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Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions

Daily Paul,

I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below.

Read full article about the upcoming interview here

Be a Leader in Liberty!
Kurt Wallace

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I commend Rand Paul for his leadership in the Senate on such things as auditing the Fed and the FDA bill and trying to disarm their agents and other matters. Realizing we don’t know everything that is going on, I still have deep concerns with respect to Rand’s involvement in the GOP and the direction he is going, thus pose the following:

Q1. Given the poor timing and hobbling of the Liberty movement’s momentum via various communications from the Ron Paul campaign, what are you recommending RP supporters do…continue the quest to amass delegates on behalf of RP, or resign ourselves to accepting Romney as the GOP nominee (which most of us won't do)?
Q2. What assurance do you have that Romney would live up to promises he may have made to you including auditing the Fed?
Q3. Have you set any boundaries for yourself as to what you will and will not go along with should Romney become president?
Q4. how far do you intend to bend, compromise or acquiesce to party policy, or will you seek as your primary goal to infuse
limited government Libertarian principles into the GOP party platform?
Q5. Will you hold Romney’s feet to the fire so that he lives up to the promises he makes to you and your your father, and if he
does not live up to those promises, have you contemplated a course of action? Have you shared any of those thoughts with your father?
Q6. Other than some superficial common grounds you professed to share with Romney such as having similar family ties and relationships, what specific policy issues if any are you hopeful can be established or modified within the GOP to satisfy the Liberty movement’s desire for a change in direction? One example would be a noninterventionist foreign policy. Another would be strengthening of civil liberties ergo eliminating the NDAA, or at least the indefinite detention provision.
Q7. Romney is purported to have a heavy preponderance of neoconservatives as his advisers including people involved with the Project for the New American Century (who promoted the war in Iraq) and its successor. He stated more or less in one of the debates that he would leave decisions regarding the necessity of going to war with a foreign entity up to his military advisers. Doesn’t this approach put you at odds with him with respect to overall approach and substance in relying on the military industrial complex to dictate foreign policy? Did you consider that your endorsement heightens the concern of liberty minded people that you are not in touch with the chasm between Romney and the Liberty movement?
Q8. What do you say to your father’s supporters who are now suspicious and distrusting of some of the people who have been involved in your father’s campaign?

Rand, why did you lie

and state in your interview that you and Mitt Romney are in agreement that the FED needs auditted and that Mitt has been supporting that issue all through his campaign?

Rand, how can your support a candidate that is owned by the same major banks that own Obama?

Rand, how can you support Romney when he said he supported the NDAA?

Rand, why do you gladly endorse Mitt Romney when your father put out the "Serial Hypocrisy" video exposing what a flip-flopper Mitt is?

Rand, why can't you be more like your Dad?

I think that last question is

I think that last question is my favorite...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Please, Please, Ask Rand this for all of us.

Rand, Why just 3 months from the National Convention did your father's campaign start sending his supporters signals that we should back off?

His May 9th email was strong and bold. He even requested $650,000 dollars over the next 2 weeks, (which he relieved in 2 days!) but 2 weeks later we received message from Benton stating,

"Moving forward, however, we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have."

The next day another campaign email message stated...

"barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination."

Delegates who have fought long and hard are now being told to be respectful to the opposition. A Campaign email just last week stated that Paul only has 200 delegates.

We know that delegates are not bound under National Rules and anything can happen in Tampa. So why, after so much effort, at what seemed to be the pinnacle of success, did the campaign pop it's own balloon?

Why Ron's campaign did what?

Why ask that dude anything about the campaign?


Even if Romney did tell you he supported auditing the Fed,

how can you believe him when he gets most of his campaign contributions from the bankers?

Why on Hannity's Show? Of all places...

I am mainly curious why he made the endorsement on Hannity's show more than anything. I do not like that dude. I am convinced it was the right move, although I don't believe he really 'supports' Romney, given his half-hearted endorsement. At least now it will be harder to blame us Paul fans when Romney loses, because obviously I still won't be voting for him. (I wonder if Rand will actually cast a vote for him)

"War is a Racket" - Maj. General Smedley Butler


Vulcans have a saying... Only

Vulcans have a saying... Only Nixon can go to China.

Ronulans have a saying... Only Rand can go to Hannity

Will you seek the Rep. nomination in 2016?

Senator Paul,

Will you seek the Republican nomination in 2016?


We love your dad in Idaho!



A Lamb For Slaughter

Pay attention, these questions will be important. Make them clear but not jaded. He has to answer them in a manner that can show hypocrisy. It may help define Romney for those that can not see through the media spin. Dr. Paul and the liberty movement are not exactly on even ground with the establishment cronies in this GOP race. We have to see what will come of this. Rand may have offered himself up for sacrifice, just to be torn down by the liberty movement and entrench the ideas rather than a candidate. This is the ground on which Dr. Paul can win. It is becoming the time when the people will be tested.

