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Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions

Daily Paul,

I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below.

Read full article about the upcoming interview here

Be a Leader in Liberty!
Kurt Wallace

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"What would you think about a

"What would you think about a 60 Minutes show on Trygve Olson and how he and the GOP railroaded your Dad's campaign?"

Should we hold our breath for that episode?

Clueless Libertarians?

Those who count the votes win, not those who vote.

So why dont we first control the counting process before we control GOP.

What is point in yelling and screaming after the fact. We should have been in charge of counting process BEFORE the primaries.

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Is Jack Hunter's recent

Is Jack Hunter's recent explanation of your Romney endorsement accurate?


Think about poor Kurt who has to wade through all this.

Instead of suggesting questions that others have already suggested, why not read this thread and VOTE UP those questions that you think should be asked?

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


nobody looks past the first

nobody looks past the first page

I am lazy

And once I saw the bilderberg questions I stopped reading. Your system is flawed. If we just vote on the questions we want him to answer, the tinfoilers will just vote up the Alex Jones questions... Kurt needs to sort through this thread and find the best relevant questions. He started the thread, has the interview scheduled and asked for our input.

Not sure if you are reffering

to a question I posted, but in case you haven't realized it, Alex Jones is trying to take over the liberty movement. This has become SO apparent now that Ron has seemingly faded from view. Alex Jones is a double-crossing faggot and should have nothing to do with Ron Paul and the movement he started.

What Did You and Mittens Talk About?

What Did You and Mittens Talk About?

This is such

a non-issue and a huge distraction. Let's move on especially since he gave no time or url to the show.

Rand is not Ron. Let's move on. Tampa here we come. Get out of our way sicky rantorum.

Keepin' it real.


Let's move on. Besides, Rand's endorsement actually helps us in Tampa by making the establishment think we've given up. How many Romney delegates will end up having a Ron Paul alternate go to Tampa in their place? Maybe only a few, but I think there will definitely be more because of Rand's endorsement. They might even let Ron Paul delegates participate rather than completely marginalizing us. (our estimated 20% of the delegates could easily be ignored by the establishment). It is almost as if Rand sacrificed his character and anti-establishment image to give us a fighting chance at the National Convention. Remember, the establishment looks at us like "trouble-making occupiers" even though we strictly adhere to Robert's Rules. I also think that Rand's facial expressions were strange during the interview: He looked nauseous and pissed off, like he wanted to kick Sean Hannity in the nuts the whole time...or maybe that is just me imposing my own emotions on him. Whatever...let's move on and kick butt in Tampa!

For Liberty,

The Anomaly
"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -Plato

Do you feel this assessment of your recent endorsement correct?

In a recent blog post at The Washington Post website by Chris Cillizza, I read:

"As we have seen over the last few months, the Paul forces have the very real ability to not only disrupt the choosing of delegates to the Republican National Convention but also influence (and change) the leadership at various state parties around the country.

Does Rand Paul endorsing Romney mean that the Paul acolytes will immediately cease and desist in their efforts to have their views heard? No. But more so than most people who support a politician, the Paul folks listen to Ron/Rand and follow their wishes.

Rand’s endorsement then — when coupled with Ron’s email to supporters earlier this week urging politeness at the national convention — are a net win for Romney because they virtually ensure that there won’t be a genuine insurrection led by supporters of Paul at the convention."

My question is:

Do you think this assessment of your endorsement is correct, or can you fill us in on how you view the outcome of - what I can only view as - your "strategic decision" to endorse Mr. Romney?

Thank you Kurt for this opportunity to submit questions, and thank you too Senator Paul for responding to our concerns.

Hello Senator Paul

What is it about fascism that you love so much that it compels you to endorse the candidate which would help bring it to full fruition?



I Like

I like your last question

What do you have to say to

What do you have to say to those who have felt betrayed by your endorsement of Mitt Romney?

I would like to know

I would like to know how Rand plans to spend some of this political capital he gained from endorsing Willard.
What can we expect from a Romney Presidency, regarding the protections of individual rights and economic policies.

10th Amendment

Duplicate post: Will the mods please delete one? Sorry and thanks.

At the State Conventions where the Constitution was ratified, the States were very clear in the position that the Federal Government was limited to the enumerated powers in Article 1 Section 8. The 10th Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights to make that point perfectly clear. Without the 10th many States would not have ratified the Constitution.

I would like to know; Does he believe the powers of the Federal Government are limited to those listed in Article 1 Section 8?

