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Activist Protests By Harvesting Cannabis Inside Giant Cage In Front Of White House

David Bronner, the CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, began a demonstration Monday inside a large steel cage in front of the White House to protest federal policy that bans U.S. farmers from cultivating industrial hemp.

“The industrial hemp plants I am harvesting and processing into oil cannot produce a high of any kind, but according to the Obama Administration I’m in possession of approximately 10 pounds of marijuana,” Bronner said in a press release....


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don't let them do it again. Hippie, powerful antiwar movement, dissapeared in drugs...

thats called making things happen

one way or another, he made his statement known AND no kittens or babies were harmed during the process.

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Win-Win too: How many people are going to buy Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap after this? All he had to do was spend a few hours in jail and perhaps a few hundred dollars for bail.

You can't get cheaper advertising anywhere - I bet this gets at least a few hundred thousand views.

Would really LOVE it if the good Dr would send me a message instead of contacting legal council however ;-)



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