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RPVC: We got em! All we need is 20 voters from Travis County #247 to file affidavits and they're busted!

To the statutory code court system, an affidavit of truth is metaphorically like a NUKE - It can't be answered because the answer MUST be the truth otherwise the criminals go to jail for perjury. They must provide evidence that you are lying. An affidavit is admissible in any court and if unanswered - becomes a fact in the case which can't be denied.

Travis County is divided into 210 neighborhood voting precincts.

The following official data came from Dr K's post here:


According to Travis County officials - Ron Paul received only 19 votes out of Travis County!

This is what RonPaulVoteCount.Org was designed for. Can we get 20 affidavits filed out of Travis County precinct #247 in order to back up the judge's case?


Please bump or comment to keep this up until we can round up 20 revolutionaries out of Travis County Texas #247.

EDIT: After checking RPVC data I've found 7 voters in Travis County but NO affidavits. We need ALL Travis County voters to sign and upload. We especially need every RP voter from Travis Count Precinct 247 (Austin) to sign in that they voted and upload the affidavit. Urgent: must do before they Texas certifies so we can shut down the board of elections. The 7 known Travis county voters who have signed in need to log in and upload their affidavits ASAP.

The key is to get ALL Ron Paul voters to sign in from specific precincts so we can get a real count. Download your affidavit, notarize it, and upload it to the site.


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OMG! Sara!

At this point I won't even call you a troll. I can't even be mad, because you are insanely hysterical at this point. Please put down the aerosol can and pull yourself together, seriously. I think you need to call a friend, you are in desperate need of some sort of intervention.

I'm sorry but...

False. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce. The only way to rebutt an affidavit is with another affidavit. No establishment opp is going to file an affidavit against you.

I'm not advising this... but because your premise is correct that "anyone can sign an affidavit" - the question is... who can prove that you didn't vote for Ron Paul... unless they can show you never even registered in the first place? So basically there's not a damn thing the establishment can do if registered voters who actually didn't vote for Ron Paul lied on an affidavit. Maybe they were sitting home smoking a bowl or something... watching Ron Paul videos.

Those are just the hard cold facts. I would not file an affidavit of truth if the truth was not on it. That's just me - and hopefully it's most DPers - I want to win an honest election - I believe we won it honestly if the votes were counted fair and square.

We have the truth on our side: All we need to do now is put it down on paper and get it notarized. THEY CAN'T ANSWER: You just handcuffed the system.

Ironic huh?

It is clear that the campaign staff

or at least some are working against the movement. What difference does it make anyway when the "campaign" wants us to roll over? Get a grip. We don't need direction from them to do what is right. Uncovering voter fraud would all be worth it..

I don't care what the "campaign" thinks: They are now irrelevant

All I care about is if Ron Paul wants to be president.

Sure seemed like he was just getting warmed up at the Texas convention didn't it?



RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Well RP does not WANT to "be" President, but I hope we

force the issue on him... (smile)

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We ddn't get the memo.

Voter fraud will take this nation down. Evil will flurish when good men do nothing. We have these people.

Please explain the strategy. How will getting someone to sign

an affidavit prove voter fraud?

Hey genius

The burden of proof would be upon whom? I think you're having a meltdown. A nervous breakdown. We get it: You are officially endorsing election fraud - a felony. As in treason. Orange jumpsuits.

Sorry....but he burden of

Sorry....but he burden of proof is on you to prove fraud...and simply having people say...even in an affidavit that they voted one way does NOT overcome the burden of proof.

(Seriously...were you honestly suggesting that the burden of proof is on the defendants? If so, what the hell are you DOING in this country if you know so little about the law?)

It is not troll like to actually KNOW the law instead of just guessing based on what you see on Law and Order reruns.

Affidavits are good STARTING POINTS in a case...NOT irrefutable proof.

Since there is no way to PROVE that the people who signed the affidavits are lying or telling the truth (meaning there is NO real danger of perjury charged) the courts know that they are not reliable.

But...if I am wrong (which I am not) please find me just ONE case (criminal case where the burden of proof is greater) where an affidavit was the main evidence used to convict. Just one.

Hey Einstein

I fill out an affadavit that I voted who I voted for. YOU who seems to think you are some sort of all knowing being... asserts that I am a liar. Really? Prove it. Prove it in court. Multiply that by thousands. Add evidence from the federal elections commission's own website that I maxed out. Prove I'm lying with a computer generated transaction. You people are pathetic. You think you're smart. Uh huuh.

Figure it out yourself

you Fraud. Your a troll, a Plant.



Delegates their affidavit strategy is a hoax


Warn people on twitter, facebook. don't give away our info


LOL! Sara has me laughing so

LOL! Sara has me laughing so hard! Am I the only one who envisions this trick stumbling around the house with a bottle of mad dog 20/20 and a IBM Think Pad?


now you have me laughing hard

You don't get trolled unless you're doing something right...

Or potentially you could be on the right track.

Are we getting warmer?

You are a Pathetic Plant


go see a doctor and get a TROLL-OMNEY... It replaces your 2008 Obama vote for your 2012 ROMNEY vote.

Honor who?

A whole post to call names. I don't understand.

Yes I see S's posts. This is not about her.

Free includes debt-free!

Honor Who , What?

Your Failure to understand the Greek Language in your feeble attempt to discern what my Dp name, makes you look foolish.

And what is it about?

The name is Timothy look it up.

You are a LIAR

and I am sick of you. All day you have been stopping grassroots... No one has SAID ANYTHING...


Give them hell. I hate

Give them hell. I hate cheaters!

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

A Romney voter could sign affadavit saying they voted Paul

So even though there was election fraud, the only thing an affadavit will do is give up the identity of Ron Paul supporters. Is that what you're trying to do? Please warn people on twitter about this scheme.

Everyone I know in Texas is wise to this scam.

Question: Why would a Romney supporter claim to have voted

for Paul??

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

+1. Affidavits are upheld in a court of law.

If a Willard supporter did this and it was proven he did, then he would be up on charges of perjury.

I just meant that an affadavit doesn't prove anything

they could say that in court, that the Paul affidavit person who said they voted didn't. Where are the attorneys on this site to explain it? I think they've given up on us.

Maybe they've given up on you

I know I'm confused as to what you're getting at

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

You're a

And you are real evil

You guys who are part of the Romobams doing this can't stop the R3volution