10th Amendment

At the State Conventions where the Constitution was ratified, the States were very clear in the position that the Federal Government was limited to the enumerated powers in Article 1 Section 8. The 10th Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights to make that point perfectly clear. Without the 10th many States would not have ratified the Constitution.

I would like to know; Does he believe the powers of the Federal Government are limited to those listed in Article 1 Section 8?

To the best of your

To the best of your knowledge, were you, your father or your political career threatened by high ranking republican operatives if Ron Paul continued his fight for the nomination?

Are you aware of any back room deals that would lead you to believe the voting system is rigged, corrupted or possibly fixed? If so, are you prepared to name the people involved and those that were silent?

Will you please tell us why Ron Paul suddenly ended his campaign in such an abrupt fashion?

Thanks Rand.

Please Explain ...

1. Your opposition to the Ground Zero mosque even though the builders had a constitutional right to build it. Your father supported their right.

2. Your belief that people who attend controversial speeches or events should be detained by the government.

3. Your support for sanctions of Iran, an act of war.

Did you consider endorsing

Did you consider endorsing any third party candidates? If not, why not?

If you are tired of the status quo then why did you endorse the status quo?

Did you compromise principles for political gain?

If Romney is elected and starts a war with Iran, will you regret your endorsement?

Questions? Haha no, the Daily Pauler are smart enough

Questions? Haha no, the Daily Paulers are smart enough to understand what you are doing. I don't think any of us really need anything answered. If anything I think most of them kept a blind eye to this path that you have been traveling. That is walking with priciples and still trying to please the party. Like Rand's father most of us feel that we can not endorse someone who will start more wars. Morally we can not do it. Which you can expand and express more on your decision of endorsing Mitt Romney.

Question for Rand:

It is now showing up in several Texas precincts the vote totals were reversed between Paul and Romney. There were exit polls done and people signed affidavits and such. Long story short, it will most likely be proven. This has happened in every state. Some will have proof, others won't.
Once America finds out the truth about the way the GOP cheated your dad,
what do you think America will think about them?

What do you think the people will think about Romney?

If you saw the proof and knew it to be true, would you still support Romney and if the answer is yes, do you think Americans would still respect you for endorsing him?

What would you think about a 60 Minutes show on Trygve Olson and how he and the GOP railroaded your Dad's campaign?

I wanna know this too.

How could anyone stand behind a candidate that knew this was going on?


THis incorporates my question

Rand, Are you trying....

to alienate the Ron Paul Revolution by endorsing Mitt Romney? It was really funny when I was in Watkins Glen, NY at the Tea Party Rally that they LOVED you and Romney, HOWEVER... the Tea Party was no friend to Ron Paul. P.S. Thank God for the Ron Paul Supporters that showed up, your dad ended up winning that day and the Tea Party people were not happy.


Do you see it as a problem

Do you see it as a problem that Rand's base is much larger than his fathers? Do you see it as a problem that he's able to bridge the gap where Ron is not? Do you understand WHY he is able to do that, and still stand up for the Constitution and not get the same rep as his father?

Not get the same rep as his father?

You are kidding, right?

Reputation with who?

Tell me more about this "Reputation" you talk about, but be sure to expand on how bad it sits with you.

With the old geezers who

With the old geezers who vote...

"and not get the same rep as

"and not get the same rep as his father?"

The same rep as his father? He could only wish.

so if you leave the echo

so if you leave the echo chamber of the daily paul, you're realize most primary voters think ron paul is crazy and rand paul is awesome.

Do they?

Do you think they are right?

i think they're half right. I

i think they're half right. I think rand is awesome and so is ron. I think they're about as confused as the rest of you for not liking them both, or neither. i don't get the one or the other thing. i guess it's all style over substance for most people

Senator Paul,

At the 2008 Texas Republican State Convention in Houston, you father let it be known to those of us standing in the audience at the ice cream social that he was no longer seeking the nomination. This year I returned home from the first night of the 2012 convention to find your face staring at me on my computer screen, accompanied by the face of the man at whom I, and a few others, threw snowballs in NH, January 2008.

I cannot help but believe that my state's conventions are cursed with a kind of bad luck to which few people can bear witness.

While Jack Hunter has given us his "logic" behind your endorsement of the Mitten Man, I and many others here would have no easier a time dealing with a reality where you straight up endorsed oh-bummer instead. Neither of these human beings deserve my any respect, my writing their names as they themselves spell them, and I regret to inform you that you are close to losing the respect of those people your father woke up. This includes me.

The great majority of this nation is done and what I mean by that is to say that most Americans do not vote. They have absolutely NO FAITH in the American system and are literally flailing about. We can blame our schools or our food or our prescription drugs, but it really comes down to "they don't believe in it."

