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War With Iran: More Children Will Suffer


Please think twice before you support any new wars. The war-mongers are profiteering off of your son's and daughter's blood. The transnational corporations are sucking your pockets dry as your wealth is transferred to The Military Industrial Complex. The Neocons are scare-mongering you into supporting them as they claim everybody is out to get America. There is nothing wrong with a strong national defense; however, there is everything wrong with being blood guilty of murdering people who haven't attacked or are being provoked into an attack by CIA, NSA and U.S. Special Forces covertly invading a sovereign country and killing people. If those type of invasions happened on American soil, then it would be rightly considered to be an act of war. So who's really the aggressor? Think about it......

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No more wars and No more

No more wars and No more blowback enough is enough

This Is the One of Toughest Issues.

In one of our biggest disagreements with the rah rah Republicans or us vs them mentality voters is the issue of Iran. Israel's window to take out nuclear facilities is quickly coming to a close. The United States will have to protect Israel vital national interests and security go along beside them. Israel's first air strike window will close in the late summer of 2012.

If Mitt Romney wins the general election the war drums begin anew against Iran. How many US troops will die or be injured in the coming war with Iran? How much more debt will we add the annual deficit and the national debt. We are willing to stand up against the Mitt Romney war machine. At least two million voted for the liberty movement and another seven million chose other candidates over warmongering Mitt Romney. We need to be honest those other seven million plus voters made a huge mistake in not supporting Ron Paul. Over nine million Republicans who voted for Mitt Romney in the primary have chosen war and renewed war on terror in a Romney Administration. So, more war is coming, so enjoy the last days of just one major war as our nation shifts back in the habit of multiple offensive attacks.

thank you for sharing this . . .

I had not seen it before. :)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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"Goodbye Blue Sky" - Pink Floyd

"Did you hear the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? The flames are all long gone but the pain lingers on."


hell, I never supported

the old wars, nevermind a new one!

I can't

agree more.. breaks my heart

Oh, I don't think...

... the neo-con pastors and their Christian Jihadist followers would ever dream of harming children. I mean they are pro life. War doesn't hurt children. In fact, war is pro life, because nobody ever gets killed, that is if you don't watch El Jazeera.

Oh, and family values. They are so full of family values, they gag in it. It never crosses their thick skulls that Iraqis and Iranians also love their children and are loved by them. Maiming, blinding, burning, paralyzing,and all the other terrible wounds to fathers, mothers and children? No, they don't think about that. All they care about is another war with Iran, while indescribable human suffering followed in the wake of their Iraq war.

This is the Christian Church - warmongering jihadists. Apart from Chuck Baldwin I have not heard of one anti-war pastor. In fact, they are the biggest cheerleaders with Christian politicians Santorum, Perry, Bachman and Gary Bauer leading the charge.

Plano TX

That's a huge generalization,

I understand how you feel but you do know that many people here are Christian?

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

some of *us* (I include myself) who are Christians . . .

have been deeply disappointed by Christian so-called "leaders". Hence, the bitterness.

I do understand.

Many of *us* who are Christians stand alone in our congregations against warmongering.

Yes, many on here are Christians. It is hard to feel betrayed by *your* "own"--

And you are correct about the generalization. There are a few 'out there' who are standing up with *us* against the wars--

but not enough. :(

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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You are right - I am Catholic

and most parishioners of my church were pro-McCain in 2008 and it was very disheartening & eye-opening for me, especially when they could have gone with Ron Paul.