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I Went to Graceland - U.N. Sanctions Are An Act of War - Weekend Watching

I just finished watching on Hulu a documentary on the making of Paul Simon's "Graceland" album called "Under African Skies (2012)."

In it, Paul Simon describes the making of the famous album, which he did with South African artists during a U.N. mandated boycott of South African artists.

If you want to enjoy some happy music (try not to dance), and hear how the album came about in the midst of politics, you'll love it. This is how freedom works, and sometimes you just have to be free in spite of the powers that be...

Can you believe that the U.N. thought that depriving South African artists of a voice would somehow bring an end to apartheid? Ron Paul is right: sanctions are an act of war, and always hurt the victims they're supposed to help.

Watch and enjoy (available free on Hulu for a few more days). If you watch, please post your favorite quotes.

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