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Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions

Daily Paul,

I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below.

Read full article about the upcoming interview here

Be a Leader in Liberty!
Kurt Wallace

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Question re: Timing

Why was it necessary for you to endorse "the presumptive nominee" when you did, rather than waiting until after the convention to show party support?

Question: Why didn't you wait to make the annoncement?

To me that is the question. I respect Rand's decision making powers I am just very curiouse about the timeing and the mixed message that has sent out across the RP Rev. The delegate battle is far from over so why not wait until it was clear Ron did not win i.e. After Tampa.
Doug Wead is saying it is not over "It has just begun" so what gives?

Thanks in advance.

Regarding the timing... I

Regarding the timing... I would like to know (which we may never hear an admission for obvious reasons), was this endorsement coerced/forced at this particular time so as to manipulate the delegates prior to national convention? Still thinking family was threatened by the establishment...


In the future, how do you plan to go about banning the Bilderberg secret conventions from happening anywhere on US sovereign territory? And, also, how will you campaign and use US influence abroad to eventually ban Bilderberg non-democratic, insulting conventions from happening anywhere else on the face of the Earth ?

The Logan Act

Where is the Justice Department?
Can you, Dr, spot a blind eye?

Dear Rand, How does it feel?

Dear Rand, How does it feel?

I could Care Less What his explanation is

He jumped ship to save himself. We are taking over the Republican Party. He harmed the campaign more than he knows. He probably killed his own aspirations. I don't know if Ron helped him make his decision or not but We will carry on as he did not stump much for his dad over the last year anyway. He is a non factor anyway we are his dads supporters and supporters of a movement not his.

Senator Paul, Are you willing

Senator Paul,

Are you willing to distinguish your support for Romney apart from your support for Romney's principles, or lack thereof?

Many of us are confused as to how a champion of liberty could support a record like Romney's which is strikingly similar to Obama's.

Thank you.

Who cares what Rand thinks or

Who cares what Rand thinks or what he has to say. This website should not be giving him any attention. He is no friend to liberty nor to his father.

"Who cares what Rand

"Who cares what Rand thinks"

Apparently the ones that are posting questions, thank you for your concern.


you need to call DR. Paul
Please ask him to talk to us!
We need his guidance NOW! I do anyway!
If you say all is OK then all is ok!
Heaven only knows the things one must do to beat these SLIME.

Question for Rand

Question: What will you be doing to either end the FDA or severely limit its powers?

The wall street megabanks

The wall street megabanks along with the federal reserve enable the deficit financing that Washington politicians use to grow the federal government and trample on the people. They have helped grow an enormous federal debt that can never be repaid and that will likely eventually destroy the currency along with potentially millions of lives. But they profit tremendously from the current system, and vigorously resist any efforts to reform it.

Given that Mitt Romney's largest campaign contributors are these very wall street megabanks, and given that he supported their bailout in 2008, why do you think he will be open to making any of the changes to the current monetary system recommended by your father?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


How can you live with yourself?


The question is in regards to your endorsement of Mitt Romney.
Why did you decide to endorse Romney before the Tampa convention?
I think endorsing Romney after the convention picks the GOP nominee would not have caused so much outrage among supporters of your father who continues to be an option for Tampa delegates.

Second question.
If Mitt Romney faces a serious scandal that would undermine his name would you reconsider your endorsement?

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Senator Paul

Please define for us what you believe it means to give an endorsement? What doesn't it mean to you? What are you asking of your supporters by giving Romney this endorsement?

Justify your vote on Iranian Sanctions

You have publicly agreed with your father, that sanctions are an act of war and usually end in all out war or decades of bad multinational relations. What made you change your mind?


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Some others:

Do you believe that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?
Do you believe we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately?

I'll stop now.

How could you get behind a

How could you get behind a candidate that's been reported to being at the Bilderberg Meetings?


What is Romneys EXACT plan to limit federal spending at 20%?

When can we hear from Ron himself?

My question is when can we hear from Ron Paul himself? I am supporting Ron Paul and the liberty movement - regardless of what his son is doing or saying. Those of us who have become dues paying members of the Republican Party to support Ron Paul will not settle for the establishment pick or any shenanigans. We must not lose focus. I PRAY all this "endorsement" nonsense was for a good reason that we may not be privvy to, but none-the-less, we want the establishment to know: We WILL NOT COMPROMISE! We will continue to make our voices heard. See you in Tampa!

Is the goal still the White House?

And if Ron Paul has enough support in Tampa for the nomination, will he fight any GOP shenanigans to stop his delegates there?


What did your father say about your endorsement? What did you guys think would be the reaction from the Liberty movement be? What in Romney's being makes you think he isn't anything but a republican version of Obama, especially since your dad said there isn't a difference?


Will you hold him accountable?

Will you hold Romney accountable if he is elected president and reverses his position on the FED, back to having no interest in its transparency?

Good question

More to the point, though, how does he intend to hold Romney accountable? Not that it makes much difference, but I am curious.

Questions for Rand

Why did you say the nominating process is over when the RNC isn't until later this summer? Isn't up to the delegates, not politicians, to decide that?

Why do you think that Romney would take action to get the fed audited and why should we believe it?

Did you expect the intense backlash you got for the Romney endorsement?

Who are you and what did you

Who are you and what did you do with Rand?

Seriously, did they threaten to primary you?

Leader/Messenger? Division? Timing? McCain?

1. Leader or a Messenger: The division over your endorsement of Romney within the liberty movement seems to be between those that see you and your father as leaders of the liberty movement and those of us that see you and your father simply as messengers of the liberty movement. Your father has repeatedly said he's only a messenger. I like that idea. But which do you see yourself as, a leader of the liberty movement or a messenger?

