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WE are not voting for Mitt Romney.

period. Whether you support the Rand endorsement for strategical purposes or not, no one in the revolution is going to vote for Robama. Ron knows this, Rand knows this, so why all the infighting? Endorsements are for the sheep. It is not like Rand is the heir apparent, WE get to decide who that is. Of course if Romney was smart he would bow out, because without the liberty movement vote in the republican party, this is all a waste of time for the GOP.

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Bumping this thread, I refuse

Bumping this thread, I refuse to vote Mitt Romney, over the last couple days, have had pressure from siblings to please get behind him to help him win against Obama, not a chance.

Rand's announcement of

Rand's announcement of supporting Romney is no more a sell out then all the people who compromised their principals by joining the Republican party and what it stood for. Both were done as a means to a goal. The same goal.
It's now clear that Ron Paul, though converting millions to the message of liberty, was not able to win the support of the majority. Now people condemn Rand for not following in his dad's foot steps when they know the outcome would be the same.
I think general Sun Tzu would approve of Rand's strategy. Never attack a superior force head on in battle. You infiltrate, you hit the enemy at their weak spots, you use gorilla warfare.
Many here believe Romney has no chance of winning without the liberty vote. What chance does liberty have without support of those yet to be converted?
Rand will continue to get my support. To me it's the goal that's most important. Not how the battle was fought.
As General Sun Tzu stated, and the Republican party has shown us, "War is Deception". It would do us all well to research this man and his tactics.

the republican party

is a great party for our ideas. The people in it aren't republicans.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

"Endorsements are for the sheep"

A Romney supporter Ive been working on bought the Rand endorsement hook line and sinker. He plastered it all over his facebook and praised the Paul's for their class act, character, principles and for what they brought to the debate and the country. Something he would not have said earlier to this event as we we're still the "enemy" so to speak. But now that the war is over, in his mind, he lowered his defenses and opened his mind enough to accept the Paul's as a positive force rather than a negative destructive one. I can now work with him on the ideas and principles of liberty.
We saw this phenomenon after the 2008 election too when all the media couldn't wait to have Ron on their show giving his wisdom and opinion on the events of the day instead of blacking him out like they did in 2007-8 when he was a threat to the establishment.

I'm still out to lunch on this whole strategy/blunder/enigmatic move of the campaign and its satellites and whether it was the right decision, but it doesnt matter, it's been done. We must make the best lemonade we can out of these lemons, but I can see how it may possibly smooth things over for us to further infiltrate. It may cause defenses to be dropped and ideas to be let in that otherwise wouldn't.

"Here Republican Party, a giant wooden horse we made for you! We're done fighting now... ;)"

Conventional revolution

The convention will tell the tale.

Will the RNC pull procedural shenanigans and try to neutralize or eliminate the Paulites? The Establishment Republican wing is capable of any dirty trick and is willing to use any chicanery to control or eliminate us. They demonstrated that in the primaries.

Be aware that this convention is do or die for the Establishment. We are in control of the direction of the party for 2012 and beyond. If the libertarians get some back bone they could make things very uncomfortable for the RNC and its enablers. Possibly the libertarian wing of the party could try some procedural tricks on the floor itself. All it takes is one recalcitrant to get something going. Rule 38 is still alive and well.

A Ron Paul rally on the floor of the convention before the first ballot could set the stage for our own performance. What the new wing needs now is more political savvy and the will to flex it.

Ron B.

Sigh...*WE* is becoming As Confusing

...as *they*

However, for me and my home...we will serve Liberty and write in Ron Paul.


I agree 100%

Romney, Obama, Gary ANY OF THEM - never getting our votes either.

Ron Paul earned my votes in 08 as well as 2012

I agree "we" is hard to see especially with all these funny little gary trolls hopping around hoping the rEVOLution will fund their "i promise as president" LP candidate.

I am writing in Ron Paul and that is the only way I believe a vote isn't wasted which is voting for who YOU want and not just who is in the running OR who is at least "better" than the other two candidates running.

For those thinking gary, thats your vote but if you are doing it just to not "waste your vote"... you are actually doing just that by not voting for who you actually WANT to vote for.

Vote your hearts, heads or however you do it BUT please everyone if RON earned your vote please give it to him.

This isn't a cult thing as some will try and say or that we won't compromise at all and will end up never accomplishing anything. I think Ron Paul accomplished MORE for WAKING AMERICANS UP while losing these elections than anyone else living. He is a true statesman who earned my vote and will get it. Whoever wants to call me a cultist for voting my heart and mind then so be it.

I am part of the rEVOLution and we will NOT stop until we get our REPUBLIC back. I don't care how many extra parties keep propping up, they will all fold soon enough and get us AWAY FROM this democratic fix and back to the republic where a no compromize constitution and bill of rights are actually upheld and followed.

