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Poll: Would an Endorsement of Romney Destroy Ron Paul’s Legacy?

Tom Woods just released a video appealing to Ron Paul asking him not to Endorse Romney. Tom Woods goes on to say that an endorsement of Romney would destroy Ron Paul's legacy. Do you agree?

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What would happen

if the fundamental laws of the universe all expired tomorrow?

It's not something I'm even able to contemplate. I think it'd destroy a bit of my mind if he did endorse Romney.

m = Fa

Every application of force has a reaction in the same direction with a random magnitude.

Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney.

Unless acted on by an external force, objects turn into self-aware cherry jell-o.



It would destroy his reputation, but not his legacy.

The movement is bigger than one Paul, or even two.

"I'm an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect." ~ Ron Paul



Let's Fight the Good Fight


The question is moot. Ron Paul will not endorse Romney. Why would he? If there is no miracle in Tampa, he is retiring from public office in seven months.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


that was excellent. Hope Dr. Paul sees this.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.




Will Never Happen, and I don't understand all the talk of this.

Ron Paul has said many times that Romney and him have nothing in common and he could not see himself endorsing Romney. I guess because Rand took one for the team people now think that Ron is next. Don't you think Dr. Paul is smart enough to know Romney would still not win with his endorsement?


I think these polls are posted here

just to drive traffic to her site. I've noticed them before, but no other comments or interaction with the supporters here.


but I would be pretty dissapointed in Dr.Paul.


it would be a major shock ... it is highly unlikely - Dr Paul's record has always been straight ahead. Only one time has he switched and that was to change his view on capitol punishment (and for the better) My feeling is the whole Rand thing is done so Ron will be able to stay true to his conscience and beliefs. In other words ... Ron wasn't going to give an endorsement - so they pleaded, begged, bought, threatened or some other to get Rand's.

No way is that going to happen

Ron Paul made it pretty clear in his speech at the Texas convention. Get it through your heads Rand is not Ron.



Let this thread wither and die. Ron's not endorsing Romney without some MAJOR concessions.

Romney is pro bailout
Romney is pro foreign adventurism
Romney is pro foreign occupations
Romney is pro Federal Reserve
Romney is pro patriot act and NDAA

Romney is ANTI liberty and PRO personal power. He wavers on every subject and caters to the whim of the crowd he addresses.

Ron Paul will not endorse him, though I am certain he will wish him well.

All of your listed reasons

All of your listed reasons were why I thought Rand might not do it.

Like it or not, Ron occasionally gives out questionable endorsements. Like the one for NeoCon Lamar Smith.

Tom Woods is one of the brightest people in the Liberty movement. He would not have sent this video out if he thought there was no chance.

This thread would have "withered and died" if there was nothing to what Tom Woods was saying.

Maybe not totally, but could set the movement back a full decade

Ron Paul has stood for NO compromise, and to suddenly change course would devastate many (possibly millions) who considered Ron Paul a true "statesman" instead of a DC politician.

The people's confidence in trusting another public figure would be shattered for a decade or more. It would be seen over-whelming as a complete sell out of principles acquired over the past 30 years. And the ramifications personally would be the same as Rand Paul is now experiencing.

Rand Paul made one very big mis-calculation here, he didn't fully understand his father's movement. As a result, he's paying a big price. As he will never be trusted in the liberty movement again.

Anyone who compromises this movement must bear the pains of our firm and uncompromising rejection, so all will know there are consequences for betraying this movement.

I feel for Rand, because he lost out on something even bigger, his father's inheritance, ..leadership of the liberty movement.

His father had paved his way, and he threw it all out the window, for short term gain.

The Winds of Change!


I came to my senses just about a year ago when I looked at the folks put forward who were running in the primary and it made me sick. I decided then no more of the lesser of two evils. It is a failed system. That in turn led me to Ron Paul much to my suprise and happiness. So to have someone now turn and go back to the lesser of two evils is a deal breaker for me.

So long as he doesn't TELL ME to vote for Romney...

...Ron can endorse whoever he likes.


Finally, a voice of reason on

Finally, a voice of reason on endorsements.

I don't think it would ruin

I don't think it would ruin Dr. Paul's legacy. The man has been a stone for 30+ years for all who love freedom. I do think it would damage it. But after all these years without any black spots on his reputation, why would he ever start now? Not really sure why Woods has posted a video asking Ron not to endorse Romney. Ron Paul didn't endorse Bush, he didn't endorse Dole, he didn't endorse McCain, seems to me there is a miniscule likelihood of him changing this trend and endorsing Romney.

An Endorsement would make a Joke of Everything he stood for

Why bother?

We are not following Romney, rather Romney is in our way.


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No, but some air would come

No, but some air would come out of my sails.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

Ron only has one option ....

Which I will get to.

Paul chose this path to attempt to change things from within.

He is a Republican.

He has a standing policy of endorsing all Texas incumbents.

He has said, during the campaign, "any of us up here on stage are better than President Obama."

He is on the verge of successfully taking over the party from the bottom up and at the same time he is retiring from elected office.

He has a son who is a Republican Senator.

He has us. We have raised over $70 million dollars for him in just over 4 years.

So ...

He has but one option ...

Stand clear until after the Convention.

After all he is still a candidate until all the delegate votes are counted. He can't endorse while he is still a candidate. And he has never formally dropped out.

I think the Convention will bring some clarity as to how Ron should proceed.

After all these years and after how Republican party has

treated him and his supporters, at this late age in life and when his support is at it's highest that it has ever been, how does such a thought even get discussed?

Because there are too many

Because there are too many conspiracy theorists that work on the level of gossip, rather than any serious logical analysis. They upgrade there primal gossip to "concpiracy" in an attempt to give credit to their ramblings.

Ron Paul should do what he did in 08

tell us to support third party candidates in this case Gary Johnson and have the Republicans lose again, 4 years is better than 8 right?


It would be out of character for sure; but nothing can really destroy Ron's legacy at this point. He's already let the genie out of the bottle.

However, I don't think endorsing Romney does anything for Paul or even Romney for that matter. Rand endorsing Romney, on the other hand, will benefit Romney to some degree and will also increase Rand's ability to fight for liberty.

Tom Woods is exactly right

The most Ron Paul should do to help Romney is to not endorse anyone.

Those who want to go along, play nice with the GOP should watch this video. You'll understand which one you are.


never going to happen

Rand only did it to further the movement, Ron is done with the scum in DC. Rand will probably have to go through 6 months of therapy to get over the turd he had to swallow!

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

In my opinion..

If Ron Paul himself endorsed Romney then his legacy would become the biggest long run fail there ever was as even the always virtuous Ron Paul himself conceded to win>principle in the end (at least as far as I know)
There would still be so very much to learn from dissecting his political career however

btw, I did not click the link but I do wonder if this Tom Woods video is the one that was put out on the first of this month and not anytime after the Rand Paul endorsement..

Fresh off the press

He recorded it this morning, and you gotta watch! AWESOME!

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