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Ron Paul Worldwide: Translate Ron Paul Speeches Into Foreign Languages Project

Would it be possible for those of us who know foreign languages to translate Ron Paul's speeches so people in other countries can understand? I don't know how it would be done, but it would be awesome if we could translate his popular speeches and interviews that are on Youtube. Native bilingual speakers would be great and someone said it is the golden rule for translation. We will need at least two people per language for double checking purposes.

We should probably use a single video and use it to plug other things for ease of everyone's work. Im thinking that his prediction video is good to use for the hook to get people to watch and then the end of the video can plug Austrian Economics, inform about central banks and his books? I would also like to plug The Law by Frederic Bastiat. Ron Paul said that is a great starter book. Someone posted a video of his predictions with French subtitles and it received over 10,000 hits and a lot of comments in French, so it looks like a good choice.

Here is the transcript to the prediction video. I dont think the transcript is perfect because the video may have edited out some of the predictions: http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul29.html

The video:

I haven't heard of any other suggestions as far as videos, so you can start on the prediction video if you're up for translating. You can post your transcript here (Again, make sure the video matches your translation.) and others can cross check the video and text translation.

If anyone has any other ideas/suggestions let us know. This is an ongoing collaboration between all of us. Please check in for updates.


Someone mentioned that the CC function can be used, but it would be so much better to insert subtitles into the video itself and to have it written by a native speaker/writer.

As requested, here is the exact English version of the prediction video. Also, the 9/11 transcript/quotes below it needs to be translated please:

Mr. Speaker,

Our government intervention in the economy, the private affairs of citizens, and the internal affairs of foreign countries, leads to uncertainty and many unintended consequences. Here are some of the consequences about which we should be concerned.

I predict U.S. taxpayers will pay to rebuild Palestine, both the West Bank and the Gaza, as well as Afghanistan. U.S. taxpayers paid to bomb these areas, so we will be expected to rebuild them.

Peace, of sorts, will come to the Middle East, but will be short-lived. There will be big promises of more U.S. money and weapons flowing to Israel and to Arab countries allied with the United States.

U.S. troops and others will be used to monitor the "peace."

In time, an oil boycott will be imposed, with oil prices soaring to historic highs.

Current Israeli-United States policies will solidify Arab Muslim nations in their efforts to avenge the humiliation of the Palestinians. This will include those Muslim nations that in the past have fought against each other.

Some of our moderate Arab allies will be overthrown by Islamic fundamentalists.

The U.N. will continue to condemn, through resolutions, Israeli-U.S. policies in the Middle East, and they will be ignored.

Some European countries will clandestinely support the Muslim countries and their anti-Israel pursuits.

China, ironically assisted by American aid, much more openly will sell to militant Muslims the weapons they want, and will align herself with the Arab nations.

The United States, with Tony Blair as head cheerleader, will attack Iraq without proper authority, and a major war, the largest since World War II, will result.

Major moves will be made by China, India, Russia, and Pakistan in Central Asia to take advantage of the chaos for the purpose of grabbing land, resources, and strategic advantages sought after for years.

The Karzai government will fail, and U.S. military presence will end in Afghanistan.

An international dollar crisis will dramatically boost interest rates in the United States.

Price inflation, with a major economic downturn, will decimate U.S. Federal Government finances, with exploding deficits and uncontrolled spending.

Federal Reserve policy will continue at an expanding rate, with massive credit expansion, which will make the dollar crisis worse. Gold will be seen as an alternative to paper money as it returns to its historic role as money.

Erosion of civil liberties here at home will continue as our government responds to political fear in dealing with the terrorist threat by making generous use of the powers obtained with the Patriot Act.

Many American military personnel and civilians will be killed in the coming conflict.

The leaders of whichever side loses the war will be hauled into and tried before the International Criminal Court for war crimes. The United States will not officially lose the war, but neither will we win. Our military and political leaders will not be tried by the International Criminal Court.