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that goes for us too.


I think that most of us are thankfully in agreement that we will not be voting for Mitt no matter what. Some people are thinking of supporting Gary though. I'm not against it but I do figure that we should wait until Tampa to see what happens.

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If Ron Paul is not on the ballot

I will vote for Gary Johnson. I voted for Chuck Baldwin last time. Actually, in the 1988 presidential election, I voted for Ron Paul.

Gary Johnson has no chance.

Ron Paul or no one!

Ron Paul had no chance in 1988

but I still voted for him. I think this year Gary Johnson will get more votes than any libertarian presidential candidate ever.

Which would really be ironic,

since there is nothing "libertarian" about Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson is conservative GOP

The last two libertarian candidates have not been libertarian. Ron Paul was conservative GOP when he ran as a libertarian in 1988.

It used to be the libertarian party was the only place conservative GOP had a voice, until Ron Paul went back to the GOP, which we all reacted to the same way some people are reacting to Rand.

That is why I am supporting Rand. I was shocked when Ron Paul went back to the GOP, but now I know why that worked.

Most people in the liberty movement have just come on board in the last few years, but this movement has been going on for decades.

He will if Ron's not nominated

If we lose in Tampa and move alot of the Paul supporters to the LP, we could actually see an LP win in Nov. It would be one H of a fight all the way to Nov. elections. LP currently polls 7-9%, plus our support another 15-20%, plus all the independents out there that hate both parties. A lot of those independents have not had a voice in this years elections yet. Could get very interesting! I'm all for keeping the movement in the mainstream.

If Ron is at the TOP of the LP Ticket yes

If Gary is at the top of the LP ticket and wanting ron UNDER then HELL NO.

I am not going to compromise or WASTE MY VOTE for some other candidate when they never earned it, they don't share my views and so forth. Should I vote LP just to get ANOTHER party that some government hack can then take over.

Do you really think the LP is going to stay libertarian in the least once they actually get up to the republica and democratic levels?

If there were a ton of LP candidates we agreed with don't you think we would be supporting them OVER ron paul? Do you think we don't do that because they don't have any publicity? If gary was a patriot like ron paul, he would have a grassroots fighting for him every step of the way like ron has. I don't see that AT ALL.

What I do see however is some people who don't want to waste their vote, they want to hope that by getting someone like gary propped up something big could happen. If we can't do it with ron paul, why would you think gary could make it happen when he has NEVER polled higher than ron ever.

What polling has gary ever gotten with HIS BASE? Yeah sure if you bring the rEVOLution to him his numbers will go up BUT that is as fake as when all the hillary supporters ran to obama. Their person lost so they went to "whoever was next" in line to beat the other guy.

Where was garys endorement of ron paul? If he didn't then why would anyone think he shares his values in the least?

ron is 100% getting my vote

gary who?

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couldn't he have done it with a smirk and gag like the rest of the republican party that endorses eee uhhhh mmm mitt romney :/

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

here's why

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/06/09/911-a-decade-later-a... scroll down the page and pay particular attention to romney, israel, and bains relationship

Perhaps the r3VOLution

needs its own secret police.

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This is quite the article, good find. Make this into its own post. If this is really true, the liberty movement has a lot of work to do.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

No kidding

That was quite an article. Did I say that was quite an article?

Not even...

... if you hold a gun to my head.

[Incredible how the dummies at the Texas State Convention tried to drum up support for the weasel. Romney did not even bother to pop-in for a visit. Isn't that the ultimate insult to Texas?]

Plano TX


no no no no no no no non way

Ron Paul for President's picture

I am

NOT voting for m.r.

Rand Paul as VP?

Would you still avoid voting for him?

I wouldn't, but I would like to know how this would affect your vote.

For strategic purposes for

the revolution, I believe Rand as VP pick is a good thing. But the revolution needs Rand in the senate. So yes to the VP pick, hell no to romney as president.

Avoid it like the plague

So what if Rand is the VP? Since when has the VP been a power player? That's like saying I love Arod but I hate the Yankees but I'm still gonna be a Yankees fan just because of him.

Voting Romney just because of Rand = No sense

Many thanks.

Your post made me feel better. I was afraid that the GOP was going to try to bait us into voting Romney, but it looks like the majority of us wouldn't take the bait, based on the downvotes on my post. :)

no way, no how. and that

no way, no how. and that goes for my wife, and father, and mother too. that's four votes the gop won't get without ron as nominee. and we are in a battleground state.

I for one..

Will NEVER vote for Mitt Romney. I'll write in Ron Paul, or vote for Gary Johnson, or frankly, vote for Barack Obama. I'll vote for just about anyone before I ever vote for Mitt Romney.