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The Daily Paul is breaking Ron Paul's heart

You know what Ron Paul loves MORE than his supporters?

His Children.

You know what Ron Paul loves MORE than politics?

His Children.

You know what Ron Paul loves MORE than Peace, Sound Money & Liberty?

His Children.


By attacking his son in the immoral and disgusting ways the majority of the posters on this site have done over the past week, YOU HAVE LITERALLY BROKEN RON PAUL'S HEART. Losing the presidency could not be as painful as seeing his own son torn down the way Rand has been on this site by HIS FOLLOWERS in HIS NAME.

The saddest thing is, Rand actually loves liberty just about as much as his Dad. He just wants to help the movement through politics rather than education - somethng Ron endorses and states as the "next step" of the movement in his book "The REVOLUTION."

Rand Paul was nearly a lone vote against The PATRIOT ACT and NDAA and is the ONLY advocate for Sound Money in the Senate.

He has always been his father's son - with just a little different style; and now the Daily Paul has broken his Father's heart.

Ron Paul must be so disappointed right now. I know I am.

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As pointed out below...

this is a two year old post.

Can't help but comment..

"YOU HAVE LITERALLY BROKEN RON PAUL'S HEART." Really? When did HE tell you this? I'm pretty sure that Rand hasn't always, nor will he always, ask his dads permission to speak or to hold a view other than his. This is a silly silly post full of assumptions relayed as fact. Kind of like the Man Made Global Climate Warming Change faction.

Ron Paul, like

most parents love their children unconditionally.

For others though, love and respect is earned... it is not a birth right.

Rand has made several poor decisions that causes the DP to react the way it does.

It's really simple though. If Rand wants the DP's support then he can change his words and actions and follow in his father's foot steps more closely.

Rand is in control of his future, but make no mistake his choices do have consequences.

A candidate that bends and compromises to make the establishment happy is simply not acceptable to many Ron Paul supporters.

The establishment needs to be crushed, not negotiated with.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

While we are imagineering how about this:

Ron Paul did not give Rand his blessing to endorse Romney. Rand told him what he was going to do and Ron said "Do what you believe is best". That is because Ron doesn't tell people what to do and he doesn't always bless or endorse behaviour and speech that he says people should be free to engage in but with which he disagrees. That is the essence of liberty.

Because Rand is engaged in doing and saying things Ron would never do or say it is most likely that Ron MIGHT be disappointed. However since he already knows Rand and what he believes in he is not emotionally engaged in how he goes about seeking office, which is what most of Rand's supporters tell us is why he does and says the things that fly in the face of Ron Paul's message

As to the Daily Paul breaking Ron Paul's heart, if what I have said is true then that is impossible. His principled stand on free speech during his entire political life absolutely prohibits any such sentiment. Indeed it is very likely that those who oppose Rand are the very ones who most unequivocally embraced Ron Paul's message of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom. It was after all Ron Paul who said that sanctions are an act of war and he has not changed his mind on that if you read his own words at the Ron Paul Institute website.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)


Rand Paul is a controller and Ron Paul is a liberator. Of course we love our children but our nature is our nature.


BTW I didn't down vote you

I upvoted you because I love your passion even though we don't agree. The world needs more people like you


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Anyone remember this


Man has he came a long way. He went from being like his father it says.

This is the guy we know of now.


Sure didn't take long for him to jump on the israeli lobby. I wonder if he's doing it for votes or for money -- well either way it's still lying so I guess it don't matter right. We're in it too win it. Even if winning means giving up every single belief along the way to serve our masters. Forward March into the oven! GO!.

Lets make something clear

1. I will never be the great man my father is. I can only try and be like him. I know my shortcomings and I work hard to overcome them. I have my own ideas and beliefs. That's what makes me an individual. Sometimes I disagree with my Dad.

2. Ron Paul is one in a lifetime. We including Rand are all very fortunate to have him in our lives during our time on this rock. He is a hard act to follow and is the purest man of liberty able to articulate the message better than anyone I've seen since some of our forefathers during the days of enlightenment

3. Rand has a lot of his fathers attributes. His strategies seem to be of a different approach than his patriarch. He plays ball with the "seeing eye" and it doesn't sit well with many of us especially since we compare his every move to that of the Good Dr.

In the end what do we have? Who can best fill the seat of President? I'm not asking anyone to vote for Rand , I am only inviting you to consider who he is being compared to. I think Rand would do a good job and at times we would be getting in his face about the issue we covet if they are not in alignment.

I need to be honest and in full disclosure will admit that I'm not participating in the elections. I know some will hammer me for this but I have taken a new journey in life. I have witnessed with my own eyes how corrupt every corner of our system is and have come to realize that the only possible outcome is collapse of the system itself. I am not playing in the charade anymore.

I am free....


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


And dumber.


Ron Paul is sad.

This guy delivered over 4000 children incuding his own. Ron Paul doesn't tell people what to think.

It's as obvious as day Rand/Benton are now running the show. For instance have you noticed as of a month ago all the RNC letters making it our way. LOL They sold your names and addresses -- or was that Ron that did it??

Ron Paul in 30 years never once talked the way Rand does, or acts the way Rand does. Rand acts as if he's actually going to do soemthing. As if once he has completely isolated himself from his fathers entire movement he will have nobody left except for those he started with -- regular republicans that want government. That's why he has repeatedly said he is NOT A LIBERTARIAN.