The Congress and the President will shift radically toward expanding the size and scope of the Federal Government. This will satisfy both the liberals and the conservatives.

Military and police powers will grow, satisfying the conservatives. The welfare state, both domestic and international, will expand, satisfying the liberals. Both sides will endorse military adventurism overseas.

This is the most important of my predictions: Policy changes could prevent all of the previous predictions from occurring. Unfortunately, that will not occur. In due course, the Constitution will continue to be steadily undermined and the American Republic further weakened.

During the next decade, the American people will become poorer and less free, while they become more dependent on the government for economic security.

The war will prove to be divisive, with emotions and hatred growing between the various factions and special interests that drive our policies in the Middle East.

Agitation from more class warfare will succeed in dividing us domestically, and believe it or not, I expect lobbyists will thrive more than ever during the dangerous period of chaos.

I have no timetable for these predictions, but just in case, keep them around and look at them in 5 to 10 years. Let us hope and pray that I am wrong on all accounts. If so, I will be very pleased.

Here is the transcript (Selected quotes) from his 9/11 prediction video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hJTisovvjc)

On December 16, 1998:

Ron Paul is asked for his opinion on the President Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings and Iraq:

For us to unleash bombs on Iraq at this particular time to kill more innocent people for narrow political reasons, no there is absolutely no need to cause more bombing because of a very overall flawed foreign policy...I think the charges are way too mild and not touching the issues that I would like to touch...that's what we should be addressing, but I wish the Congress would address the unconstitutionality of Presidents waging war. That to me is a lot more serious than Monica Lewinsky, let me tell yeah. It has nothing to with national security. Matter of fact, our national security is more jeopardized by permitting this to happen because we're liable to start a war. We're liable to have our military men killed. We're liable to have more attacks on us by terrorists.

Also, these quotes before 9/11: (This should be enough material to impress those who don't know about Ron Paul)

February 2nd, 1999

“Our foolish policy in Iraq invites terrorist attacks against U.S. territory and incites Islamic fundamentalists against us.”

November 17, 1999

“From Korea and Vietnam to Serbia, Iran, Iraq and now Afghanistan, we have ventured far from our shores in search of wars to fight...There is no evidence that this policy serves the interests of world peace. It certainly increases the danger to all Americans as we become the number one target of terrorists. Conventional war against the United States is out of the question, but acts of terrorism, whether it is the shooting down of a civilian airliner or bombing a New York City building, are almost impossible to prevent in a reasonably open society.”

July 17, 2001

“Our arrogant policy and attitude of superiority will continue to elicit a smoldering hatred toward us and out of sheer frustration will motivate even more terrorist attacks against us.”

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This is a GREAT project!

There are Civil Rights and Freedom Movement research centers all around the world, cognizant of the quick loss of civil liberties in the USA, esp since 9-11. Translated work of Ron Paul will help steer the alarmed citizens away from MORE authoritarian crony-(fake)capitalism, communism & socialism and towards liberty.


I would volunteer as one of two translating it into Swedish. The value is perhaps limited since even the old understand English well in my country, a product of not having programs and films dubbed.
The most crucial languages are French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and traditional Arabic. In the countries speaking it, knowledge of English is generally poor and the populations are vast.

None the same I'm up for it. Any other Swede around? Contact me.

Native Chinese speaker.

Native Chinese speaker. followed Dr. Paul for a while. care about politics and people in both countries. would give full support to this project. What is the current status of this project? just translate and post here?

TV - Main Stream Media - Consultants Speech

Another video release of Dr. Paul today:


This was the Main Stream Media asking Dr. Paul's reactions and thoughts on the Greek Bailout.

It's very standard rhetoric straight from his consistent stance on economic issues. Here, he packages his economic wisdom in the light of the Greek Bailout.

He could say "I told you so", and he does but just in a kinder, more gentle fashion. He says this as if he were a Confucius of our age.

This is a short video clip, so this makes this very approachable. Quick work could be made of this one.

