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Is it just me, or has everyone one else stopped reading all the Rand posts?

I skip right over them. I'm thinking about Tampa now. I will read the interview he is supposed to do...only because I want to see if my questions are asked and answered. Other than that, I've lost interest in it.

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I guess you didn't hear Rand

I guess you didn't hear Rand state that his dad had ended his campaign...

if this is true, delegates are moot

Rand said a few things that weren't true

Ron Paul gave 2 speeches that same day, one of them after Rand's endorsement. He has not quit and certainly isn't in agreement with unifying the party around anything less than the Constitution & liberty.


but regardless

do what you think is best for you to do with your time

and have fun doing it :)

TY for saying this! Ditto.

Completely agree.

Well that is

Until you posted THIS one, lol:-) just teasing:-)

I never even watched the endorsement video.

That's a good plan

Like many have said, 'Move on'.

lump gary into the "breeze over" category and I SECOND

this thread 10000000%


Ron Paul or Bust

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