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Peter Thiel (Bilderberg member) gave Ron Paul 2.5 million! Red Flag anyone?

Peter Thiel: Paypal founder and early Facebook investor is with no real big surprise on the Bilderberg list... And gave Ron Paul 2.5 million.

Is the puzzle coming together, or did just get more complicated? Making things unintelligible seems to be their goal these days.

Why don't we all ask Ron Paul http://www.ronpaul2012.com/contact-us/
and try and get some answers for ourselves?

This is just food for thought. But before Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney it was very hard to question the "Good Dr.", double think was the norm. Why could we not think critically about it then? But now I would like to ask all of you to re-examine the facts and see if we have been put on once again.
Did we get duped by a big information gathering scam?

Also the Penny Freeman interview is interesting:
Did we get scammed out of 80 million dollars?

Peter Thiel: “Why I gave $2.5 million to Ron Paul”


For more just Google "Peter Thiel Ron Paul" lots of articles.

Peter Thiel Is Ron Paul's Billionaire Sugar Daddy


"Thiel, who is openly gay and Christian, "

Major Ron Paul Donor on Bilderberg Participant List


From a comment on that page:

"Peter Thiel is specifically on the Steering Committee w/in the Bilderberg Group. His function is to steer movements. Noticed he was experimenting electronically to gauge how the Ron Paulers behave over the internet. He used his millions in donations, not to train and locate delegates but simply to monitor Ron Paul traffic.

He spent the money on Youtube commercials promoting Ron Paul and tracking where those clicks came from and where they traveled. If he gave millions to Revoluton SuperPAC instead of lame a-- Endorse Liberty, then things would have turned out significantly different in some of those early primaries."


"Peter Andreas Thiel is a German-born American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager. With Elon Musk and Max Levchin, Thiel co-founded PayPal and was its CEO." Wikipedia
Born: October 11, 1967 (age 44), Frankfurt
Net worth: US$ 1.5 billion (2011)
Education: Stanford Law School (1992), Stanford University (1989), San Mateo High School
Parents: Klaus Thiel, Susanne Thiel
Siblings: Patrick Thiel

Why don't we all ask Ron Paul http://www.ronpaul2012.com/contact-us/
and try and get some answers for ourselves?


Notice UPDATE:
Notice thats why I asked everyone to ask Ron Paul about it... becuase it does not look good. I would like to know why he would take this kind of money from these kind of people myself? I'm not saying Ron is at fault here.. I am saying it needs to be cleared up.

Builderberg is the other side of the game here... There are clear teams involved and they are not on the good one. Hints why I gave a link for people to email paul and see if we can get an answer.

Thanks for your comments though. I like reading your insight on the subject.

Kinda simular to this:

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Bad money put to a good use.

They wanted Ron Paul to give some donations given to him by some Nazis. He said that he could put it to better use than they could if he gave it back. Thiel's money was tainted, but Ron Paul made that money shine just like it was gold.

This means


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

The only red flag

Is your post. Troll

Ron Paul sucked another $2.5

Ron Paul sucked another $2.5 million from Bilderberg? GREAT!!!

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Everyone here seems to fall for this non-statement!

Save your breath. It is a simple response...

"... and this is bad BECAUSE...?"

Leave the loud mouths to make their own point!

End of discussion.

This is a very similar argument

that ended my friendship with a communist high school classmate during the last election.

Him: Ron Paul accepted money from David Duke and Stormfront
Me: So what? Ron Paul accepted money from hookers in Nevada too - freedom is popular. It doesn't mean that he condones or advocates any of their ideas, and if they think he'll do anything for them in return, they're sorely mistaken. Take a look at who your president and the scumbags in his administration take their money from; who's more dangerous? Stormfront types are losers with absolutely no power except to piss you everything-is-rayciss types off. The people your president takes money from have all the money and power to do despicable things - and they do!

Then it got really ugly, and ... so long, old pal!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift



Are you implying that Thiel isn't a real libertarian?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

So what!

Even Nevada prostitutes donated to Ron Paul.
"Freedom is popular" among all kinds of people, probably even a few self-loathing central planners.

Peter Thiel Avoiding Questions At Bilderberg 2014

Questionable,, not

Peter is a long time libertarian, who has some eccentric ideas (like a floating nation, with a government based on entirely pure libertarian principles). He profited greatly from the tech explosion. PayPal, Facebook, etc. He is now a billionaire. I can't answer (nor would I want to) what his motives are for involvement in the B'Bergers. Maybe curiosity, maybe watchful tabs on the power center?

Mitt attended, the Clintons (both) attended, even Barack attended. It's where the richest people in the world meet to discuss (shape?) the future of the world. Maybe Peter wants to have some input on all of that, with a libertarian philosophy at his core. He has the level of wealth and clout to be invited in, but that doesn't necessarily mean he subscribes to many members' philosophies. Certainly there has been info leaked out from meetings (who leaked it?).