1 Question For Rand:

Rand, why did you say Mitt Romney is against SOPA and for Auditing the Federal Reserve when he has stated on the campaign trail / debates that he was for SOPA, and against auditing the Federal Reserve, while stating that Big Ben Bernanke was doing a 'wonderful job.' Also, what is your view towards Romney's support for the NDAA, repeal of posse comitatus / indefinite detainment? Also, do you support Drones flying around and spying on US citizens in US Airspace? Thanks, and your answers to these questions will determine whether or not I can support you. Also, will you remember how you got this far?

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Timing? The Hannity show!

Why did you endorse before the convention in Tampa?

Why did you go on a hostile show like Sean Hannity, a show that many Ron Paul supporters despise, as opposed to a more friendly host like Neil Cavuto?

He actually lied during the interview!

rand, why did you lie that mittens campaigned to audit (end?) the fed?? have u lost ur mind or u think we have lost ours?!? dude, we're talking about PRESIDENT Paul supporters here not the turds who get their news/info from the the telly! please ask that question :)


Rand, will you be attending any future Bilderburg meetings?

Ron Paul conceeded that he would not win

WTF did anyone expect Rand to do?
At the end of the day Rand looses 5-10% of Ron Paul supporters which are only .5 to 1% of the total vote, while maintaining access to 80% of the electorate..

Now Rand can continue to explain free markets and individual liberty while the whiners pick up their marbles and go home

Rand loves the welfare programs

Rand Paul, loves medicare and medicaid. He is a neo con he votes for sanctions and he also just wants to reform the TSA. Rand just supports the Romneys of the world.

He loves them?

Seriously are you stoned? In what way does Rand love medicare and medicaid? Did he accept it as a doctor?
Dont mistake not wanting to abolish it tomorrow with being in love with it. If you do you pose a false choice.
Do you know what a Neo Con is, or do you just use that word to smear people?

thank him for what he did with the recent

FDA bill...how he added that it would be against the law for FDA to raid farmers with armed guards.

Let's quit the bickering and be respectful. He is doing some really good things in the Senate. I am sad he endorsed Romney, but am not sure we know the whole story or that he can even talk about it.

Focus on the prize and quit getting sidetracked!!


How do you feel about the Bilderberg Group openly discussing "taking out" your father? How do you feel about Mitt Romney attending Bilderberg, and do you think U.S. politicians are violating the Logan Act by attending?

Since when does Bilderberg

Since when does Bilderberg opening discuss anything? Link?

Touche. they do not openly

Touche. they do not openly discuss with the public, but they do with each other. And Jim Tucker's got his mole.


Why do you trust Jim Tucker

Why do you trust Jim Tucker and his mole? And why would a mole chose a largely unknown nobody to mole to?

I know it's not 100% proof

I know it's not 100% proof but these are the reports and it makes sense. Hundreds of people protesting an event that thrives off the secrecy and the ignorance of the people to what's going on. Most of the people there were Ron paul supporters and showing it proudly. You know the NWO has to be furious about this and I would never put it past any of these people to try and assassinate someone and definitely wouldn't put it past them to talk about. That's what they do there. Discuss policy to get them richer and if Ron Paul takes away their safety net (the govt that enables them) I think it's much more likely this story is true

I'm not saying there's not

I'm not saying there's not truth to what you're saying but still, it's all speculation.

Do you support your father's

Do you support your father's view that Muslims had a perfect right to build a mosque near ground zero?

Hey Atkinson, are you against it?

Just Curious...

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links:




I'm for property rights....so

I'm for property rights....so obviously I think they have a right to do this. That is their decision, not mine to make.

Who is stopping you..

from buying up all that property and building something else?

Should someone stop you from building something else if you do buy the property?


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Your question is beside the

Your question is beside the point. It is like asking blacks, who were zoned out of "white" areas in 1950, whether they were free to purchase property in their "own" neighborhoods. As Ron explained, it is their property, end of story.

I guess I missed the point..

What is your point?

Is this it? :

Should Muslims have property rights near ground zero?

Should Muslims be "zoned out" of the ground zero area?

Something else?


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Dr. Rand Paul Question On Decision to Endorse and Its Timing?

This refers to endorsement timing in lieu of Republican state delegate conventions. Why did Senator Paul from Kentucky not wait until after all the fifty Republican State Conventions were completed to endorse Williard Romney? Follow up: Did the timing of endorsement have anything to do the Republican Party of Kentucky State Convention in Somerset, Kentucky on Saturday, June 9th?

Analysis: It is crystal clear that Dr. Paul is not planning on running for President in 2016 or maybe not even 2020. If you were planning on seeking the Presidential Nomination if Mitt Romney loses it will be without the two plus million primary votes or over forty million dollars raised from the liberty movement within the Republican Party.


