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Justin Raimondo on Rand Paul in 2010-He will say anything to get elected!

Excellent article from 2010. Really insightful into what's going on.

Did Justin nail it 2 years ago?

In a column titled, The Hollow Man:Rand Paul’s Father Complex, Raimondo wrote:

Rand Paul has no principles: he’ll do or say anything to get into that Senate seat – yes, even give up his faith in Aqua Buddha. Or his loyalty to whatever values he once pretended to hold. He’d even betray his own father – and, indeed, he has done precisely that, giving Kristol’s gremlin-bloggers a choice opportunity to once again mock the elder Paul.

Yes, but once he gets in office, he’ll stand up for principle and it’ll all be worth it: the kowtowing to the neocons, the groveling before AIPAC, the capitulation to religious and ethnic prejudices in the case of the mosque issue. Just you wait and see.

h/t to R. Wenzel

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I remember in 2008 people asking ron to do this

There were many who wanted Ron to just do or say whatever it took to get him into office so he can then change things but the funny thing is..

that is not the role of President in the least or not how it should be.

Is this style of politics needed to get our liberty minded candidates in? Who knows but apparently Rand is going to make things happen one way or another now the question is, what change can or will be made by doing and saying ANYTHING just to get the GOP NOD?

I mean lets say Rand runs in 2016 and says everything the republicans want to hear, he already can talk about how he even endorsed mitt romney over his dad so he could look even more trustworthy in the GOP's eyes.

For some reason I see once one of our own gets in there the Presidential power will then be removed and given back to the 51/49 then 49/51 congress to fight over and accomplish nothing.

We need to take over the congress but the thing is the public opinion is TAKE TAKE TAKE me me me NOW NOW NOW and no one wants to live within their means if they can just get free money, aid, handouts, housing, education and so on.

I don't know if lying your way into office is the right thing to do but hell its been working SUCCESSFULLY for how many years now?

Rand might take one or two for the team and really piss the REVOLUTION OFF but I think it only lit a fire under our asses even more and in the end maybe that is whats needed.

I guess hearing him say that he agrees with mitt and endorsing him just doesn't seem justified enough BUT who knows what the overall strategy is.

Look at Dr. Ron Paul, he woke us all up in 2007 and 2008 and then now odds are many woke up or rewoke up lol in 2011 and 2012. He has been fighting hard for what 40+ years now???


If its the case, can I hitch a ride

Pretty much time will tell what Rand will make of himself in the senate and future rolls in or out of government. If endorsing a prick like mitt is what it takes to get my country back ( how does that make any sense though???) then go at it Rand. My only confusion is once the GOP sees his try and "flip flop to freedom" they would remove him in some fashion OR just have more votes against him so nothing happens anyway.

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