraq and the people of Iraq will never ever happen to Iran.

I have no children and I am single. I am an optimal candidate for a body guard. I mean this sincerely, if Ron Paul or any of his family, or even their pet dog needs protection, I will be there for them and I ask for no compensation. Any bullet meant for Ron Paul or his family will have to go through me first.

Please Ron Paul, reconsider your decision.

RE: People are willing to die for the message of Peace and Liber

In case anyone hasn't seen the Penny Freeman interview:




What a bunch of collective cry babies who need to be guided each step of the way. GOP election is lost, nobody is at fault but Americans at large. Socialists have been corrupting people's mind for 100+ years. Some of us, who woke up several years ago, want a free society back, right now.

Few realize that amount of unhappiness will be high under free-market competition. Mundane is plentiful, excellence is rare. The latter is busy working hard under any system. The former complains under any system.

You said previously, "Ron Paul, stay tall!"

I liked it when you stood up for Ron Paul.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

Your wrong there bro!! We haven't needed to be guided a long the

way at all. As I've stated several times before, besides Ron Paul's excellent work, all the real work was done by the independent, unguided grunts who have invented all the cool stuff about this movement and who have mad it possible. I really feel that the campaign had almost no effect except for getting Ron Paul to and from and setting up his speaking appointments!! So lets cut that shit off about cry babies who need to be guided each step of the way! We are just trying our best to get a message to Ronald Enerst Paul, about how we feel, and we'd really appreciate and hope that he'd set down and level with us like he always has about what has been going on and what his plans are going forward. The people who have done so much, given so much, and endured all sorts of hardships for him deserve that much!! JCM


This is a decentralized movement. As RP as said, organizations can be taken over by the PTB, so that means EACH OF US must be leaders. We must work locally to make a difference.

May the blessings of God rest upon each of us as we do what we feel is within our reach and capability.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

People do not deserve anything back

for fighting for individual liberty and capitalism. They do it out of their own personal interest. Not even that, they should be able to withstand scorn from collectivists who claim they themselves work for "common good" and "for people" in general.

We aren't asking for anything other than some transparency, and

some insight into what has been really going on from Ron Pual's perspective! Your right we don't deserve anything back even though we built this fucking ship, but don't come asking for jack fucking shit from us if you thumb your nose at our honest, heart felt, and sincere requests!! You might as well just burn that fucking holy list of names you've got!! It's a list of independent, free thinking individuals not sheeple, so don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Many times Ron Paul as asked us for favors and stuff and I can't tell you how many times I've obliged. I'm just asking for the same kind of favor and support in return!! JCM

Thanks Tom for saying what needed to be said.

There will be tears shed. I cried while listening to your message thinking about all the sacrifices of the faithful. People like myself who are business owners who took capital from their livelihoods and spent it to support the cause. Those who had been politically dormant for decades and were awakened by the message of liberty. I'm nearly depressed over the last few days.

I know it's about the message and not the man, I get that, and we'll all carry on for liberty as we should but, it does hurt nonetheless. This too shall pass.