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North Dakota to Abolish Property Tax?

They will be voting on it. The movement that began with Ron Paul and spread through us is taking another big step forward. True property rights! Incredible.


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I just read the republican

I just read the republican GOV. is against it. arnt we the party of smaller taxes and more freedoms?

We WILL be!!

We WILL be!!

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I love reading this kind of

I love reading this kind of news

Stop bring this up. Polls

Stop bring this up. Polls show that people are against this measure by a THREE TO ONE margin. It is NOT going to pass.

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oh yeah

screw property taxes, if you owned a house you might feel different

Too many have lost their HOMES in my area.

that means

1 out of 3 people in the poll have a brain.

$500,000 raised by local government interests to fight against it is all I need to know.