As to copyright of this work. Over dubbing this in Mandarin would be a "derivative" and our work would be protected as "Educational". And that he is a public servant and public figure, this is "pubic domain", and this is not arguable.

Do you know a lady who is a native Mandarin speaker? We would need a lady to do the lady's part.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".



Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Mandarin Student Here

There is another person who is translating into Mandarin, I would like to be a part of the Mandarin Team and perhaps gather Mandarin speakers and students together to work as a Team.

I think that creating captions in Mandarin, that can then be run on YouTube within a speech, is one of the best ways to do this. There are many doing this in other languages, and at least one person doing this in Mandarin. And then that Mandarin captioned speech can be uploaded to a YouTube channel.

Also, the information that appears below the video can be search engine optimized in Chinese Characters, so those that are using the internet to search for topics that Ron Paul speaks about, and using Chinese characters to do that will then hit that YouTube video.

The video can then be posted, or embedded into the popular Mandarin and Chinese language social networking portals.

Please contact me here, through the messaging interface here, if you would like to build a team to translate into Mandarin. We can put many Mandarin and English native speakers who are MSL together.

Then we might divide the work among many.

Here is the most recent speech from Ron Paul, it's short, and straight forward. It came out today. It also comes at a very critical time in the campaign.


This video released today is in HD, full HD, good lighting, good audio also, so it's a good resource to work with.

I am a member of the Executive Committee for Lawyers for Ron Paul and I appear as a contact on the latest press release, so I'm very serious about this project. I want to help in any way that I can.

If a "voice over" or an "over-dubbing", of a speech could be done, using your native speaking ability, that would be fantastic.

If I practice enough, I could also do a voice over. Seeing the same speech by a native speaker voice over, and then an American speaking decent Mandarin ... might be something very, very special.

Plus, free Mandarin lesson for me, :)

Maybe the things that are currently coming out, like "Mandarin Ron Paul News", that might be fun also.

革命!We could wear cowboy pistols in leather holsters too!

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Fantastic idea

If there's going to be "globalism", let it be global capitalism

Hello freedom loving

Hello freedom loving americans.

This is kind of off topic but im wondering if the book ''liberty define'' can be translated in Spanish?? or if there is any out there??

Would great to have that book spread around

Freedom is universal!

Thanks for the translations

Thanks for the translations down there! Hopefully we can get a video going as soon, but it depends how quickly the work on the translation end of it happens.

Easy way to translate in multiple languages

I update several blogs for some of my clients and they all offer a "Translation Tool". Here is a blog I update for a friend of mine http://eastfriesiansheep.com

At the very bottom of the page I have placed a "translate widget" which take about 20 seconds to convert the blog into a different language. I am not bi-lingual so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the translation but maybe some of you on the DP could check to make sure it reads correctly. If it does than the easiest way to offer translation in multiple languages would be to blog it in English and use the translate tool. Just a thought...

Finally pissed off enough to spread the word of Dr. Paul
Here's song I wrote for a close friend and wounded Iraq war veteran:

Dutch translation

And hereby the Dutch translation that I promised yesterday.

I've translated both the longer prediction video as well as the separate quotes with predictions.
Between the horizontal bars I've indicated which part it is via the original English request.

A note for Dutch visitors:

- Changes/translations suggestions are always welcome.

- Did you already know that during our own Dutch elections on September 12th, it will be possible to vote for a Liberatarian Party? Please visit: http://www.libertarischepartij.nl/ for more information. :-)

As requested, here is the exact English version of the prediction video. Also, the 9/11 transcript/quotes below it needs to be translated please:

Geachte Spreker,

De invloed die de overheid uitoefent op de economie,
de privé-zaken van burgers, en de interne zaken van
andere landen, leidt tot onzekerheid en veel onbedoelde
gevolgen. Hier volgen een aantal van dit soort
gevolgen waar we ons zorgen om moeten maken.

