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Just When I Thought This Couldn't Get Any Stupider...

... Everyone starts attacking Jack Hunter. Seriously, I think the opposition is turning us against each other. This whole thing is a total false flag to distract us from winning DELEGATES. Do not forget that Iowa, Virginia, Montana, and New Mexico are holding their state conventions this weekend. Stop attacking Rand and Jack. It's a waste of time.

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ron is just as much to blame.

ron is just as much to blame. He has admitted that he made an agreement to endorse incumbent Republicans in TX. C4L is advising people to vote for these candidates even while Liberty candidates are running for those spots.

The entire "Paul" organization has sold-out to some degree. Its time to distance ourselves from Paul and regroup. He has done a great job but can not advance the cause any further. We have to do that in a decentralized form.


Rand has said in his interview with Peter Schiff that he and his dad had talked about Rand endorsing Mittens. I just don't get why if Ron was really trying to win delegates for the RNC, WHY ON EARTH would Rand endorse mittens now. Why not wait till after the convention? Seems like the Paul's are intentionally shooting themselves in the foot.

lol cladano just signed up!!!!

Please identify which enemy contingent you are with before continuing your transparent campaign of animosity and division:

1) Alex Jones
2) Adam Kokesh
3) Obama
4) Romney
5) GOP loyalists
6) Libertarian
7) Gary Johnson

Or please fill in the name if you do not see it on the list.
Thanks, trolls.

51 mins...

and 30 secs

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Yeah! There are some silly ideas expressed here.

Maybe this is one.

I agree that anything written here can be used unkindly by the opposition but I have some difficulty thinking that many true Ron Paul supporter are affected much by what's said. Obviously over the past few weeks some people have decided to post things that distract but isn't it easy to recognize this and disregard the posts?

It's up to each person here to fight it or just ignore it. If it's comfort to anyone here, I'm not dissuaded from my support for Liberty at all. Anyway, I have some faith that people here can tell what's honest disagreement and what's not.

Now I am

really going to piss you off. I just checked my email and there was a notification from the FB page Lawyers for Ron Paul here what someone posted

URGENT: I just heard that the Ron Paul delegates in Arkansas were sent an email today from both their coordinator and the RP campaign, telling them they MUST vote for Romney on the first round. Have any of you heard about this?

If the Rand groupies on this blog want to know what is fueling the RP supporters rage, It is this kind of shit.

Somehow four years of our blood sweat and tears, broken figures, arrests, and betrayal should turn us all into Romney voters.

Hey Peggy R

I may be a "Rand groupie" but you're a lying disinformation shill. And if any "rage" is being "fueled" it's because of people like YOU.

This is a lie

I was a Compaign Coordinator, and this is NOT true.


The Lawyers for Ron Paul group is actively trying to sue the GOP; and the campaign has been wildly silent.

Stop your lies.

Agree 100%

The people on this website are pawns of the establishment, happily watching the destruction of the Liberty movement.

Also agree that Alex Jones and his moronic listeners, farting out conspiracy theories are hurting us, well. This is they guy who has claimed the Kings and Queens of Europe drink the blood of virgins. :-\

I hate to say it, but a lot of detractors have been proven right about Ron Paul's followers: Idiotic wack jobs, who would rather be Alex Jones conspiracy hacks and outsiders than actually advance the cause of Liberty.

Poor Whack Jobs

Yeah, all those whack jobs that won't sell out their principles for a political party. Yeah those guys are really hurting liberty.

The militant Paulestinians

The militant Paulestinians and the Establishment Republicans are in the same boat now. If they can't cooperate with the Liberty Movement, they will be driven out. For those still confused about Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney, I would recommend the books How to Make Friends and Influence People as well as The Evolution of Cooperation.

If you want it to go away

don't even (-) it.

How funny

"A false flag" yet it was Rand and Jack who initiated it. Phuq them and everything THEY are doing whether intentionally of just delusionally to destroy the pure message of liberty.


maybe we should get more delegates...

for who exactly?

fyi Rand Paul has stated Ron Paul is no longer running a campaign for President

What's the other option?

Wait at home for the FEMA bus?

In Iowa we are all about getting delegates...

and this blip of the radar doesn't effect our goals. Delegates for Liberty!

We are READY!! Keep us Iowans in your good thoughts Friday night and Saturday this weekend. We are in it to win it!! I am so excited, this has been building since 2007 and all our hard work is about to pay off!

Hopefully Iowa can show the Revolution is alive and growing. The Dr. is not ours, we are his...for Liberty!!

"If you want to know who is going to change this country, go home and look in the mirror."


We belong to liberty. Because the freedom movement is not about a personality but an idea.

Hunter is

the opposition if you haven't caught on yet.

Distraction? Yes. False flag? No. Get your terms straight.

Perhaps you need to look up "false flag" again.

How can it be a false flag when your own people OPENLY sabotage you?

A false flag is when you sabotage yourself and BLAME it on others. Hence the "flag" that is planted as being responsible, is FALSE, it in fact, is an inside job.

In this case, yes, the sabotage came from the inside, but it was openly done, not blamed on the opposition. The flag isn't false. It's true.

Agreed. This place has been a

Agreed. This place has been a fruit basket, lately, imo, and I ain't drinkin' their soured juice..

Even though a little stunned

Even though a little stunned after hearing Rand Paul and even Jack Hunter's explanation of Rand Paul, I can assure you that my state's Ron Paul supporters still went in ready to fight for our delegates last weekend, and we did so much better than expected.

Once you have a mission to get things done, the craziness takes a backseat and you just sort of go on auto-pilot.

Please don't anybody give up that was/is planning on attending their state's conventions coming up. It's an adrenalin rush, you feel truly patriotic, and it really is making a difference.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

the daily rand


good luck selling us the justifiable war in iran, syria. Ron would be so proud.

Did you not forget Rand's

Did you not forget Rand's amendments to the Iran sanctions prohibiting war with Iran and Syria? But we can't let the truth get out...


Sanctions are WAR

How many times do you have to hear it from Ron Paul before you are able to smell the stench from Rand?

You are already at war with Iran and Syria.

Plus sanctions are war as some guy who's name escapes me once said...oh I have it now it was Ron Paul said it.

But fuck that who cares, it's all about rand getting a tiny little bit of power within the gop.

I'm sick of all these Rand shills. Well done in turning a huge movement into a tiny little subset of the gop.

Hope it was worth it.


I agree 100% with everything you have said accept for calling these people Rand shills. Lets not forget Rand is not running for president.

These are Romney supporters for sure.

If the grass roots is going to change the GOP than it will be done from the bottom up at Local and State level. Our Top down chance ended when these slim balls stole the election from Ron Paul. Now they are trying to convince us that's its all fine because Rand will be there keeping Romney in check.

I believe Rand has the best of intentions but I really cannot rally around his foreign policy stance. It is all these wars that are contributing to the National debt. The Military Industrial Complex a huge part of our economic problem in this country. Its also behind stealing our liberties. We are now the terrorists!

good point

I went too far. Apologies all round.

re: winning DELEGATES

The effect of winning delegates is the taking over of the Republican Party by the Liberty Movement. People who aren't able to comprehend this are more interested in hard line ideology than in making progress.

We can take over

the republican party at our state and local levels. We don't have to put an Obama clone in the white house to do that.