But the most absurd thinking, is that because Paul didn't refuse Peter's money, Paul must be a B'berger NWO advocate. The campaign didn't send back Storm Front's donations either, but that doesn't mean a thing.

I will vote for Johnson on Tuesday, not because of a lack of respect for Paul (I have supported him since 1988, and my respect is unshakable) but I see an edge for the liberty movement if the LP gets 5%+ of the vote.

All of this crap about Thiel's donations, motives, etc., has been brought up before. So it doesn't make any red flags about Paul, only about the person who posted this divisive diversionary BS.
If you are in, be all the way in. If you're not in, then get the hell out and go support Mitt, Barack or any of the other Goldman Sachs war profiteer lackeys.

Look at this positively...we

Look at this positively...we could very well have a liberty agent in Bilderberg! I highly doubt a legitimate globalist would be donating to Ron Paul.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

How is anyone who associates

How is anyone who associates with someone who wants to End the Federal Reserve bank, part of the Bilderberg.

Does not compute...

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

Guilt by Association

This a common tactic used to create doubt about Liberty candidates. Based on the comments on this thread, and the numerous down votes, this tactic doesn't work to well on Ron Paul supporters...or does it?

What if we had a Bildeberger donating millions to a PAC that supports Gary Johnson? Would Ron Paul supporters use that to declare Johnson a "scumbag" unworthy of our support? From what I've witnessed recently, there is not a doubt in my mind.

Rand gets a Wearechange moment...

Rand gets a Wearechange moment...



Notice thats why I asked everyone to ask Ron Paul about it... becuase it does not look good. I would like to know why he would take this kind of money myself?
I'm not saying Ron is at fault here.. I am saying it needs to be cleared up.

Builderberg is the other side of the game here... There are clear teams involved and they are not on the good one. Hints why I gave a link for people to email paul and see if we can get an answer.

Thanks for your comments though. I like reading your insight on the subject.

Kinda simular to this:


Thiel DIDN'T GIVE Ron the millions, it went to

Endorse Liberty SuperPAC which only ran online Youtube popup ads.

This is what happens when econ-imbecilic liberals get to spread this crap as 'news' all over the web, without even learning or researching about the nature of Thiel's relation with the Endorse Liberty SuperPAC, and what that PAC specifically does.

These liberal MSM scribes honestly delude Thiel to be in the same category as AIPAC whore/sugadaddy Sheldon Adelson pumping millions into RINO neocons' campaigns like Nut Grinch and Flip Obamaney's coffers who literally have to buy supporters, in Grinch's case, bought ALL of his supporters.

as far as the Bilderberg question, who knows. perhaps Thiel's evil, perhaps he's a Gen-X trojan horse. who knows, it's not like he's Zbieggie or Kissinger with long murderous track record. so remains to be seen what he is, what his motives are.

Remember, the only reason WHY AJ and Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin were able to get unpublished attendee list in the years prior to 2012 when they published them and distributed widely for the first time, is precisely BECAUSE InfoWarriors had moles at both 'lowly' catering and service help level, as well as the more upper echelon attendees. by your logic, AJ should trash that 'source' on air, just like as you're doing to Thiel.

As far as ANY venom thrown at Thiel and any and all libertarians and libertarianism by proxy, starting this year, is only really specifically from that socialist FDR-worshiping fascist Webster Griffin Tarpley.

Tarpley is the reason why, unbelievably there are actual members at DailyPaul falling for ploys distributed by trolls here who were propagating a childishly moronic meme that the libertarians are the reason why the country's in the current mess. Um, Webster, got mirror much? We're witnessing a realtime EPIC FAILURE of FDR's New Deal welfare/warfare state.

Now, the reality that the dying geezers of B'berg obviously are grooming and inviting the New Social Media & Web billionaires into the fold, as they obviously want someone not just their inbred degenerate family members to carry on their globalist eugenicist cult, and are looking to the new 'tech blood' to supplant them eventually.

so while it's a legitimate question, it's a lot easier to pin down overall agenda of B'berg, as after their annual meeting you can observe geopolitical movements based on general fields in which the attendees are involved in. now, even Tucker couldn't tell you of the attendees, other than ones with a long globalist track record, who exactly said, did, or promoted what. And the new "tech blood" like Thiel and Google's Schmidt's roles are a bit more murkier. Though, in google's case, their surveillance tech grid needs no explanation.

with a paper shuffler like Thiel, these things are factually harder to pin down, by the nature of equity business alone: it's not a 'known' company with specific products that a lot of people use or interact with. like his Facebook and Paypal were at best venture capital, these aren't same as being responsible for day to day operations or even being responsible for formulating an overall strategy for the direction of the company.

so what "red flag" does it raise other than a corporatist with disparate interest? no more than any other corporatist with disparate interest.

but to compare Thiel to Adelson is naive and childish.