We need to reopen the bets trade for this to make more sense. Talk just don't work for me -- we need to put some serious cash down to shut you fools up.

I wish you were here when Ron actually ran so you would of been of use rather then a psuedo-puppet in waiting for the mainstream.

Ron Paul sad over us disliking his SON THAT LIES LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. ROFL They are raking it in right now -- I don't think anyone is made personally. Expect the people like us that are paying for this. Not those full of talk that are the Rand fans, johnny-come -latelys.


I suppose somebody should get the response ball rolling and today it appears as though that will be me. As a parent, I have long since acknowledged my children's shortcomings and fallacies. Quite honestly, I am deeply saddened by some of the idiotic things mine have done over the years. I have accepted the fact that one's children are not necessarily a reflection of oneself or of ones beliefs and or moral code and thought processes. As it should be.I would venture to say that Ron Paul has acknowledged the same. Every parent longs to have kids they can be proud of that share their values and beliefs. This is where the similarities end for most. Fact remains, Rand Paul is a hypocrite and Ron Paul is not ! I cannot and will not attempt to validate any individual who does not possess the most basic convictions of being honest to himself or herself !

Jack Rose

let's be excited...

Rand is one of the greatest politicians in the last 100 years. He has a real shot of being the next President. All criticisms aside, how could any of us be against Ron Paul's son being President?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Pretty sure Robert Taft

Was the most exciting - and I'm almost positive that is what Ron said in End The Fed. Sorry.

Plus one, glad this is on the

Plus one, glad this is on the front page.

And you know this

HOW??? or is this just your opinion.

Do your best have no expectations

Anyone supporting sanctions against another country

...a country that has done nothing to us is not the kind of person I want representing me in government. I agree with many others. We can't shake hands with the devil.

My grandpa used to say "there

My grandpa used to say "there they go, a hundred little heart breaks in a row" then he would smile.

there is more support here for Rand, than not

op is delusional.

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Did you notice...

The OP date? :)

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The OP date? :)

The OP date? :)

The people are looking for their William Wallace

and it would appear there is no Braveheart for the people. Rand may have good intentions, but people are tired of politicians who play the game. The message will get lost if too many compromises are made by a politician.

Even if Rand's intentions

Even if Rand's intentions were good, he made a huge tactical mistake. We need to let him know it.

Ventura 2012

Supporters' hearts are million times more important

I don't care if his heart is broken. He has broken his promises! Campaign has blatantly refused to listen to its supporters and repeated put out damaging announcements, intereviews, endorsement that are totally and completely in disrespect for its supporters. Also campaign has lied about directing resources to securing delegates. Doug Wead also months ago in an interview stated the campaign was spending TONS of money per delegate. Give me a break! Hardly a penny! The delegate completely funded themselves. When hundreds to thousands of supporters from each state bond together to prepare and fund the conventions on their own, the campaign took our money and did nothing but damage. Totally despicable - liers on the face of the earth. No sugar coating. Wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!!

quit this gossip

and help get him elected check this out


Yeah.....its too bad that

Yeah.....its too bad that Rand got it all started by endorsing a warmongering statist on the radio show hosted by the same man who ORCHESTRATED the campaign to smear Ron as a Racist last December and January.

where's your proof?

Where's your proof Ron is at home wiping the tears and snot from his computer screen as he deletes the cookies from DP on his computer?

Until I hear RP in a video verbally say he's conceded and/or he is disappointed by his followers for their criticisms of his son's mind-numbing endorsement of Obamney on the Shamity show (on top of that during a campaign in which his father has not fully said he has conceded) - your post is NONSENSE.

Please explain

Rand Paul must have had an inkling of the explosion that occurred after he endorsed Romney without an explanation. He needs to tell us why he endorsed Romney so soon and didn't wait until the convention. Paul would have been in a much better bargaining position to win some concessions from Romney at the convention.

As it stands right now Romney isn't looking too good to the Republicans. He generates less enthusiasm at a rally than Barack Obama.

Ron B.

Your Logic is FLAWED

Um...I'm just going to quickly point out your flawed reasoning:

Ron may love his kids, but that doesn't mean that his kids feel the same way about him. I'm sure Rand loves Ron, but they've both stated that they have political differences, so it's quite logical to assume that Rand is doing for himself what he feels is best. And Ron - being the consummate diplomat, knows exactly how to handle it.

I think it's more clear that Ron DID NOT give his blessing to Rand's Romney Endorsement or he wouldn't have chosen those specific words at the texas convention: "If we unite behind a failed cause, what's the point of uniting?"

That's a clear statement against Rand's action to support a man who would have "signed the NDAA AS IT WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN," who won't take a serious look at the FED's role in our economy, and who won't make any drastic changes of any sort in one of the most corrupt cities on EARTH.

Ron didn't give his blessing.
Ron doesn't agree.

But he loves his kids no matter what foolish decisions they make.

Ron is the role model - setting the example at every turn.

So your're saying that

Ron Paul is OK with idiots on this site posting literally thousands of personal attacks about his son; and sending hate mail to his wife, because he doesn't agree with Rand's endorsement?

Solid Logic. :-/


its called, consequences.