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God Bless

you for posting this at this time. I wish I could say I was represented so well.

Galveston TX

I am a RP supporter for many years. I live and have lived for decades in his congressional district and voted for him.

About 2008 after Hurricane IKE hit this area our corporate office was flooded and destroyed wich required us to work out of clute TX.

To my supprise RP office right next door. Well I thought I would have a chance to meet RP after all I was a long time supporter of his liberty freedom golden rule non intervention sound money, constitutional message.

Well he came and went almost on a daily basis. In blacked out windowed cars and a blacked out window office with always locked doors. Well it didnt and dont sit well that he was and is so secretive and isolated that even though I was right next door I never had the opportunity to meet him in person in almost 2 years that we worked out of Clute TX.

I over the years had a few ocasions where I ask for help from my congressman Paul. BS, no results, form emails was all I ever could get. Or calls to answering drones.

None the less his message was and is correct so I have and do continue support for his message, I do not care for the man and his secretive isolated ways thats how all the govenrment does it.


I mean, come one, dude, what do you expect

The man ran for president and challenged the establishment in 2008. He broke the blackout regarding the Federal Reserve and he dared to criticize U.S. Foreign policy.

And he was probably planning to run in 2012.

Forgive him for protecting himself a little.

"Reformers perceive the crisis others do not detect." -DNW

come on*

Dumb typos!

"Reformers perceive the crisis others do not detect." -DNW

Its not a personal attack on the man

I do not condem him nor forgive him its not my position. I am for freedom. I am against the Rothschild Central bank system of false national debt and extroted theft called tax debt slave control. I am for anyone or anything that helps me myself and I further the message of enlightened disengagment. I care not whow is potus for the nations are bogus. He has been a good messenger but I am afraid he is finished, retired and good for him. To bad about his son's decission to sell out and to bad about him choosing Jessie Benton, Bruce Fein, and adviser, Trygve Olson. Just to bad.


Someone please flush the toilet

Ive been on to this one for a few days now.

Bruce Fein is the only DA in American history that got a CONVICTION on a sitting pres (Clinton) for lying to the American people.
That is precedence set, you fool.
By presidence they can all be tried and great possibility for conviction. Clinton lied about sex, and Fein gave him the chance to come clean.
But Fein knew if this were allowed, a BAD precedence would be set for lying so he tried and convicted the LIAR!
Learn your history before you knock down a great patriot for Justice to the American People

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

FOOL you insulting pup

Do some homwork what I give a dam about Clinton, Im talking about Bruce Fein and that he is a shill a LOBYIST a pig at the trouth. Would you like me to call you some names? You choose one item you think he has done good at and that it huh. Your a joke and so is your comment. Must have stoped at the clinton thing and ignored the rest of the story. Selective stinking by you. I should post about a million things about him for you but you are well aware of the real deal and they have all been posted here before. Your rooting for the wrong guy bud, that dog dont hunt.



I guess thats what a 4th grade rant looks/spells like!lol
Bruce Fein is one of the most trust and loyal friends Dr. Paul has.
Thats why he is senior campaign council you fool.

Have a great night boy

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


You turn you stupidity into a spelling contest. boy. You do not have a clue as to my age but you call me boy. You must love Fein alot you in bed with him or what. Take a minute to do some looking to who he realy is, ah but thats your whole point to hide who he is. To late that dog dont hunt, the cat is out of the bag on Fein.



He is really Batman

I've seen his 1997 tricked out Dark Knight Buick

Dennis Kuchinich is Robin

Is that another NWO

Left Right paradigm SOP MO? Created by their propaganda media movie industry.


Ron Paul is Stealth?

Privacy is not stealth. Ron Paul has the right to privacy.

Ron Paul asked us for money many times.

We don't all know Ron. I was pleased to meet him and enjoyed my conversation with him, and that was not "stealth".

I have as issue with the word, "stealth".

Ron Published books, with his speaches he gave on the congressional floor. I'm sure he would have LOVED the congressional hall to be filled with representatives who actually listened. He was not stealth. They were not there.

He is proud of his family, and has made it very clear, his family comes first. This is not stealth.

It looks to me, all over the US and the world, Ron Paul has hundreds of people who appreciate his work and are inspired and actually joined his party and took a seat on Republican Central Committees as he suggested, hoping to multiply his shoes. There are many people who have followed Ron Paul and they are not stealth.

Ron Paul has put up one hell of a good fight and none of it was stealth. MSM didn't report it so many people had no clue, but the Ron Paul I know is open, honest, genuine, sincere and not stealth.

The fight is going to the courts and that's not stealth either
Attention ToolsForJustice Member,

If you are interested in viewing or downloading the Federal Civil Voting
Rights Complaint Documents which were recently filed on Monday, June 11,
2012 by Attorney Richard Gilbert on behalf of disenfranchised and injured
Republican state and national delegates and alternate delegates in the U.S.
9th Circuit Southern District Court in Santa Ana, California, please go to
the following link:


You may view, download, and/or print these documents.

