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Plan B: Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich 2012

Plan B: in the case Paul doesn't win the republican nomination, I think he should go independent and team up with Dennis Kucinich. Without any bleed-over from the Paul supporters, Romney would be in a tight spot. And with a Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich team, Obama would lose a bunch of liberal democrats. People from other independent parties might even join in too. Could be a potent combo. Any thoughts?

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I like the Proton/Anti-Proton ticket. It's explosive!

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There is no plan B

There is no Plan B for me, If Dr. Paul does not win the nomination, then I will do exactly like I did in 2008, and write his name on the ballot.
He's the only choice and I don't see him going turd party, he stated over and over, repeatedly, that he has no intentions to do so.
If Dr. Paul pulls a "Rand" on us and endorses Mitt Romney, then my plans are to NOT VOTE.
Ron Paul 2012...Write him in...or NOT VOTE.
NO, I will not be throwing my vote away, those that vote for Obama or Romney will be the ones throwing "their" vote away. Obama and Romney are two peas in the same pod, there's just not that much difference between them.
A vote for Obama/Romney is a vote for The Patriot Act, NDAA, Pre-emptive Wars...More loss of LIBERTY.

I would give them money and

I would give them money and my vote

Paul/Kucinich is something to think about

probably not viable - Mr. K would have done more groundwork beforehand were this a plan...

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