2. Division: This has been one of the most controversial issues to come up within the liberty movement. I know you had decided early on to endorse the GOP nominee, but did you ever stop to think about the division your endorsement would create within the liberty movement? Do you think the division your endorsement created has weakened the movement or strengthened the movement?

3. Timing: The timing of your endorsement, in my opinion, was horrible. The liberty movement has made great strides at the local level over the past couple months. Folks were enthusiastic about serving as county, state, national delegates as well as serving on local GOP committees like myself. Why didn't you give the efforts of the grassroots folks a chance to move liberty forward within the system before you endorsed the system's nominee? And if you truly felt that you absolutely had to endorse Romney, why couldn't you wait until after (or even a few days before) Tampa? We're still nearly 3 months away from the national convention. So my question is, why so early. Why now?

4. McCain 2008: Your father, Ron Paul, had the opportunity to endorse John McCain in 2008. Instead he endorsed the Constitution Party nominee, Chuck Baldwin, as well as our participation in the Constitution and Libertarian Parties. His principled endorsement was very much appreciated within the liberty movement and the movement has grown to where it is now, I believe, largely because of the principled positions your father has stood for in his career - even when it was politically unpopular. Does he regret not endorsing John McCain? Would you have endorsed John McCain?

Question for Senator Paul

Dr. Paul, you took an oath to defend the Constitution's natural born citizen requirements. Because you took the oath it's your duty to get involved and talk about the Obama eligibility issue. Isn't it about time you start doing your job?

I like that

You should defend the constitution not Romney

Senator Paul

Did you consult with Ron Paul prior to making this endorsement?

Audit the Fed

Ron has made a big point that he wants to get his Audit the Fed bill passed this year. His bill, HR 459, will come up for a vote in July and will most likely pass the House.

Please ask Senator Paul what the status is for his Audit the Fed bill, S 202, and what he thinks the chances are that his bill will pass the Senate.


Ask him, "What issue has Mitt Romney remained consistent on that you agree with?"

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.



Mitt Romney has a well

Mitt Romney has a well deserved and well documented reputation for flip flopping on the issues.

Why do you think he will remain consistent in his support for those issues that you and he agreed on when you met?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

One question..one statement.

Why not wait until after Tampa to make an endorsement? Premature announcement undermines our principles,initiative,and strategy for winning the nomination for your father,the great Dr.Ron Paul...in my opinion.

Peace & Liberty!

Did you ever and do you ever feel protective of your Dad

when he faces criticism from the establishment?

In what ways was it hard growing up with Ron Paul as your dad?

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1)Why would you choose NOW to endorse Romney (while father is still in the race). Why wouldn't you wait until after your father officially drops out....he has not done this yet. Right before a large state convention in his own home state (TX) none the less?


because his dad is and will always be his first choice.

Please understand that rand can't say what we want him to say...

Even though it's true that this is strategy, we must understand that he cannot come and say this is a strategy to infiltrate the GOP and take it over and that he really hates Romney or it defeats his whole plan from the get go. I have a feeling he will tick off the same people he did when he first announced.

Ron Paul 2012

I would like

I would like to know, what exactly is Mitt Romney's plan to balance the budget? Ron Paul laid out a plan. What's Mitt Romney's again? Because if he's submitted one I don't recall what it is. Not that a president has total control over budgeting, but at least Ron Paul told us exactly what was on his mind in regards to a plan.

What exactly is Mitt Romney's stance on The Fed again? From what I've seen it's pretty much overall to, "leave it alone". Does Mitt Romney, at this time, plan to give us a full audit of The Fed, or not? If so, I'll believe it when I see the audit and not one moment before.

Does Mitt Romney plan on keeping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the Government's "conservatorship" hands for good?

What is Mitt Romney's stance on Obamacare? Full repeal? Or full Government control of the Health Care Industry like they have in the housing industry with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Does Romney think that any Banker should ever be arrested for anything? I feel bad for people that had money invested at MFGlobal, only to see Jon Corzine still walking around a free man raising money for Obama's campaign.


"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

Senator Paul

Are you asking Paul supporters to go out and vote for Mitt Romney in the general election?

I imagine this is where the

I imagine this is where the questions are supposed to be? I have several question for the senator.

1. What was his strategy/thinking behind his endorsement?

2. Goes along with the first question. What did he gain from his endorsement?

3. How does he really feel about the former governor?

4. What does he have to say to the large group of Paulites that are irate and pissed off at him?

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Some questions for you.

1. Why did you endorse a neocon, someone who is diametrically opposed to everything that your father stands for?
2. Why did you sell-out your father?
3. Did you make a secret deal with Romney? What did you get out of it?
4. Do you understand the hypocrisy of your endorsement?
4. Do you realize that the same people who have supported your father with millions of dollars in donations will never do the same for you now?
5. Do you now support the NDAA, the Patriot Act, big government, undeclared wars, and carbon taxes because Romney supports these issues?
6. Do you realize that you have compromised everything that you and especially your father have worked for?
7. Do believe that you have compromised the Liberty Movement by endorsing someone who is opposed to Liberty?

Dear Senator Paul,

Your father has inspired millions by being who and what he is; a man of unyielding principle. Telling the truth alone in a city owned and operated by liars.

He is a hero, and heros inspire others to be heros.

Please explain how your endorsement of liar Mitt Romney makes you a hero?

Sir, we need heros, not politicians.

Amen! Well put!

The simple truth... I would love to hear an answer to this.

Thank you.

I will reserve my final judgement on Rand based on his future voting record and his actions.

That being, my question to him is: Is there a purposeful shift in the direction of this movement by the Leadership of this campaign/C4L to move away from foreign policy issues and toward domestic ones to gain credibility in the Republican Party?