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We need to stop the infighting, NOW!

We have real enemies to fight.

I would suggest to just stop expressing what you feel about others. Benton, Kokesh, Jones, Rand, Ron and our fellow DP'ers.

Ask yourself this:

Do I know for sure that the negativity I am posting is 100% true?

Do I know their motives and their situation well enough to know what is right for them to do?

Do I believe so much in freedom that I will respect the decisions of these people?

And most importantly:

Am I helping the cause of liberty by posting negative comments about any of these people?

Or ask yourself:

What would the establishment most want me to do?

It is my opinion that we will win when enough people will respect the right of others to do what they want. When enough people focus on what they can do to BE liberty and freedom, not in words but in deeds.

Until then, we help the very enemies we think we are fighting against.

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hey while you've been beating dead horses. There's been some major developments for the better. So like the OP said it's time to stop and get back to taking our country back.



The fight for liberty is continuing in many different ways. I support them all as the real goal is to educate as many people as possible from all walks of life.

I think this is the revolutions

first fight. How cute.


Yes we can expect many more as we grow stronger.

Thanks for the observation.



The campaign has a lot to

The campaign has a lot to answer for. The campaign was run HORRIBLY! It is very clear that Benton, Tate and others care more about their own success than that of the freedom movement.

everyone knows you are right about the campaign.

but rp supporters believe it is their duty to protect and defend and cover up for the corrupt like romney's friends like tate, etc... wead is a dumb nutjob as well that the super naive fall for.

that list also includes for some, islamic jihadists.

ron has never made a stmt other than saying he can't win. yet people are still acting as if there was a race and wanting moneybombs, etc...

ron hasn't even been campaigning much and his own son turned to the dark.

give it up - it was over a long time ago. talking of continuing is just talk, noone even knows what to do as there are no leaders.


you don't speak for me

I've always been grassroots, like most here.

It never mattered what the campaign did, and I have no opinion of who is on the campaign, except those who I have worked with were very nice.

Ron's quiet is like that before a storm. I never heard Ron say he can't win. I have heard him say he does not have the delegates... but then there is a law suit in the process because Ron doesn't have the delegates due to fraud, co-ersion and cheating.

In summery, being negative, bashing the campaign, or Rand, ir Ron Paul means that you are not engaged, but an observer. You didn't get the message in the first place.

This is crap. Great post Lars!

All that matters is what Ron would have us do...

So ask yourself, what DON'T "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then lets do that, do this:

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

- Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

- Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.



I agree 100%.

Support all supporters of liberty everywhere.

Do not support Romney.

Realize that Rand Paul is an asset for the liberty movement and support him in getting as much power within the establishment as possible.

Rand Paul will soon be our greatest asset at attracting newcomers to the cause of liberty from within the matrix (when Ron Paul retires). Many of us were brainwashed Neocons not long ago and we now need Rand Paul to wake up the next wave of these future supporters.

We are not infighting. We

We are not infighting. We are expressing our hurt, dismay, astonishment and anger. It makes us stronger.

You are promoting the Alex Jones / Glenn Beck story line!


you are promoting romney.

if you had respect for the truth, then you would know that beck and jones are the furthest apart possible. jones speaks truth and is genuine while beck is full of lies and is a big time fake.

you are so hung up over establishment and obeying them and making sure romney's path is clear that you have become so mentally delusional to think the race is still on. and you seem to think you know exactly what is on ron' mind, when he doesn' really communicate with his supporters.


Great questions Lars. Thanks


Free includes debt-free!

It's also not very fair to

It's also not very fair to hold Ron accountable for the actions of Rand. Rand is his own man. I wish him well. I happen to disagree with his support Romney, but I disagree with a lot of things in politics so that's not news.

To the sorts of anti-liberty posts we've been seeing, the reaction needs to be polite dismissal. "You want to talk about Rand/Gary Johnson/whomever? Good for you. But the 'Paul' in dailypaul is the other one. Have a nice day :)"

I would be less polite to posters who try to instigate doom/gloom... "its all over" "time to support Romney" etc

DP is firmly...

... founded on the principles of Ron Paul. Romney is the antithesis of everything that we hold dear. Those who come here to argue about Rand Paul are either sent by the Politburo or they are misguided former DPers who are now trying to rationalize their own conscience by trying to defend the indefensible, so they can sleep better at night.

We can't stop negative posts because they might well be posted by imposters (pun intended). The Politburo infiltrated the Tea Party and turned into a neo-con cabal. They are using the Rand controversy to infiltrate us and weaken our resolve. Ain't going to work. We have Ron Paul as our inspiration. We will just have to live with the inconvenience and judge the negativity for what it is.

Plano TX

Great that you are inspired to fight even harder

Now continue the fight for freedom and stop fighting one of your fellow freedom fighters.

Can you explain how fighting Rand Paul is helping the cause of liberty? Are you saying that we would be better off without Rand Paul in the senate? And if not then why are you fighting him?

My guess is you are angry that Ron Paul has not won yet. So am I and now we need to think how to progress from here.

And this is not saying that Ron Paul can't win. He just might and if anything Rand Paul endorsing Romney has increased Ron Paul's chances by not infuriating some brainwashed delegates who may just vote for Ron Paul if they get the chance at the convention.

There are some of us Patriots

who realize certain facts:

1.) The enemy. Who is really our enemy? It's not one party or one candidate, it's the Progressives of both parties. Is Mitt my ideal? Hell no. I'd rather have a single party of libertarians who disagree on everything, but come together when the country needs us.

But this leads to fact 2.: The Progressives didn't take over in a day, or a single election, nor did they go into this attempt at instituting tyranny believing that one day they would wake up and their fight be over. They're in it for the long haul. They took us, one small step at a time, and over years, years. In order to take our country back, barring outright revolution ala our Forefathers, we have to have a strategy. Even Ron Paul said the elections are biased in favor of these two parties and against a third party. My strategy is this: we get rid of the Obama and all his dem thugs, then we go to work on the RINOs. This takes time, yes. No, it's not instant, it's not overnight, it's not a promise that you will wake up one day in roses and the fight be over. This fight will never end as long as one patriot lives and breathes. This fight will never end as long as America remains a cherry to be plucked by those tyrants of both parties and would-be tyrants globally who, even now, seek to rule us and exploit our resources for their own gain.

You can call it a negative post because it doesn't say what you want to hear. But you can't change the facts. And the sooner you face them, the sooner you stop labeling everyone who might express a dissenting opinion some derisive name(s), the sooner we can get on to strategizing. This is a war. The upcoming election is a single battle in a never-ending war, but if you can't see there's steps to winning this war, in the long-term, you'll have to settle for liberal, thug tactics, and keep calling everyone you don't like or disagree with a freaking troll or the Politburo or whatever. Geez.

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They are posted by infiltrators or at the very least by

They are posted by infiltrators or at the very least by people who are determined to childishly vent their spleen regardless of the consequences.

They are either Romney bots....or at least have the same effect as one only with no pay.

Names, labels and fear, oh my

Do you like being called a Paul-bot? I don't. So stop calling others names. Quit labeling people. Sure, there's paid to play trolls everywhere spouting propaganda, but not everyone.

Do you know how the Progressives divide and conquer? First, they label people, segregate them into groups under a single label for the purpose of labeling and segregating an opposing group to get them to attack each other.

Stop falling prey to this.

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They play us so easily and we start fighting each other as little children.

The funny thing is that some in this movement are as sheep like as some of the ones they call sheep. They hear some theory and they go on the attack against their own. Sad to see but also necessary for us to wise up.