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Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions

Daily Paul,

I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below.

Read full article about the upcoming interview here

Be a Leader in Liberty!
Kurt Wallace

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Why isn't your dad responding to his supporters? We

haven't heard from him at all...yet we've spent a gazillion hours towards getting our delegates into Tampa.

What is your dad thinking? Is he going to endorse Romney? We don't want to hear from Benton or anybody else. We need to hear from your dad!!

why Sean Hannity?

Here is a guy, that on his national show, allowed a man to get on there and call his father(Ron Paul) a racist for over twenty minutes. I think the man's name is Jeffery Lords. I just do not understand what Rand hopes to gain, Hannity is evil.

You could hear the hatred in

You could hear the hatred in Hannity's voice when he brought up those old newsletters (back in December on his radio show) as he tried to trash Paul . And then, in a post debate interview Hannity brought up the newsletters again. Pathetic!

A Question for Rand

In light on the recent events Will you please distance yourself from the Campaign for Liberty? We are working hard to make change with in the System. Your recent decision to endorse Romney has created a massive distrust with you. It makes it harder to bring people into the C4L. If you do not leave the C4L with Jesse Benton and John Tate. Then I am unsure if I will be a part of it and it's very unlikely I will work to recruit others or raise funds for the organization any more.

Don't be Hasty

Please don't abandon the cause over this. It's bigger than Rand.


Question from a super voter

How do I as someone who holds the responsilibity to take votes to the state convention in my state promote the liberty movement now? I have a great responsibility to the constituents of my county to make sure that the individuals who represent my state do well at the RNC. I do not understand why you have endorsed Romney now...especially when all of the state conventions will be over in a few weeks. If you know something we do not, then ok, but will the message I bring to the convention be based on conviction or is it becoming empty?

One Question Rand...

Can I have all the money back I donated to your campaign in 2009?

How do you sleep

at night? Honestly.

John F

Two questions that have to be asked

First Question:

Which do you put first your career as a politician or your principles because if it's principles then you know Romney is for for preemptive war and an endless assault on civil liberties and corporate bailouts by saying you support him you are already compromising on principles because that's what you are supporting. We have enough politicians who put politics first and compromise on principles by helping Mitt Romney get elected knowing this is what he supports you're just behaving like all other politicians, especially when your dad Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson are still in the race?So my question is are you a Republican first or a man of principle?
and do not lie because Mitt Romney has made fun of your dad's positions on endless war.


Second Question:
Glenn Greenwald has documented something truly disturbing about the Pakistani Dr.Shakil Afridi who was an informant for the CIA he along with the CIA conducted a fake vaccination program where they gave people fake vaccines or only the first round of vaccinations causing some people to actually be exposed to hepatitis virus all of this to find information on the whereabouts of bin Laden and we never found much useful information from this program but this has confirmed a perception many NGOs were fighting against that their goal was to help the Pakistani people with these sorts of programs and this is created years of distrust because the Pakistanis believe especially in remote areas that these vaccine programs were intended to hurt them not help them. This why he is being put on trial, and yet you Rand Paul want to stop foreign aid to Pakistan over this man please explain yourself? What are you thinking?


How Can We Believe Romney Will Adopt A Wise Foreign Policy

with a Secretary Of State John Bolton?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Pure Evil

My brother-in-law is the current U.S. Ambassador to one of "the stans". I know a bit about what makes for a good Ambassador when I say... John Bolton is pure evil and would be total tragic disaster as Secretary of State.

This Is Why I Say Obama Would Be Better Than Romney

Though I would never vote for either.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

QUESTION: Rand, do you

QUESTION: Rand, do you endorse Romney's policies? If so, doesn't that go against everything Ron has said, i.e. that he agrees with very little, and if so, are you closer to Romney's policies than your own father?

If you do NOT endorse Romney's policies, why would you endorse him?

QUESTION: How can you endorse a man and a party that undermined your dad and his campaign, belittled him and have treated him so poorly over all these years.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Question for Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul, will you continue to promote liberty or have you become apart of the status quo? Do you and your father plan on attending the preconvention festival in Tampa? How do you feel about the backlash that has come from your endorsement of Romney? Do you plan on voting for Romney in November? Do you believe Romney has any shot of winning without the energetic base of your father's supporters? Do you believe there is any good reason for Paul supporters to jump to the Romney camp? Do you understand that your endorsement will have no effect on the outcome of the elcetion and that most Paul supporters will either write in your father or not vote at all? Do you feel like your endorsement of Romney will help or hurt your political future? Do you feel like your endorsement of Romney will help or hurt this country?