Ik voorspel dat Amerikaanse belastingbetalers zullen gaan
betalen voor het herstellen en herbouwen van Palestina, zowel voor
de Westelijke Jordaanoever als voor de Gazastrook, maar ook voor Afghanistan.
Amerikaanse belastingbetalers hebben betaald voor het bombarderen van deze
gebieden, dus zal er ook van ze verwacht worden om ze te herbouwen.

Er zal een soort van vrede komen in het Midden-Oosten, maar het zal
maar van korte duur zijn. Er zullen grote beloftes zijn om meer
Amerikaans geld en wapentuig te sturen richting Israel en de
Arabische landen die een bondgenoot zijn van de Verenigde Staten.

Amerikaanse troepen zullen samen met anderen ingezet worden om
deze "vrede" in de gaten te houden.

Op termijn zal er een olie-boycot opgelegd worden, waardoor
de prijs van olie naar historische hoogten zal stijgen.

Het huidige Israëlisch-Amerikaanse beleid zal de islamitische Arabische
landen er in sterken om wraak te nemen voor de vernedering van de
Palestijnen. Dit omvat islamitische landen die in het verleden
met elkaar gevochten hebben.

De regimes van enkele van onze gematigde Arabische bondgenoten zullen omver
geworpen worden door islamitische fundamentalisten.

De Verenigde Naties zullen doorgaan met het, door middel van resoluties,
veroordelen van het huidige huidige Israëlisch-Amerikaanse beleid.
Dit zal genegeerd worden.

Enkele Europese landen zullen clandestien steun verlenen aan islamitische
landen en hun anti-Israëlische activiteiten.

China, ironisch genoeg gesteund door Amerikaanse hulp, zal steeds openlijker
aan militante moslims de wapens verkopen die deze graag willen hebben. Tevens
zal China zich steeds meer aansluiten bij de Arabische landen.

De Verenigde Staten, met Tony Blair als belangrijkste cheerleader, zal Irak
aan gaan vallen zonder te beschikken over de juiste autoriteit hiervoor.
Een grote oorlog, de grootste sinds de Tweede Wereldoorlog, zal het gevolg zijn.

Grote stappen zullen in Centraal-Azië gezet worden door China, India, Rusland
en Pakistan. Ze zullen de ontstane chaos in hun voordeel gebruiken om land en
natuurlijke hulpbronnen veroveren en om de strategische voordelen te behalen die
ze al jaren nastreven.

De regering-Karzai zal falen en de militaire aanwezigheid van de Verenigde
Staten in Afghanistan zal eindigen.

Een internationale Dollar crisis zal de rentepercentages drastisch doen stijgen
in de Verenigde Staten.

Prijsinflatie en een grote economische neergang zal het budget van de federale
overheid van de Verenigde Staten decimeren, met enorme tekorten en ongecontroleerde

Het beleid van de Federal Reserve zal worden voortgezet in een toenemend tempo.
Dit, samen met een gigantische kredietexpansie, zal de Dollar crisis doen verergeren.
Goud zal gezien worden als een alternatief voor papieren valuta terwijl het terugkeert
naar zijn historische rol als geld.

De vrijheden van burgers in de V.S. zelf zullen verder eroderen door het vrijelijk
gebruik van de Patriot Act. Dit als onze overheid reageert op politieke angst in
de omgang met de terroristische dreiging.

Veel Amerikaanse burgers en militairen, zullen omkomen in het komende conflict.

De leiders van de zijde die de oorlog verliest, zullen naar het Internationaal
Strafhof gesleept worden en berecht worden voor oorlogsmisdaden. De Verenigde
Staten zullen officieel niet de oorlog verliezen, maar we zullen hem ook niet
winnen. Onze militaire en politieke leiders zullen niet berecht worden door het
Internationale Strafhof.

Het Congress en de President zullen radicaal veranderen en gaan bewegen in de
richting een groeiende Federale Overheid, zowel van qua omvang als qua reikwijdte
Dit naar tevredenheid van zowel de liberalen als de conservatieven.

