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(Video) Computer Experts Discover 'Flame and Stuxnet' Virus Related

(Video) Computer Experts Discover 'Flame and Stuxnet' Virus Related

Kurt Nimmo
June 112, 2012

If research conducted by Kaspersky Labs is correct, the Flame virus is related to a previous malware virus developed by Israel and the United States.

Alexander Gostev, an expert at Kaspersky Labs, said in an email that the Russian cyber security software company discovered a similarity between a subset of the code used in Flame and code used in the Stuxnet virus.

Stuxnet was developed collaboratively between Israel and the United States for the explicit purpose of disabling computer networks in Iran, although Israeli intelligence denies this, according to Mossad agents who say they created the malware and Obama is taking credit for unleashing it against Iran’s fledgling nuclear program as propaganda in his re-election bid.

According to author David E. Sanger, Obama decided to accelerate cyberattacks initiated during the Bush administration. Sanger says the project’s codename was Olympic Games and it began in 2006.
Flame is described as the most sophisticated malware to date. After it infecting a Microsoft Windows computer, it can record audio and keyboard activity, take screenshots and monitor network traffic. Flame can record Skype conversations and grab data via Bluetooth from nearby devices like cellphones.

Like Stuxnet, Flame was specifically deployed on computer systems in the Middle East. Kaspersky’s research reveals that “a huge majority of targets” were within Iran


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