No question, just one comment.

RON PAUL OR NONE AT ALL!!! Join the revolution MF'er!!!

I just wish I could get back the money I send Rand

for his Senate campaign. I never thought he'd endorse someone else while his father's campaign was still active. I have not heard Ron say his campaign was suspended, so wtf chuck?


It's true Ron hasn't officially suspended his campaign (there would be no point in doing so). But I'd say it's a bit of a stretch to say his campaign is still active. It's clearly winding down and he's contemplating his next move.

Say Something Nice

Or don't say anything at all troll!



I don't think I've said anything that wasn't nice... Have I? I usually try pretty hard to be civil. Sorry to all if I'm not coming across as polite. It's accidental!

Yeah, active means he has not announced his

campaign was finished. Remember the money bomb 1 month ago? Remember the push to get delegates? That is called "activity" implying one being "active". Don't fuck with me prick. Fact is he has not said his campaign was over yet.

Sorry pal!

Sorry to get you so upset! I really am not trying to start a fight with you! Heck, I like you! If I came off like a prick, I apologize.

I was just stating my opinion that Ron Paul and his campaign don't seem to be actively pushing for the nomination anymore. Sure they're asking for money and they're trying to maximize the delegate count, but not because they think they're going to win the nod.

Could I be wrong? Yep!

The reason this is all relevant is that we're discussing whether Rand endorsed the presumptive nominee (Romney) while his father was still "actively" running for the nomination. That's not how I would characterize the situation. You apparently see it differently, which I can respect.

Sorry again for any hard feelings! Cheers.

Where Have YOU been?

Not active? Like the not active he was being while he was on stage in Fort Worth giving an awesome speech before 9000 or so cheering adoring supporters while at the same time Rand was stabbing us all in the back on Fox. AT THE SAME TIME!!!!


Question for Rand Paul:

When will Jesse Benton be fired?

questions for Rand

Is your endorsement for Romney an endorsement for all his policies?

Could you highlight discrepancies in Romney's policies that you don't support, as well as some of his policies that you do?

How do you balance party solidarity and your own views, where they differ from that of the presumptive nominee?

Do you think your endorsement of Romney will have a positive influence on the liberty movement? Will it compel Romney to adopt a more humble foreign policy, reduce overseas spending, or repeal attacks on civil liberty?

Still with us

So, Rand introduces legislation, with a Democrat from Oregon, to legalize hemp last Friday (day after endorsement) which Mitt strongly opposes. Now he introduces legislation against the use of drones. That's 2 pro-liberty movement bills, in 3 working days. Meanwhile he is still leading the charge to abolish TSA and Audit the Fed in the Senate. Does this really sound like he has gone to the "dark side"?
Has he really sold out the movement? Think about it.

Within Rand's statement of endorsement, he mentioned Mitt agreed that the Fed needed an audit, regardless of past statements. Think about it.

What would I ask him? How is the work to abolish the TSA going?
How are things shaping up in the Senate for Audit The Fed?
Is there anything liberty minded people can do to help?

How about.... what time is

How about.... what time is the actual interview? I'm not seeing that anywhere.

Will Dr. Paul go independent?

Will Dr. Paul go independent?

Don't Ask That

If a candidate says they might go 3rd party they can be instantly disqualified from the race. That's why the msm keep hounding RP on that. If he said yes, then bingo, he's out.


To Hell with Rand

To Hell with Rand, he's just going to lie anyways. Get an interview with Ron Paul instead, his silence on this has been deafening.

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."

Double bump...

...the silence from Ron Paul is deafening...

Triple bump that comment!!

His silence on what has been going on and what needs to happen is deafening and has made me start to think that yes this man articulates the message well, has represented us super well, never sold out, kept his oath well, but he's got some serious flaws when it comes to taking the reins, making hard decisions within his campaign, and in the manner in which he is leading his supporters in this final last stretch!!

1.) Why did you endorse Romney before Tampa?