Do you support the undeclared and unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? If no, why are you endorsing a candidate that has stated repeatedly that he agrees with these wars and also agrees with any intervention in additional MiddleEastern countries in the name of fighting terrorism or spreading Democracy?

Some questions for Rand

Do you view the Muslim community with contempt or suspicion about their way of life?

Are you in favor of the NYPD'a recent spying on Muslims in New York and New Jersey?

Do you judge everyone on the basis of individual liberties?

Would you support punitive actions against foreign countries in the form of sanctions, trade embargoes, or even interventionism under the status quo?

Do you support the current cyber war between Iran, or do you agree with your father in asserting that it's a legitimate casus belli for war?

Would you support foreign aid towards allies such as Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, or China?

Do you favor Romney's policies? (Those that he hasn't flipped on, or if you can't find any, those stances he currently holds.)


I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links:




Will he be responsible?

Dr. Rand Paul: Will you be responsible for deaths and suffering under an administration that WILL support torture and rendition, expansion of Guantanamo, expansion of war and military spending, and advocate the execution of American citizens without due process?

P.S. Kurt. Don't you dare throw him any softballs.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

haha... rand paul, now that

haha... rand paul, now that you've tepidly endorsed romney, will it be your fault when if he kills people? Presidents don't kill people... endorsements kill people. Are you aware?

Rand, Why did you declare

Rand, Why did you declare the nomination process over when it isn't? Aren't you aware of the massive fraud that has made Romney the "presumptive" nominee? Aren't you aware of the class action suit against various state GOP organizations and the RNC for election fraud?

he didn't. his father did the

he didn't. his father did the day before. check your email

Rand said "Now that the

Rand said "Now that the nomination process is over...."

after his dad said he doesn't

after his dad said he doesn't have the numbers dude. you're wearing blinders

My questions to Rand

1) Who forced you into doing this? Surely it wasn't your idea???

2) Is this a strategy that you're not at liberty to give the details of?

3) Were you expecting such an ugly backlash and that some Ron Paul supporters would call you a traitor and worse?

4) Why did you do this while your Dad still HAS a chance at the nomination and is in the process of winning more delegates?

5) Why did you not correct Hannity when he said Romney had the amount of delegates needed & had the nomination, which is untrue? Was it because you want people to think that, that were watching the show?

6) Was that announcement meant for just the GOP or also for Ron Paul supporters?

Rand, do you support the firing of Trygve Olson & Jessie Benton?

Seeing how we have now discovered two campaign plants for the neo-con political element, do you wish to continue condoning their continuation in our campaign or do you call for the immediate firing of the staff.

Source: Adam Vs the man

It does not matter what

It does not matter what answers Rand gives to the daily Paul!

The only thing that we care about is his actions!!

Speaking for myself I rather you have an interview with Ron Paul and tell him we are all 100% behind him even if his own son has went to the dark side!!

Rand Paul is finished. Let's hear from Ron Paul!!

Per your support of Iranian sanctions.

a) What kind of proof is there for the Iranians seeking nuclear weapons since our intelligence agencies have denied any?

b) What do you anticipate the implications will be for ousting the Iranians and all its trading partners, including China, Brazil, and India, from the international clearing system, SWIFT, that is denominated in the US dollar on June 21st? Are you aware that these Countries are fully prepared to discontinue use of the dollar for settlement? Are you aware of the currency wars in which the US is the primary participant are a means of fleecing its people so to make exports more enticing, or more plausibly in order to prepare the middle class for a world currency controlled by an international banker consortium?

c) Are you aware that if the above does not take place actual military action will be the result?

Hey, Rand, would you like to go fishing with us?

Senator Paul, how is your betrayal of your father's supporters with Mitt Romney different from Fredo's betrayal of the Corleone family with Hyman Roth?

Questions for Rand

1. Do you believe the bible verse "Do not be misled bad company corrupts good character" 1 Corinthans 15:33

2. How do you gaurd yourself personally from being corrupted like the rest of Washington?

3. What differences do you and Romney have ?

4. Will you continue to vote based on principle or will you vote for bills that Romney and the GOP favor ?

5. Will you continue to fight for a non-interventionist foriegn policy ?

6. Do you take money from lobbyist ?

7. What are some personal goals you have set for your political career?

Everyone needs to stop hating

Everyone needs to stop hating on Rand...His time will come and all of you will wish you didnt turn your back on him so quick. Just watch this explanation of this endorsement.


Nuff said..


People here need to grow up and realize that if we want to win we need to attract some regular republicans as well. If Rand did not endorse Romney we would be condemning any chances of him winning in 2016.

I will not judge Rand by the words he spoke on Hannity, but by the actions you have done in the senate. Can anyone name one person other then Ron Paul who has done more for liberty then Rand? NO!


Justices Warren and Brennen. I defy you to say different.