De bevoegdheden van het leger en de politie zullen groeien, dit naar tevredenheid
van de conservatieven. De verzorgingsstaat, zowel nationaal als internationaal, zal
uitbreiden, dit naar tevredenheid van de liberalen. Beide zijden zullen hun
goedkeuring verlenen aan overzeese militaire avonturen.

Dit is de belangrijkste van mijn voorspellingen. Een verandering van ons beleid
kan alle voorgaande voorstellingen voorkomen. Helaas zal deze verandering er
niet komen. Na verloop van tijd zal de grondwet gestaag ondermijnd worden en
zal de Amerikaanse republiek verder verzwakken.

Gedurende de volgende tien jaar zal de Amerikaanse bevolking armer worden en
vrijheden verliezen. Dit terwijl ze ondertussen steeds afhankelijker wordt van de
overheid voor economische zekerheid.

Het zal blijken dat de oorlog voor verdeeldheid zal zorgen, met oplopende emoties en
toenemende haat tussen de verschillende facties en de speciale belangen die ons beleid
in het Midden-Oosten sturen.

Agitatie ontstaan uit een toenemende klassenstrijd zal er in slagen om ons te verdelen
in ons eigen land en, geloof het of niet, ik verwacht dat de lobbyisten hier, onder deze
omstandigheden, meer dan ooit zullen bloeien tijdens deze gevaarlijke periode van chaos.

Ik heb geen precies tijdschema voor deze voorspellingen, maar houd ze voor de zekerheid
maar bij de hand en bekijk ze over 5 tot 10 jaar nog eens. Laten we hopen en bidden dat
ik het mis het op alle punten. Als dat zo is, dan zal ik zeer tevreden zijn.

Here is the transcript (Selected quotes) from his 9/11 prediction video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hJTisovvjc)

Op 16 December, 1998:

Ron Paul wordt gevraagd naar zijn mening over de afzettingsprocedure tegen
President Bill Clinton en Irak:

"Om op dit moment, voor kortzichtige politieke redenen, onze bommen te laten vallen op Irak.
Om meer onschuldige mensen te vermoorden, nee er is geen enkele reden om meer bommen te laten
vallen vanwege een op zeer veel punten falend politiek beleid… Ik denk dat de beschuldigingen
veel te mild zijn en niet over die zaken gaan waar ik het graag over zou willen hebben… dat is
waar we aandacht aan zouden moeten schenken, ik zou willen dat het Congress zich bezig zou houden
met presidenten die ongrondwettelijk op oorlogspad gaan. Dat is voor mij een zaak die een stuk
ernstiger is dan Monica Lewinksy. Laat ik je vertellen, het heeft niets met nationale veiligheid te maken.
Sterker nog, onze nationale veiligheid wordt juist meer bedreigd omdat we dit laten
gebeuren. Dit omdat de kans toeneemt dat we een oorlog zullen starten, dat er militairen om zullen
komen en omdat de kans toeneemt dat er meer terroristische aanslagen tegen ons gepleegd zullen worden."

Also, these quotes before 9/11: (This should be enough material to impress those who don't know about Ron Paul)

2 Februari, 1999:

"Ons dwaze beleid in Irak lokt terreuraanslagen uit op Amerikaans grondgebied
en jaagt islamitische fundamentalisten tegen ons in het harnas."

17 November, 1999:

"Van Korea en Vietnam tot Servië, Iran, Irak en nu Afghanistan. Op zoek naar oorlogen
om te vechten hebben we hebben ons ver van onze eigen kust gewaagd… Er is geen enkel
bewijs dat dit beleid de wereldvrede ten goede komt. Het verhoogt echter zeker het gevaar voor
alle Amerikanen omdat we uitgegroeid zijn tot het belangrijkste doelwit voor terroristen.
Een conventionele oorlog tegen de Verenigde Staten zal niet plaatsvinden, maar
terroristische activiteiten, of het nu het neerschieten van een passagiersvliegtuig
of een bomaanslag op een gebouw in New York is, zijn bijna onmogelijk om te voorkomen
in een redelijk open samenleving.