2.) Is 'Campaign for Liberty' sharing my contact and organizing information with the Romney campaign?
3.) How do you feel about Trygve Olsen's political campaign activities in Poland/Belarus/Serbia etc.?
4.) Please address your position on this and discuss:
"Who is Trygve Olson? A former official of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a tax-funded "regime-change" operation under the rubric of the National Endowment for Democracy, Olson was involved in several of the "color revolutions" that swept Eastern Europe and the central Asian former Soviet republics during the Bush years. This New York Times article reports on his activities in Belarus meddling in their internal politics and plotting to overthrow its thuggish President, Alexander Lukashenko: he also played a part in stirring up similar trouble on Washington’s behalf in Serbia and Poland."
5.) Please explain issues you disagree with the liberty movement on (beyond Iran sanctions) - so we're clear.
6.) Like Romney, are you selectively for "austerity" applied only toward people of the US (Paul Ryan) and unfettered regulations under crony corporatism without other balanced Austrian economic systems in operation first?
7.) Like Romney, are you for ICLEI under UN Agenda 21?
8.) Would you like to politically disassociate to a degree from the liberty grassroots movement at this time, but utilize it later when needed, much as Evangelicals were utilized under the Bush dynasty?
9.) Did you consider the source of your political capital was your independence from establishment uni-polarism (L/R paradigm) before the Romney endorsement risk?

Rand was just on Schiff Radio

He will tell you the campaign sent out an email that they could not win the delegate count nor the nomination prior to his endorsement. You have answer to as to why then.

You will hear that the RNC need young voters, that leaned to Obama, so they needed Ron Paul to build a young registered republican base and swing that Republican in November, away from Obama.

And yes apparently life and politics is a compromise, and the tax payers simply pay.

Look at this way the economy collapses and maybe something new will emerge.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

I Don't Believe That!

That makes no sense because the Romney people are run by the same jerks as Obama. Why make RP work so hard to get voters when having either Romney or Obamya is good for the Powers that screw, oh I mean be.


quoting gladiator?

quoting gladiator?

Rand, what did you have for

Rand, what did you have for lunch at Builderberg ?

8m old babies wrapped in gold foil with Kissinger chocolate

They were delicious. Kelly still has some left overs in the refrigerator, she can ship some to you.



BestRonPaulVideo, Totalitarianism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIdBuK7_g3M#t=28m28s
BestVideo, Political Correctness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz8pzG02oxU#t=19s
Bestbook, Totalitarianism, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0759672229

two questions..

1. why did you have to do it on hannity/fox?
2. did you forget how Romney laughed your fathers views across stage in 2008?

Romney is far from a libertarian, not even a conservative.

Concerning gun rights, abortion, illegal aliens...he is not even a Republican. Regarding the libertarian views the Pauls are known for Romney fails miserably. He supported all the bailouts, he supports a government mandate on single-payer healthcare. It seems to me, supporting Romney is supporting the establishment.

I had to play a lament in protest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kObkIWhp1GU

Just Saying...

Rand Paul knows his father's supporters aren't going to vote for Romney. Once a Ron Paul supporter, always a Ron Paul supporter, whether the man himself, the message he delivers or both.


November will be the time when we find out just how many RP supporters are going to stick to their principles and vote for Ron Paul or give in to the lesser evil which has never benefited those that went along.

rand, do you really have so much in common with romney?

he's a multimillionaire with a bunch of houses, you're a doctor...

you used to believe in the constitution, he had to ask your dad about what is in the constitution...


Rand Probably Wants To Run For President

someday, so he is sucking up to the GOP Establishment.

Rand has no priciples...Or backbone for that matter...Typical poltician.


Boy you shills sure are SCARED!

Ron Paul is a HUGE threat to the nomination and you know it.

That's why you're on here running your mouth against him.

The problem is you haters don't understand what love is. We love Ron Paul and we realize he loves his son, and we trust him too. That's beyond your tiny little hateful comprehension.

Has Ron Paul dropped out ? When was it over ?

Hannity mentioned that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race, and then you endorsed Romney. Has Ron Paul dropped out of the race ? The Romney aides and proposed cabinet, seems very republican establishment and not in sync with the Ron Paul movement ?

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Dont worry about Hannity...

or any other idiot....for the MSM, Ron Paul dropped out before Herman Cain did. They have been telling you that since they cashed the checks. On DailyPaul we shouldn't be asking if MSM was true...we already know the answer to it

remember Trump @CPAC

"Ron Paul can't win". That was not an opinion, Trump got the tip from GoldmanSachs/Bilderberg/RNC/Diebold that the fix was in and it was in fact a mandate, not an opinion.

Well yeah

But we did not drop out as they claim did we.....we are still in their face

No we were sold out in February 2012

Sorry I think we were sold out, and they collected our checks so they could get Youth for Ron Paul into the Republican fold. This was a core Obama base that Bankster Romney could not get without the Ron Paul movement.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

I was acutally thinking otherwise

The way I was looking at it from the beginning was Romney was just here to block Ron Paul from winning and not the way you have quoted. When they knew Ron Paul was still doing good they might have put Santorum in there to block some of our votes. I might sound a little like Alex Jones but its just a thought ;)