Adelson is an AIPAC whore/propagandist with a specific goal for the precise reason of supporting any and all IDF terrorist policies, while propping up completely supporter-less candidates like Nut Grinch who literally wouldn't have had the what little disastrous campaign he did have, without Adelson's help.

Do YOU honestly believe Dr. Paul directly benefited off of Thiel's money into the Endorse Liberty SuperPAC who NEVER ran a SINGLE TV Ad, which amounted to nothing more than an educational campaign, especially with those beautifully produced 12~22min 'pop-up' YouTube ads further explaining Doc's foreign policy?

ALL other superPAC's ran attack ads and infomercials on TV and print.

Theil's money also came in AFTER those YouTube ads were ALREADY created and running. All his money did was let them run it a bit longer.

You mean like THAT "red flag?"


As far as Thiel's influence and effect on Dr. Paul, the official RP2012 campaign? it's almost ZERO.

But with the r3VOLution? We linked and shared those ad/10min RP-foreign policy explanation infomercial.

seriously, you think their foreign policy educational clips even compare to a 30min attack ads by the likes of Adelson even compare?

and even if you were to objectively measure it, because all other superPAC ran TV and print ads, their reach of traditional GOP voters were much higher, with or without election fraud, than Endorse Liberty SuperPAC could ever reach with their YouTube only ads.

Now, if Thiel really wanted to help? He should've put his money into RevolutionPAC which what I can only assume were some initial misunderstanding between Franchi and crew vs. Erik's Superbrochure project that for whatever reason even those here at DailyPaul simply refused to support.

but be that as it may, look at the ads that Gary Franchi and crew were able to produce from Compassion of Dr. Paul to the Tea for Two.

well, it is what it is now.

but really, if this is someone's idea of a 'red flag' I'd say, more please!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Likely looking into this to much currently

I can see how Thiel being a Bilderberg member can be odd but I think in a lot of ways you’re looking for something. We do need proof/evidence not to mention that Thielf donated that money to Super PAC not directly to Ron Paul or the campaign. So it’s hard to say that anything is there.

Politics, freedom, truth, Ron Paul.Feel free to check out my blog on politics in my profile.

At first, As I read this, I

At first, As I read this, I could not understand what your point was. Then I realized - You think everyone who attends Builder-berg is inherently EVIL and anyone who receives donations from a Builder-burg must be EVIL as well. Ron Paul has received donations from a white supremacy group. If you think about it, from your perspective it's the exact same situation here. I've personally had enough of conspiracy, how about we just stick to what we DO KNOW?

It is a legitimate question. However, not every "bad guy"...

is a "bad guy". Maybe Thiel attends Bilderberg because he wants to stay rich rather than Thiel being rich because he attends Bilderberg.

The next time

The next time someone gives you 2.5 million, no matter who in hells name is On it, you accept it graciously. What do u actually think Ron Paul went and did the dirty with a gay bilderberger half his age. Noway he smiled and said " thanks for the cash" no questions asked. End of this thread

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

Jesse Ventura / Alex Jones 2012


This kind of idiotic crap is exactly what the NeoCons want. They take back their party and Ron Paul supporters go back to being whack jobs who have NO power and can effect NO change.

Great job, brah.

you speak for yourself

noone else.

I will never join Tarpley nor the occupy movement....

I have read most of your recent posts and I do not believe you are a RP supporter...I DO NOT care who gives money to Ron Paul...or any of the PACS that support RP

No red flags

only red herrings.

Never question anything!

Glad we are all open minded here! :-)


We are all Open Minded!

Thing is, you have no evidence WHAT SO EVER.

Its all your opinion. You have no more knowledge of what is taking place then the next person!

30 years of a Consistant and Honourable Stance, Unwaivering support for the US constitution and Natural Rights, and pretty much the ONLY Honest politician I have ever come across sums up why we can trust Ron Paul, because he is TRUSTWORTHY.

Unlike every other sell out, You can Trust him, And unlike some of the other conspiricy theories out there, Your's has no credibility.

a billion less 2.5 mil

tis like my giving you a dollar for bus fair
all things being equal (not)

He gave 2.5 million to a Superpac,

and the campaign has no control over them.

what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

do you every have anything positive to say about Paul? Or is the only thing that comes to mind a campaign contribution that anyone is free to make no matter what their ulterior discrediting motive may be.

No the only red flag here is your post.

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The question for Tarpley & supporters,

in addition to why are you so afraid of Liberty that you lie, is why is all focus on Theil rather than ALL of the other Bilderberg members who support the same failed Keynesian socialistic centralized coercion that Tarpley does, who all support Obama/Romney? Why focus on the sole guy who seems to share some of RPs views?