17 Juli, 2001:

"Ons arrogante beleid en de houding van superioriteit zal continue een smeulende
haat tegen ons opwekken en uit pure frustratie zal het alleen maar meer terroristische aanslagen
tegen ons uitlokken."

Dutch translations

Hello Ethan,

Great job on the translation. As I am also a native Dutch speaker and a near-native English speaker I would be more than happy to assist you with any English-Dutch translations when needed.
For a while I've been thinking of translating Ron Paul's book in Dutch as well but haven't undertaken any real action yet. Maybe this could be a shared project?

prediction video transcript - in romanian

Domnule purtator de cuvant,

Interventia Guvernului nostru in economie, in treburile private ale cetatenilor si in probleme interne ale altor state duce la incertitudine si la multe consecinte nedorite. Iata cateva din consecintele care ar trebui sa ne preocupe.

Previzionez ca platitorii de taxe americani vor suporta reconstruirea Palestinei, atat pentru West Bank cat si pentru Gaza, la fel si pentru Afghanistan. Contribuabilii americani au platit pentru bombardamentul acestor zone, asadar se asteapta ca noi sa le reconstruim.

Pacea, sau ceva de genul, se va asterne in Orientul Mijlociu, dar va fi de scurta durata. Vor fi mari promisiuni pentru mai multe arme si bani americani care vor curge spre Israel si spre tarile arabe aliate ale Statelor Unite.

Trupe americane si altele vor fi folosite pentru a monitoriza "pacea".

Cu timpul, un embargo pe titei va fi impus, si pretul carburantilor va creste la niveluri istorice.

Politicile curente dintre Israel si Statele Unite vor solidifica natiunile musulmane in eforturile lor de a razbuna umilirea palestinienilor. Asta va include acele natiuni musulmane care in trecut s-au luptat unele cu altele.

Unele din regimurile arabe moderate care acum ne sunt aliate vor fi rasturnate de catre fundamentalisti islamici.

Natiunile Unite vor continua sa condamne, prin rezolutii, politicile americano-israeliene din Orientul Mijlociu, si vor fi ignorate.

Unele state europene vor sprijini clandestin natiunile musulmane si intreprinderile lor anti-israeliene.

China, in mod ironic asistata de ajutoarele americane, va vinde mai "pe fata" catre militantii musulmani armele pe care acestia le vor, si se va alinia cu natiunile arabe.

Statele Unite, cu Tony Blair pe post de majoreta-sef, vor ataca Irakul fara autorizarea necesara si un razboi major, cel mai mare de la Al Doilea Razboi Mondial, va rezulta.

Miscari majore vor fi facute de catre China, India, Rusia si Pakistan in Asia Centrala pentru a profita de haos in scopul acapararii de pamant, resurse si avantaje strategice urmarite de ani intregi.

Guvernul Karzai va esua iar prezenta militara americana va lua sfarsit in Afghanistan.

O criza internationala a dolarului american va mari dramatic dobanzile in Statele Unite.

Inflatia preturilor, si o majora panta economica descendenta, vor decima finantele Guvernului Federal al Statelor Unite, cu explozia deficitelor si cheltuieli necontrolate.

Politica Rezervei Federale va continua intr-un ritm expansiv, cu masive cresteri ale creditului, ceea ce va accentua criza dolarului. Aurul va fi vazut ca o alternativa la banii de hartie pe masura ce acesta va reveni la rolul sau istoric de moneda.

Erodarea libertatilor civile acasa va continua pe masura ce guvernul raspunde la frica politica intru abordarea amenintarii teroriste prin uzul generos al puterilor obtinute prin "Patriot Act".

Mult personal militar si multi civili americani vor fi ucisi in conflictul ce va urma.