Please distribute them far and wide so that we may help ALL delegates to
benefit from this civil lawsuit prior to the National Republican Party
Convention in Tampa, Florida in August, 2012.

Thank you,

LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL / ToolsForJustice Legal Team
850-417-8543 / 561-747-8596


Stealth was used as my perception.
You have been here for days trying to stir up trouble, except when it concerns GJ or your fake lawsuit, or bashing Rand Paul or JB..
Go away.
You spam every thread. same with the one your having a conversation with.
Ron started asking for money in 2008 because his campaign staff REVOLTED against him and all the older Paulites know this.
So quit.
Go spam the Daily Johnson, or the daily Benton..

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

a public servant has a right to privacy

Are you sure about that?



Privacy is ultimately how an individual protects themselves, and public servants have the right to protect themselves, enjoy their families, go to the potty, or a doctor, in privacy.

They do not have the right to be stealth to hide fraud.

He doesn't want Admiral General Aladeen popping up!

You see "public servant" and private as contrary, but remember the Borat incident? It's serving the public to not have hollywood constantly popping up like the paparazzi they decry interfering with your ability to represent your district.

I didn't hear in the negative post, "I made an appointment" once. How were you blown off if you never requested a formal meeting. If he's running a national campaign, he can't just drop everything, "oh, a constituent moved next door and wants to pull a pop in..."

blurry vision

Thank you so much for sharing this really wonderful story about Dr. Paul. I've also read other stories and seen videos of him doing wonderful things as a Doctor.
Each time, my vision gets a little blurry and I have to wipe something from my eyes.
I am happy you have, and appreciate Dr. Paul, like everyone should; however, sometimes I"m a little jealous I don't have him as my congressman.
Hopefully, there will be a book about all the good things Dr. Paul has done as a statesman...I"m sure I'll need a box of tissue paper to read that one.
Our country sure would be a lot different if we all had representatives like Dr. Paul.

reedr3v's picture

Me too, go figure. I had to read the short

post in 3 segments due to unexplained eye leakage.

Just when I think I couldn't

Just when I think I couldn't love this man any more, I read your wonderful story. thank you.

I am not a delegate

But if there is no cheating (which I expect there will be) in Tampa, then I think Ron Paul will be the Republican candidate. And I WILL vote for him, and him only! I didn't learn about Ron Paul until the 2008 campaign, but have supported him since, voted for him in the 2008 primaries and this year in the 2012 primaries. He was not on the 2008 November ballot, so I voted for no one, and will repeat that this year if he is not on the ballot.

Perhaps people should start voting for the candidate that spends the LEAST on their campaign! Ron Paul would have won with a landslide! (at least he would if he could get rid of those idiots running (ruining?) his campaign)

Great post 1777free4all - Thank You!

The next moneybomb

There should be another moneybomb to buy Monticello for Ron.

I'D donate to that.

If I could be guaranteed that is what it would go for.

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Thank you so much for

sharing these stories. I love to hear them and it was a great way to start my day.

Thanks for the inspiring read

Ron Paul is the template for what a public servant should be. There will be many more Ron Pauls in the future thanks to his trailblazing efforts.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

unsung heroism

Ron Paul is nothing short of a modern day hero of mine ... has been since 1984. I don't have but 2 or 3 heroes, all told.

Thanks to 1777free4all for helping to spread some of what us locals already knew and felt about Dr. Paul.

He is totally inspiring.

Thank you for your post.

~Your perception becomes your reality~


Thank you 1777free4all

This is how my Grandparents taught us is correct behavior

we ALL NATIONS, crave this leadership today

Your wonderful post is going out now to my own list
who will appreciate it and even feel sad for how far we have

Blessings on your sharing of the REAL Ron Paul


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Thank you for the stories. Is

Thank you for the stories. Is it an option to let run someone you all trust? That way the district can be 'saved'.

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

Do Not Give Up

I, for one believe that 42 USC 1971, is a viable route to go. I studied law in college, and I can tell you that my interpretation is this, although I am not an attorney: The GOP violated this federal law in more than one case through the primary and caucus elections. Since they violated this law, we can have a lawsuit brought against them along with the RNC, as they were acting on the RNC's behalf. When in court it can be brought up that this federal law seems to imply that state law does not have the power of law, to bind delegates at any primary level. If this is the case, a judge may have to rule that no state has the power to bind delegates at a national level as federal law trumps state law. If this can be done, and done before the convention, and we have 1144 + supporters as delegates in Tampa, Ron Paul could win the nomination. On the flip side of this is something that everyone should consider, this will change the way elections are done in the future. Will it be the best in the long run? It is hard to say, but I am for it if it means turning this country around toward the pursuit of happiness again.

These words..

"the government takes so much from them all ready, how can I ask for more?"
Indicates a man in touch with his constituents! He knows what we're going through and the unconstitutional income tax!
I cannot believe he did not win even his own district in the primary!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!