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RPVC: We got em! All we need is 20 voters from Travis County #247 to file affidavits and they're busted!

To the statutory code court system, an affidavit of truth is metaphorically like a NUKE - It can't be answered because the answer MUST be the truth otherwise the criminals go to jail for perjury. They must provide evidence that you are lying. An affidavit is admissible in any court and if unanswered - becomes a fact in the case which can't be denied.

Travis County is divided into 210 neighborhood voting precincts.

The following official data came from Dr K's post here:


According to Travis County officials - Ron Paul received only 19 votes out of Travis County!

This is what RonPaulVoteCount.Org was designed for. Can we get 20 affidavits filed out of Travis County precinct #247 in order to back up the judge's case?


Please bump or comment to keep this up until we can round up 20 revolutionaries out of Travis County Texas #247.

EDIT: After checking RPVC data I've found 7 voters in Travis County but NO affidavits. We need ALL Travis County voters to sign and upload. We especially need every RP voter from Travis Count Precinct 247 (Austin) to sign in that they voted and upload the affidavit. Urgent: must do before they Texas certifies so we can shut down the board of elections. The 7 known Travis county voters who have signed in need to log in and upload their affidavits ASAP.

The key is to get ALL Ron Paul voters to sign in from specific precincts so we can get a real count. Download your affidavit, notarize it, and upload it to the site.


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Has anyone tried the meetup groups in the area? Most of them have mailing lists.

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I voted for Ron Paul

in Travis County. How do I know if I was at #247?

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call the local municipal

call the local municipal building and ask


Can someone or a group in the precinct print out a precinct list and do a precinct walk?

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Dear RPvGoldman Sachs and Dr

Dear RPvGoldman Sachs and Dr K - any update or news. I still remember watching one of the first primaries when Dr Paul was at 40% (way ahead of the pack) only to watch it disappear. The charts are amazing to see the actual vote flipping.

I'm pretty sure *if* someone

I'm pretty sure *if* someone voted is public record most everywhere. Could the list just be acquired from the county clerk / election commissioner? From there it would be a simple task to just cold call the voters.


for great importance. :)



2 more Travis county

That makes 13

While I have your attention it is important to point out that we only need ONE affidavit from many precincts in Maine (Waldo county) and there's about 8 precincts in Iowa which were never counted.

0 VOTES recorded for these precincts. 1 affidavit in those cases really screws the pooch for the establishment vote riggers.

Hitting Facebook now

Most counties have their own "For Ron Paul" pages. I'll see if I can find one for Waldo County, Maine.

Can you tell us which counties in Iowa?

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Anything new here?

Yes... we're now at 11 known Travis county voters (that's 4 additional) however still no affidavits from them (which is when we find out what precinct they are in). We should get some more activity once I send out the member update.

We're working on the first membership update - to email to the entire membership. May be able to get it out today but I'm hung up on one item that I wanted to include.

(I don't like sending people a ton of email.)

So stay tuned... either today or latest tomorrow (without that item if necessary) the email will go out.

Anyone local to help??

Is there anyone in Travis county that can lend a few minutes to drive to and get signatures for these people?


I have a partial voter roll for Travis County, those mailed

the SBs. There is the script, here. Is there anyone out there who can help make calls? Two of us are doing so currently.

I can send the excell spread sheet to known activists; help is needed also to hunt down phone numbers. I have the full excell for precinct 238 also, which is Anne Beckett's actual precinct.

Here is the script you would use; join us in this effort

Script for Confirming Ron Paul Votes in Suspect Precinct

Hello Ms./Mr. ___________. I’m __________ ____________ with Citizens for Honest Voting Poll and I’m conducting research to see if anyone in your family voted for Ron Paul. We’re conducting grassroots research exit poll to confirm the results of the recent election in your precinct.

(If yes)...great, did you vote for Dr. Paul in the presidential election in precinct __________? (If yes) Great: did any of your family members do so? Do you know anyone else who voted for him in your precinct? We have reason to believe that the vote count in your precinct isn’t accurate. Just trying to confirm the vote as best as possible to keep our voting honest.

Would it be OK (Ms./Mr. ____) if I send you a special form for confirming the vote? Would it be possible to get your email (or send to the address)?

You can also confirm you vote on-line. Are you on the Internet (steer towww.ronpaulvotecount.org)?

Would it be OK to get some more information from you, so I can help you confirm your vote?

Would you also be willing to do an affidavit to confirm your vote? This way ALL Ron Paul votes will be recognized.
(Or, you can offer to send or email the form to them)

Answers to standard questions:

"My voting info is private." A- that is fully appreciated but you would like to see truly honest voting, wouldn't you? That's why we're doing this poll."

"What do you hope to accomplish with all this?" A- "just to make sure the voting is entirely accurate and honest. This is important for you and for the future of our country, wouldn't you agree?"

You can also say, if someone questions you vigorously, “Just wanted to make sure that your vote counts.”

Note: then go through the After-Action Exit Poll and get all the voters’ information. Stress the importance of the affidavit, if they could do it. Tell them that this is powerful proof of the vote, the kind of proof needed to keep the voting honest. Keep track of all the voters and the vote total. Then, you’ll fill out an affidavit confirming the assessment.

It's not just the signatures.

The affidavits also have to be notarized by a notary public.

Affidavit is linked at the bottom of the post.


Also a good tip is that many banks notarize for free even if you don't have an account with them.

This is great!

This is great!

Anthing new?

Is there any news on this?

Any updates?

Any updates?

Bump for importance

Any updates on this?

Long arm of the Law

We filed in AZ today! The Federal Lawsuit was filed yesterday. Nail these SOBs to the floor. Sign up to help now.

Can't The Judge of Elections

Request the sign in sheet for the voters that showed up at this precinct? I know this data is collected and the list of names does exist. Then, we would know exactly who to ask. Seems like a no-brainer to me. IS there some problem I am not seeing?


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Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk


Lets find them!!!