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Election fraud in Lane County Oregon.

Oregon is a vote by mail state. We send our ballot in the mail, or drop them at the County elections office and wait for the state to tell us the results.
They all end up at the County elections office and kept their.
Our Primary election was May 15th. That means that was the last day you could drop off your ballot at the elections office.
The County elections office sends out the ballots three weeks early. Some people sign it and send it in right away. Most send it towards the 15th.
We are a closed Primary State and pick our Precinct Committee Person’s (PCP’s) in the mail in primary. You must be registered in the Republican Party 180 days (6months) before the elections to be eligible to be a PCP.
It takes at least three votes from your Precinct to be considered as a PCP, but of course if it is contested the person with the most win. Simple Right?
Remember we are a “mail in State” that delivers the ballots 3 weeks prior to the Primary date. So we have to send in our forms to be on the ballot as PCP’s about a month before the election. The 180 days is different to be on the ballot verses being written in by that month difference. So some people can be a write-in but not on the ballot.
Most Precincts have unfilled spots. We have a chance to write people in as PCP’s on our ballots. They are called write-in’s. It only takes three votes to be considered eligible as a PCP. You count as one vote so two other votes from your Precinct and you’re a PCP. The catch is the elections office must send out a letter to verify the person wants to be a PCP.
The elections office had till June 4th to send out letters that Write-in’s have won. They must return the letter by June 11th to verify they want to be PCP’s before they are official. Which they will make official on the 15th.
I was under the impression the results would be out around Friday May 25th or Monday the 28th. I went down to the elections office the 29th then they told me it would not be till June 4th. Fine that is the rules.
On June 4th I called the Lane county elections office to see if they would have a list online. They said no. I then went down the next day and was told in person I could not get a list or they would not even tell me if anyone was eligible. They said no, it is unofficial and they will not let anyone see it till it is official on the 15th. The Convention to pick our Delegates is June 23rd. That gives me five working days to find the problems and fix them. In a system hostile to anyone asking questions.
I should be able to look at the election results and contest the results. I should be able to be told the rules about that.
I was denied, and running out of time. As I was getting more reply back that they have no letter and did not know what was going on. I started my morning by calling the Secretary of State’s Office wanting to know the rules. I knew I would get the run around so I videoed the conversation and sure enough. Everyone so far has always starts their bull shit spin with explaining how voting works “You know the person with the most votes wins BULL SHIT “.
So I remind them about how voting works when there is open spots. The Republican Party cannot fill all the available spots. Then I told them there are multiple reasons why they did not get a letter. I want answers to my questions specifically. Not to talk about the same thing we just agreed on but try another spin on it and see if I go away.
I did not get answers to what I wanted but it did start a chain of people aware of the issue and I was ready for a verbal smack down if they started talking circles.
I went to the Election Office and recorded Roxanne giving me the exact same bull shit. They all have the same response. So I went home to upload that exchange.
I uploaded the part “when I got to the Elections office” as I called the Secretary’s of State’s office again. I told her I was uploading and pissed. Why could I not get the Election Results?
The person finally realized I was not going away and started to help. She told me my County elections office would give me the information I wanted now.
I made it back to the election office with ten minutes to spare I was able to ask about three people before they closed.
Two are out and one person had four votes, but two was in the Female spot and two was in the Male spot. I did not have time to question it before they said they were closed for the day.

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Ok, so I DO have some advice now!

Please check this link http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/sites/default/files/CD_...
and visit your state GOP's website http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Thanks, I am on that list.

I have been a PCP for four years now in the Republican Party. Not much help their. I have contacted my County Chair for help and he has not returned my call. He is also on the list and knows I have brought in dozens of new PCP's to vote out the Neocon's.
I have spent every chance to get everybody I can get. We can do write-in's on the ballot and that is where I am finding the irregularity and non compliance. I do not expect the Republican Party to help me since they are running against me. That is why I want every new PCP I can get.
I am going to the State Elections division with my problem. They are being nice and working with me after I have been calling them constantly. I do not know if they will truly help but I am not going to stop and getting information as I go.

Duane Taylor C4L Eugene

thanks for fighting for

thanks for fighting for Eugene Duane. County elections says 'no one has ever challenged (pcp write in) results before' and she didnt know the process to challenge either. for those not familiar with Oregon delegate process, the PCPs will vote on national delegate, and ours are at risk

Very good post.

Thank You.
Its "election fraud" not "voter fraud".
Voter fraud insinuates that the voter has committed fraud.
Election means the electoral did.
MSM uses voter fraud NEVER election fraud.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

ops ok thanks

I will change it.

Duane Taylor C4L Eugene

Wish I had advice to give

but I don't. :/ Here's a bump though..good work!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!