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We Are Slaves on 50 Separate Plantations - Are The Slave-Masters Ever Going to Set Us Free?

The establishment is not going to investigate itself. By saying "establishment" I am defining it as the money system, the one-party duopoly, the COURTS, the BAR attorneys, the IMF, the UN etc etc...

Point: Our freedom has a dollar value. The establishment currently owns our freedom. Do you really think they are going to give back any of our freedoms (otherwise known as trillions of dollars in statutory income streams) that we do not FORCE them to give up?

A comment was made on my last post that "if we prove this here are they going to look into this fraud in other states?" I think probably it needs to be said that nobody is going to come to our rescue here. It's up to us. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

It's up to we the people to hold our EMPLOYEES (aka "government") accountable. What is the constitution exactly? I explain it to people this way:

If you gave a list of rules to your children... do you believe they would follow those rules absent any enforcement? Of course not. The constitution is a list of RULES for public servants - which means anyone who claims to be in government. They must agree to abide by those rules. Now the question is the same...

Do you believe public servants will follow the constitution absent any enforcement whatsoever?

I'm sure most know the answer to that question. The answer is the reality that we see smack dab in front of our faces.

So the fundamental question which needs an answer is:

Who is in CHARGE of ENFORCING the constitution?

Who's duty/responsibility/job is that? Freedom is not free. In order to preserve freedom there are some things we are not free NOT to do... one of those things is asserting all of our God given rights with every single public servant we come in contact with.

It's our job. We the people. It's about time we started doing our jobs don't you think?

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I posted this in another thread...

But your new thread seems like an ideal place for me to preach it... :)

You cannot change the system. You cannot vote yourself into freedom. It cannot be fixed. You have only one way to be free.

Live (your principles), teach (your principles), ignore (laws that violate your principles).

In other words, live as if you are free, and you will be free.

Practical applications:

Barter, use hard money.

Work under the table.

Employ under the table.

Only do business with those who share your beliefs.

Do not use credit.

Do not use debit cards.

Grow MMJ if you are so inclined and want to take the risk.

If you believe a law is in violation of your rights, ignore it.

Don't get caught, but if you do get caught, take a stand and be an example for others to follow. Bargaining to lessen the punishment inspires no one.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Bargaining to lessen the punishment inspires no one.

Now there's a great topic. All aboard?

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Martyrs inspire and rally people to a cause.

Irwin Schiff is an excellent example of the right way to go down.

People that try to use the system instead of firmly standing up to it get forgotten. An example is the Brown incident.

Nobody cares about them anymore, and they don't inspire anyone because they instead of standing up and saying "this is wrong", they tried to use insane pseudo-logic to convince the IRS and the world that somehow they were playing the game and were in the right.

Irwin Schiff simply stood up and said "screw you, what you are doing to me is wrong regardless of what the law says".

On this, I think me and you disagree if I get your gist. I don't believe in trying to find some "legal logic" to make it ok to drive without a drivers license. I think that makes little sense on many levels.

But I would support you standing up and saying, "screw you government, you have no right to demand this of me, and I don't care what the law says".

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I'll start with this:

No state constitution, to my knowledge, covers "driving" or "traveling" - this would indicate that no rule/code/etc can be made with respect to traveling or driving... would it not?

State constitutions... and the USA constitution itself... are LIMITED lists of powers that are delegated to the government... it's done that way ONLY because the people did not want to do it themselves or in some way it is impractical to do so as individuals.

This means: If it's not explicitly in the constitution - "government" cannot TOUCH anything in that realm. Virtually all traffic "laws" (statutes are not law hence the quotes) are unconstitutional.

Every traffic ticket you get - is unconstitutional, unless you are driving commercially by either carrying passengers for profit or making deliveries as a business.

If you are traveling/driving in your private auto just going from A to B and performing NO commercial function - you have a right to do so. Nobody can charge you for a right and there is no speed limit.
Obviously common sense (if you want to be in common law you MUST use common sense) tells you to not drive 120 when everyone else is doing 70... but even if you did... and you harmed nobody - there STILL is NO CRIME.

Pull out your Driver License and you will see that it says "commercial" right on it. So what did you do when you handed that over to the cop? You just confessed that you are acting in commerce - even when you're not!

Government wants to be our "parents" we need to tell government that we're old enough to take care of ourselves.