Liderii oricarei parti care va pierde razboiul vor fi carati si judecati in fata Curtii Internationale pentru Crime de Razboi. Statele Unite nu vor pierde oficial razboiul, dar nici nu-l vom castiga. Liderii nostri militari si politici nu vor fi judecati de Curtea Internationala pentru Crime de Razboi.

Congresul si Presedintia vor inclina agresiv inspre expansiunea dimensiunii si scopului Guvernului Federal. Asta ii va satisface atat pe "liberali" (n.r. - stanga) cat si pe conservatori (n.r. - dreapta).

Puterile armatei si politiei vor creste, satisfacand conservatorii. Statul social, atat in acasa cat si in strainatate, se va umfla, satisfacand "liberalii". Ambele parti vor achiesa la aventurismul militar international.

Aceasta este insa cea mai importanta dintre prezicerile mele: schimbarile politicilor ar putea preveni implinirea tuturor predictiilor anterioare. Din pacate, acest lucru nu se va intampla. Conform asteptarilor, Constitutia va continua sa fie subminata incetisor si Republica Americana va fi in continuare slabita.

In urmatoarul deceniu, poporul american va deveni mai sarac si mai putin liber, pe masura ce va deveni mai dependent de guvern pentru siguranta sa economica.

Razboiul se va dovedi a fi diviziv, pe masura ce emotiile si ura vor creste intre variatele factiuni si grupari de interese ce conduc politicile noastre in Orientul Mijlociu.

Agitatia razboiului de clasa va reusi sa ne dezbine pe plan intern si, fie ca va vine a crede sau nu, ma astept ca lobby-istii sa prospere mai mult ca oricand in timpul acestei periculoase perioade de haos.

Nu am un calendar pentru aceste previziuni dar, pentru orice eventualitate, pastrati-le la indemana si uitati-va la ele in urmatorii 5-10 ani. Sa speram ca ma insel in toate privintele. In cazul acesta, voi fi foarte multumit.



awesome job... maybe using Banca Centrala instead of Rezerva Federala could sound better, but awesome job indeed.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression.
Frontline: The Untouchables

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Zero skill

I have zero computer skill. But, I have always loved how this one enormous message, in dozens of languages was put together for the world to see.


I'm proud to say that

I was part of that great project, helping translate it into three slavic languages. If there's anyone who wishes to translate the Philosophy of Liberty into any other language that isn't available yet, please get in touch. We've got the flash project files that can be edited to suit your language and then produced.

Ron Paul Revolution is spreading around the world: Freedom and Prosperity TV: libertarian network of alternative media in Western Balkans

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You should be proud

That is an amazing project.

great idea! Granted many of

great idea! Granted many of the world's people speak english. I think Spanish is a big one, also chinese and maybe russian.

Ventura 2012

Rand Paul, "Estoy de acuerdo con Mitt Romney"

para obtener permiso de Paul Fest

Dutch (Nederlands) !

I can and I'm willing to do the Dutch version tomorrow @ native level. (Need sleep badly now ;o)


If someone could then help me by inserting the translated text to a video, that would be great. No experience w/ that nor the software.. and machine is rather slow a.t.m. :(

Hey neighbour! I'm pretty bad

Hey neighbour! I'm pretty bad in dutch but check "belgians for ron paul" on fb, there are a lot of flemmishes that could help you ;)

Hi! :-D Liberty lovers are

Hi! :-D

Liberty lovers are everywhere, this topic proves that ;-)

Thank you very much for the offer to help.

Earlier today I already added the promised Dutch translation:

If you have suggestions for improvements please let me know :)

completely un-related comment

Good luck tomorrow against Germany in the Euro! I'm rooting for orenji!

Obviously Dr. Pauls victory is more important, but still!

Thank you! :-) We're going to

Thank you! :-)

We're going to need it. Although it is certainly possible, Germany is also certainly not an easy country to beat. We're soo going to need that victory!

