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The manipulation of Webster Tarpley on the explosive, egotistical ignorance of Alex Jones in stirring a frenzy against Ron Paul

I wish to draw my fellow liberty lovers into reconsidering their strong passions of anger against a man whom we all loved and would have laid our lives for only a fortnight ago for his thirty years of uncompromising service before they throw him overboard, (and I can hardly believe I’m not dreaming for this to have happened), and to consider some evidence as to how this highly-pitched state of affairs came about.

People were angry when Rand made his announcement, and rightfully; they are angry at the campaign, and rightfully; however I would have people take a step back and consider this before they let their passions overwhelm them so greatly that they throw overboard if not outright hate, as many now profess, Ron, whose unblemished saintliness of character we thought worthy of a Founding Father of the United States before this one incident, a token endorsement by Rand for Mitt Romney.

I believe the main reason that passions have been inflamed to bursting are the broadcasts by Alex Jones over the past week, and I want to show that

1) This is exactly within his character, having done it to many others and for exactly the same passionate, whimsical and egotistical reasons, and that
2) Jones was manipulated into this already existing gaping flaw in his character by the plotting of Webster Tarpley.

The facts are as follow.

Rand Paul was interviewed by Tom Woods in May, and he clearly stated in that interview that he would support the Republican nominee for president. This was already known; it just wasn’t well known, but Tarpley must have cottoned on to this and known intuitively that there would have been a highly negative reaction from Ron’s supporters.

Then, two weeks after this, Tarpley, seeing his chance to be ‘vindicated’ by the information he was giving, attacked Ron Paul on Alex Jones’s stream at Bilderberg, Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhRgMvjII3s in which he accused Paul of being dangerous, of being an agent, of foisting the ‘false economic doctrines’ of gold and libertarianism and Austrian economics on the people, of being a ‘Bilderberg’s candidate’, and stringing together such piecemeal facts, well calculated to deceive, as that Paul voted for the Afghan War in 2001 (two days after 9/11) though Ron ‘claims to be noninterventionalist’ and that Peter Thiel, who went to Bilderberg this year, donated greatly to Ron's campaign.

Jones, of course, heavily drunk, disagrees with him and can’t understand why he would attack Paul so virulently? Why doesn’t Tarpley mention Syria, Libya, and all the other problems; why is it all about Ron Paul? But Tarpley carries on in his pursuit, obviously knowing that the video would be dragged up weeks later to ‘vindicate’ himself, and taking every opportunity to attack Paul.

As one DP poster writes about this video: ‘Alex Jones cannot figure out why Tarpley is making "Ron Paul is a sellout" into issue number one during Bilderberg. Tarpley, in perfect psyop fashion, then proceeds to inject absurd ideas like:

Ron Paul is a "Bilderberg tool" and his austerity plans are nothing more than "Bilderberg genocide"
Ron Paul is a sellout to his supporters
Ron Paul is a warmonger
Ron Paul is plant of David Rockefeller who, by the way, was tutored by Hayek

And he lumps all these absurd ideas in with truths (albeit painful ones) like:

Peter Thiel, noted Ron Paul backer, is attending this year's Bilderberg conference
Ron Paul lied down against Mitt Romney, not running campaign ads against him
Ron Paul ran a campaign he knew he would never win
Ron Paul is engaging in Nepotism

By lumping together extreme untruths with outright truths, it makes for an explosive combination once the device is ignited.

Tarpley further pre-conditions Alex's mind by telling him "You don't need Ron Paul, you're better than Ron Paul, you stood up and called 9/11 an Inside Job, Ron Paul didn't, etc, etc… ‘…That Alex Jones (and by extension, all 9/11 truthers) is superior to Ron Paul and doesn't need Ron Paul...'

‘Rand Paul endorses Romney as Tarpley (and everyone else) knew he would, and the Ron Paul movement, emotionally and psychologically pre-conditioned for maximum combustion, explodes.‘

As we’ve seen, this is just so: straight after the Rand Paul announcement, Jones went on a tirade, and the six or seven hours of video, all spluttering with hatred against Ron Paul, disowning him forever, are there for anyone to see. Alex Jones has stated that Ron Paul is now dead to ‘the liberty movement’ and that it will have to carry on without him. He was full of haughtiness and arrogance and hatred throughout, sneering again and again, ‘I don't need them, my ratings go DOWN when they come on my show – people want to hear my talent, my energy - they need ME', etc., etc.

In the mean while, the whole culture enflamed to boiling point by Jones, from whose audience Ron Paul himself admits over half of his supporters come, former supporters of Ron Paul, who would have died for him only a fortnight ago, have been telling of their disgust and hatred and swearing never to vote for Ron again, all on the basis of this one incident.

This is how people are now treating this man after thirty years of service to liberty, having never compromised in his principles, and all on the basis that his son gave a token endorsement to the winner of the Republican nomination.