We have ourselves a problem. The current system does not allow for real debate, real options, or real choice. It is fake and you know it. We ALL know it well. If the "going along to get along" that your father so rails against is truly a main ingredient to the massive failure that is America, that is congress, then how will your endorsement of the same do anything to solve the riddle?

I hear......LET IT BURN.....and though I'm not one to incite such things naturally........I'm beginning to agree.

what do you say to those who say

your endorsement appears to be 100 percent politcal and 0 percent principled.

they say this because your reasons for supporting romney were either:

a) inane and non substantive- "he is married,has a big family and his dad ran for president"; or

b) not true (or if true only because mitt is famous for taking both sides of the issues-he was for the stimulus, then said no way no how was he for it) "Romney supports a fed audit" we all know he said in an interview he was not going to waste his time on a fed audit

When you answer please cite three issues or principles where you are confident that mitt romney agrees with the liberty movement and has not and will not stray-remember his statements on most issues are easily found on google and you tube - so no misstating mitt's position-if he has been on both sides of the issue he doesnt agree with the liberty movement

advice while answering:
beating obama is not a principle
btw we would
have more respect for you if you admit your move was blatant political manuervering

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fireant's picture

I have only one question for ANY senator...

In order to restore the People's proper relationship with (and power over) Washington, will you vote to repeal the 17th Amendment?

Undo what Wilson did


Did you attend Bilderberg or have a meeting with Bilderberg representatives?

Would you run against a sitting GOP President?

If Romney we're to win the Presedency (he hasn't even won the nomination yet) and you feel that his policies and his direction were causing the US to go deeper into the disaster we are already in, would you run against him in the primary, much the same way Reagan ran against Ford?

My questions

Since we seem to being forced to give up our personal information in order to participate in almost any business/corp or government activity such as work/commerce or taking part in public activities (including donating to campaigns)

1) Is it legal, as of today, for any individual or entity to set a prerequisite of giving up of our personal information as condition of inclusion or exclusion before being allowed to participate in any work/commerce or public activity?

2) Should any Business/corp or government entities be able to sell or give out our private information to any other entity or individual?

2) Do you support the creation of a law prohibiting the transfer of an individuals' information by any business/Corp or government entity unless the person who truly owns the information has legally given permission to do so, or would you support a law supporting the right for an individual to refuse giving up their personal property/information all together?

Those are real questions

Thank you

Question to Rand Paul

Rand, why didn't you wait until after the republican national convention to announce your endorsement of Romney? This seems like you snubbed your father's efforts to target an impact of delegates at the RNC in Tampa.

Why Endorse?

Why did you feel it necessary to extend an endorsement? What would have been the cost to refrain from making an endorsement, and simply carrying on with the business at hand?


The act of endorsing Mitt comes off clearly as political posturing. I guess what is different about Ron is that he simply spoke things for what they were, and did not try to posture for political gain.

Serious question for Rand Paul...

Have you lost your mind?

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!


Can Senator Paul promise me that a President Romney will never go to war without a declaration of war from the Congress?


Does Senator Paul reject the use of covert operations in nations which we've not declared war on constitutionally?

Rand How Can I Trust You

Rand how can I trust you or your father anymore. Are we to the point where believe in you once shame on you, believe in you twice shame on me?

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

You've been a Ron Paul

You've been a Ron Paul supporter for almost 20 years and you distrust him now? That's loopy man. You think he started a movement just so he could sell it out? Seriously... loopy.

No 29 Years

My point is if Ron let Rand make that kind of announcement on the Shawn Hannity show something is wrong. I have never experienced anything like this before from Ron, if it was Ron. Its like being married for 30 years and having your spouse walk in and saying it is over. The last three years I have done nothing but work for Ron Paul and spent money that I don't have to help his campaign. So to hear Rand say what he did about Romney was like getting a hot knife in the back.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

Are you a "libertarian" in general sense of the term?

I saw you say in an interview that you weren't a libertarian, but a libertarian is really just someone who supports a society with a lot of liberty - just like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were libertarians. Can you explain what you meant when you denied you were a libertarian? Did you misspeak at getting the point across that you wanted to make? Please clarify. Thanks.


Have You talk to your father?

Have You talk to your father? And is he happy that you are endorsing mitt romney?

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Rand is a controller not a liberator

Why do so many of you have trouble with the idea that Rand is a controller not a liberator?

Rand shares Paul's last name and grew up with him but he endorses all of Romney.