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Get Ready: Rand's Job Is To Co-opt Us To "unify" The Party!

He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This site is completely filled with
people trying to co-opt us.

This is do or die. Rand is going to come over here and tell us to go along to get along. He is joined by JACK HUNTER, and will be joined by MANY others.

As we watch the election fraud unfold. THEY WANT US TO IGNORE THAT THIS WHOLE "ELECTION" WAS RIGGED.





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I totally disagree

Rand did his "good soldier" duty to keep from being exiled. Now he's going to lay low until November. Watch.

Even if Ron Paul told me to vote for Mitt I wouldn't


Why is everyone trying so damn hard to tell others how or what to do. Use your brain and go from there, why run around telling others to be careful etc?

If people can seriously throw away all of their values just due to a guy saying to do so then they are just as big a sheep as the folks we sit here "trying to wake up".

Ron Paul earned my vote and has already gotten my California vote and will be my choice when we take down obama and romney.

If Ron Paul asks the revolution to vote for mittens however then I will know this whole entire damn deal is completely rigged and will just need "prepping" faster.

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OMG CONSPIRACY!! Just like everything else that happens! Conspiracy conspiracy!! We've got spies and they will turn us all into neocons! OMG freakout!

How come

because Jack Hunter expressed his opinions on why Rand endorsed Romney that makes him part of some conspiracy to get us to vote for Romney? Just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean it's a conspiracy. ... it just loses credibility after a while when EVERYTHING has to be a conspiracy..

whats wrong with our side

whats wrong with our side come unite to us, We arent going there our numbers are bigger anyway. We will also feed you pizza if you want. :-) lol

Ron Paul nobody else, write it down and show it to your side and stop trying to unite us cause it aint gonna happen.

Thank You Have Nice Day

There seems to be a pattern of disenters

They seem to be mostly strong supporters of Alex Jones, or Adam Kokesh. Do I have that right?

Not with me. I think that

Not with me. I think that Jones is a conspiracy nut. I don't know about Kokesh but strikes me as a loose cannon.

I've noticed the same thing.

Alex and Adam have gotten them "primed" and ready for a fight. Young and reactionary and hard to reason with.


You sound exactly like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Riley and the rest of the Neo-Con anti-Paul republicans..

That dog wont hunt!

My vote goes to Ron PERIOD!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

No one is asking you to vote any other way

Not Rand, not me, not anyone is asking you to vote any other way.

Rand is going to be in major

Rand is going to be in major campaign mode asking us to vote for Romney. I'll willing to bet on this.

Will you stop it with that.

An ENDORSEMENT is a request for all others to vote with you a given way. Rand is asking everyone who knows him to vote with him for Mitt Romney, "now that the nomination process is over" (which it isn't.)

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

That is just YOUR own projection.

Since you're an "old war horse" I'd have hoped you'd show something resembling discernment and reasoning. But, no.

For the 20th time, he said he would "support", he did not say "endorse."

And an ENDORSEMENT is a statement of one's personal position. Not one that you, or ANY of us are required to follow, so please quit exaggerating.

That's right

The nomination process is NOT OVER YET. Remember there are 2 possible winners for nominee. Ron or Mitwit.
This is just a distraction and a blip on the radar. Rand is not Ron.

We now go in for stage 2 strategy. That's what's right up the road.
Be prepared. The dollar is crashing and only Ron knows how to fix this mess.
Who will the Romneyites pick then when they have lost everthing? LOL

Romney's vote flipping will be disclosed one way or another. He can never get 72% of the caucus vote. That's BS.

Keepin' it real.

No it is not

No it's not. It just isn't.

Yes, Rand has a job to do

He's co-opting the GOP to unify with us!


This has always been the plan

where have these other people been? The plan all along has been the reformation of the GOP. That has been Ron's plan, and now Rand's plan moving forward. Why is there outrage with this idea? its a good idea.


Ron Paul's idea of what we should unite behind is not to unite for teh wrong reasons. Maybe you missed his speech while all the rand stuff flooded the site?


Too funny.

Wake me up when that happens...

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Do me a favor and look at

Do me a favor and look at Rand's votes vs the other Senators. If you're saying Rand is like the other 99, you really haven't been paying attention. Sigh...sorry you anti-Randers feel the way you do.


His support of Iranian sanctions seems to support financial warfare if not military war to me. And not just on Iran. China, Brazil, and India for four. Hope you have some gold come June 21. The guy is a disaster.

What was the final

vote tally on the Iran sanctions in the Senate? Was his the deciding vote?

I think philosophically Rand and Ron are one in the same. I truely believe that Rand just plays the game and Ron never has.

Could Rand have seen 30 years of his father voting alone and thought maybe I can get more done for the liberty movement if I can beat them at their own game?

“We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”Thomas Jefferson

He then voted against them.

You conveniently forget all the other work he has done, and is trying to do, in the Senate. All very pro Constitution - pro Liberty - pro Freedom.

We don't take SELL OUTS

lightly. And his votes on the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIME...i.e. non-interventionist, Washingtonian foreign policy have NOT been all that good at all.

Just saying "he is the best in the Senate" isn't saying a whole lot. That's like saying, "Sure, I'll kiss the prettiest ape in the zoo."

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

The Deal between Romney and Rand

Romney hoped he would get all the Ron Paul supporters when Rand endorsed him. Rand refers to Ron Paul's supporters as "our supporters". Maybe Rand thought everyone would swing behind Romney if he did.

Rand would be VP if Romney gets elected, or at least his running mate in the election. Great exposure, and as Rand says "Being chosen VP is an honor. Who wouldn't be honored?"

How do you know that he'll be Mittens

running mate? Pure conjecture, until it happens.

Too much conjecture going on lately. State facts, or articulate yourself as "in my opinion" or "I feel that".

Someone I know who would not be honored is his father, Ron.

Ron would not support someone who believes in nothing.


You are absolutely right.

You are absolutely right. The Romneyites regard Rand as their ambassador to those "crazy libertarians." For that reason, he will be campaigning hard in the next few months to sell us on the idea. Some of us were brought on board by Palin last time. Will it happen again courtesy of Rand?

Sadly, probably....

Rand and Palin are two peas in a pod-- Israel firsters who believe "American exceptionalism" means we get to bomb any country any time in order to teach them "democracy."

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."