Well, let us discuss that quickly. What do you all think is more likely, what do your conscience and your knowledge of them as people tell you; that the Pauls are wicked, evil Masons who were deceiving everybody all along, that they’re now revealed to be ‘one of them’ (as Jones would have you believe as he sweeps everyone into his fit of rage and impassioned state of mind), or did Rand Paul make an error of judgement in supporting Mitt Romney, thinking that his supporters would understand it to be nothing more than a token tactical move? Whether you think that this was right or wrong, is this reason to abandon Ron Paul?

Tarpley is capitalizing on the rage he’s sparked in Alex Jones, and the rage Jones is followingly sparking in his listeners, many of whom hang on his every word, to discredit not only the Pauls but libertarianism, gold, and Austrian economics, attempting to rally people around him into his own cult of personality which he was so jealous of Ron ‘the cockroach’ (as he called him) for having.

Confirm this to yourself in a recent hourlong interview on the Alex Jones show:

http://youtu.be/H4MahRKtM5s ‘The Rand Paul Deception’

Listen to the first 20 minutes and hear the ridiculous nonsense about ‘British conspiracies’, the attacking Austrian economics as one of such ‘conspiracies’ and as a doctrine being a prime ‘weapon’ of the Bilderberg Group; the accusing the Pauls of being ‘in on the conspiracy’, and the attacking of gold. You’ll be shocked and disgusted when you hear what’s in that link.

Tarpley is a promoter of the extreme socialist state and is a follower of Keynsian economics. He supports an overarching Federal government, and is strongly in favour of the New Deal. He sees this as ‘true American economics’. He thinks that all we need is fiat money in the hands of the people and we’ll all be free.

He’s known to have despised Ron Paul, ‘the cockroach’, and to have jealously hated the large liberty movement that had grown around his personality, wishing it could have happened to himself. In this video is an example of just how fully he’s capitalizing on what he’s calculatedly brought about.

Jones is throughout nodding and agreeing with him or saying nothing, offering only token disagreement with certain points at intervals – as this is an overnight betrayal of Ron Paul and libertarianism into an implicit toleration of Socialism and Communism, I can hardly believe this, and can only remark that Jones is even more capricious than any of us could have imagined. To tokenly endorse the incumbent Republican is a mortal sin, but to be espoused to Communism is acceptable enough for an hourlong platform.

Go to 45:00 for one quick example of how Tarpley is manipulating the situation – here he heads a full scale attack on gold. 'Seize the Fed don't destroy it' he says.

Tarpley is a ‘Greenbacker’, a movement stemming back to the 1890s among people who followed exactly the same policies. He follows the arguments that can be found (and converts are mostly found owing to these deceptive films, not out of academic argument) in such internet films as Money as Debt and The Wizard of Oz, both produced by unqualified and otherwise unknown men, and the book Web of Debt.

These people are strictly speaking Keynsians. The only difference between a Keynsian and a Greenbacker is that the Greenbacker doesn’t believe that the Federal Reserve’s existing is the problem, but that the Federal Reserve’s being private is the problem. They think that is the conspiracy. They believe in restoring the power to print money to the State. Most are even foolish enough to think that a return to gold is a ‘Bilderberg conspiracy’. The only problem, as the Greenbackers see it, is that the Federal Reserve is private.

They are of course too blind to see (as Ron Paul knows) that if you put the power to create money in the hands of Congress, you haven’t changed anything. The monstrosity, the source of all our problems, the State, is still there. The congressmen are still bought, the overarching state is still there – the problems are no different, and the people are still under a tyranny. The federal government is still in absolute control over the people, because it can print whatever money it desires; the fact that the Federal Reserve is private as it stands just adds insults to injuries.

If you don’t believe that people could be drawn in by this: look at any of the comments on the video, or on forums. I produce below a few random examples of the general tone.

wow i guess we have all been duped with the Austrian school of economics
godseyeview 6 minutes ago

don't tell me that wouldn't be awesome. this video is like an example of how our country would handle things. all discussions would be rational and have logic behind our decisions. Murika could be saved.
jeff76358 5 minutes ago'

Tarpley and Jones are getting to the bottom of it......This is good
Take over the fed and use it for the people..
VictoryReef2012 1 minute ago

Tarpley's manipulation upon Jones and the response of Jones is wholly in accordance Jones’s character, which Tarpley knows. This happened two years ago when a liberty candidate for Texas, Debra Medina, under pressure from a neocon in an interview made a comment against 9/11 truth, and Jones immediately abandoned her, attacking her as ‘scum’ and telling his listeners to cut off all support.

This angered Jack Blood so much that he made a one hour broadcast exposing Jones and what sort of man he is. Apparently anyone who puts a foot wrong against him is bullied into submission, and he tries to wipe them out; he has an ‘us against them’ set of mind. If you speak against him or put a foot wrong, you’re ‘one of them’. Blood himself went from being one of the highest-ranking members on Jones’s show to ‘one of them’ for daring to question his bad business practices.