But yeah, the spreading of Peace, Liberty and Gold is more important! :-D

Translation is also done. Will post it in a separate reply. :)

Chinese for Dr.Ron Paul

Chinese for Dr.Ron Paul


ploaded by thisisyourwakeup on Dec 4, 2011

people all over the world are hoping that Ron Paul will be elected ( and do what he says he must do) all nationalities, all religions and this is not the baloney hype that accompanied Obama with his teleprompter and endless amount of white shirts . This is from thoughtful people so i hope Asian Americans will make sure they vote for Ron Paul
Japanese Americans, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Filipino Americans , Indian Americans, native Americans, stop being marginalised use your economic and voting power to make a difference


Please make some messages to Singaporean Chinese people. Singapore authority/media totally cut Dr.Paul's existence and manumitting the citizen of Singapore. I am Japanese but I cannot understand Chinese. I also think it is easier to pass message by own language especially to elders. Thank you.

With Dr.Paul as a world leader, we can make world as peaceful place and able to bring positive future to our children and next generation. Let's work hard and spread message. Dr. Paul 2012!!!!

rutilequartzlight 4 months ago

maybe you could start or join a Japanese or Japanese Americans for Ron Paul. I am sure that there are already many Japanese people who are sick and tired of this mess , the endless wars, the corruption and the lobbying. In this issue I would say that Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Indians etc all have a lot in common. Dr Paul is the last chance to avoid World war 3. What worries me is that too many people are apathetic and that this last chance will pass.

thisisyourwakeup in reply to rutilequartzlight 4 months ago

another issue is that Singapore is very much integrated into the new world order. Singapore has even agreed to host US warships something that China, Indonesia and Malaysia all oppose. as a Japanese you know what a problem US military facilities are. That applies to US facilities in Korea and the Philippines too. Thank you for being on the side of peace and I am sure that you will make a lot of friends with other Asians who are sick and tired of the Zionists who rule America

thisisyourwakeup in reply to rutilequartzlight 4 months ago

thanks a lot for this great feedback. this issue unites good people from all countries . Could you make a video in Japanese expressing your support for Dr Paul. upload it to your channel when its finished and I will copy it to my channel. This is a critical juncture in human history so act now. Please tell me when its ready and i will upload it

You made some new friends today

thisisyourwakeup in reply to rutilequartzlight 4 months ago

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Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

The beautiful sound of Liberty in Mandarin !

I'm simply mind blown!

This thread is HUGE!

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Ron Paul 2012 Deutsch: Hoffnung für die Menschheit

und Switz. & Bavaria

Ron Paul 2012 Deutsch: Hoffnung für die Menschheit


Uploaded by ronpaul2012schweiz on Jan 2, 2012

Teil 1 über den Präsidentschaftskandidaten Ron Paul in Deutsch

Lerne mehr über Ron Paul auf:



Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.



When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

subtitle workshop and youtube

I translated Ron's CPAC 2009 speech into my native German.

Then I chopped the translation into small text blocks
and syncronized these using a free software called
Subtitle Workshop 4.0.0 Beta 4.

Subtitle Workshop 4.0.0 Beta 4 is virus free - and free of annoying advertising. Despite its odd beta status it is clearly an almost perfect tool for the chore of subtitling.
Its only disadvantage is that its only available for Windows - and not for Mac nor Linuxes.

All in all it took me about 12 hours to edit the video, then translate the words and then align them to the the video. But I am a slow worker.

But now the good part:
The result translation can be uploaded to youtube in SRT format.
Thus existing Ron Paul speeches on youtube can receive any number of translations in different languages.

Even if youtube decides to suppress Ron's speeches one day, we would still be able to distribute the subtitle and video files via anonymous file sharings and viewers could then easily view them with the VLC software - the most widespread and freeware media player.

I will try to upload an example onto youtube within one week.

I also have a project to translate any texts into any number of languages paragraph-wise with versioning and auditing like wikipedia. But as I am only a tiny software guy - this works is only 40 percent complete.


Peter Buchmann