Listen to the first ten to fifteen minutes of this broadcast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LSPB14tfKo

It was angering enough to people that he did then exactly the same thing he’s done this time, to Ron Paul, to Deborah Medina; but now he has turned on Ron Paul of all people, after a supposed 17 years of ‘friendship’.

Listen to any of Jack Blood’s comments, e.g. at 8:00~: ‘for agreeing with a neocon… there have been 48 hours of brutal attacks’ – if you didn’t already know that it was about Medinah, you’d think that Blood were talking about the Paul situation throughout this broadcast.

I don’t think that either Tarpley or Jones are sinister. The one is a manipulative creature with his own agenda, the other is a fickle and explosive and easily manipulated creature who will destroy anyone on a whim who puts a foot wrong as he sees it, chained to his egotism, and Tarpley has seen exactly how to push such a character into doing exactly what he wants. He’s manipulated him and has been stunningly successful, and is now trying to push people away from Paul and into Socialism and his own cult of personality.

Now, if we’re to be swept away by this, I want people to consider very carefully what alternative there is if we shamefully and immorally abandon Ron Paul after his 30 years of service and after all that’s happened in these past 8 years? Gary Johnson will never be elected, and self-admittedly has never read a libertarian book.

I would like to hear from those who are attacking Paul on the basis of this one comment by his son what they propose to replace him with, as they meanwhile throw Ron overboard. If a man with 30 years of dedicated and uncompromising service in a den of vipers isn’t good enough for you, who is? Who won’t invoke your furore at the coaxing of Alex Jones when he sets a foot wrong and be thrown overboard next time?

I hope that people recognise what has happened here and come to their senses, and rally around Ron Paul again. What fools we are to have been coaxed into this frenzy by the likes of the egotism of Alex Jones and the manipulation of Webster Tarpley.

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I cannot speak about his personal attacks because I do not know the full details but he obviously sees that there is some confusion out there surrounding the Paul campaign and automatically uses his socialist objectives to try to fill the void. ie. hoping people pick up on them. Very crafty imo.

Even though his assessment is most likely correct concerning the LSE and libertarians. Hayek and Mises had a considerable amount of intelligence, common sense, and Hayek had military service and other considerable experience.



What a thorough job you've done. I was already through with Alex Jones as soon as I heard he was interviewing only people who would say negative things about Ron Paul on his show and badmouthing him. I also knew scores of his "mindless minions" full of hate were flooding his videos with vicious anti-Ron comments.

I feel relief now that I've recently discovered that these weren't really Ron Paul supporters to begin with. Like you said, Alex Jones is consumed by ego and he has a really ugly snarling side. Some of his supporters are seriously disturbed who think everything is a devil's horn sign and they're all illuminati and freemasons.

I was a little surprised since he so heavily promoted Ron Paul before but now I really wonder what his agenda is -- opportunist? Or just full of hate wanting to see someone else fall? At any rate, he sure showed the black hole I've seen bubbling out of him with teeth bared.

New video by Alex Jones today

New video by Alex Jones today in which the insults are repeated and the tone for his listeners towards the destruction of Ron is definitively set. A selection from the information:

'Unless Ron comes out now and makes a tremendously convincing speech that explains his current position and reaffirms his underlying values, his political career on the national stage is finished. And if he imagines his son, Rand, who has just sold out by endorsing Romney, can take up the sword of the father in the future, he's delusional. In one day, Ron has ditched his own political career and his familial legacy.'


In one day according to Alex Jones, just as it was in the Deborah Medina case. A day out of thirty years of uncompromising service is enough for him. His employees as you would expect are toeing the line and obeying their master. Stay true to Ron.

Thank you

For that great analysis and i have to agree with most of what is written BUT i am still confused about the last money bomb we had. Now, i am a college student (dirt poor) but i donated money which was extremely hard for me to get, so I am still wondering why they needed to have that last money bomb and then throw in the towel. That is the only part that confuses me...we raised what 600K+? Where is that going to?

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

What are you talking about?

What the hell does a moneybomb have to do with the subject? You're whining about money you "claim" you donated? You trolls are SO transparent; you're really not very clever.


...and salaries for Benton, et al., for the foreseeable future.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


You're like a comedy team. Except pathetic instead of funny.

I always said that

when the time was right, AJ would try and pull the rug out from under the campaign. It's what his empire was created to do...sell fear.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

have to agree with much of your assessment

While I still respect AJ, despite all his flaws, for those who have not done their due-diligence, researched 9/11 False Flag/geopolitics/econ/history/Constitutional heritage in depth or kept up with all the ups and downs and intricacies of the 2012 campaign, and if you're ones who have 'just taken the R3D Pill,' the guests Alex has on, unless one has been watching/listening to AJ for awhile enough to be familiar with AJ's style, it's easy to be swayed in completely one direction or another without nuance by a particularly defined views of one of his guests who seem to fill the narrative tightly, as Tarpley has been known to do, without being able to accept what is vs. discarding what isn't.

Tarpley fills that void, particularly for disenchanted InfoWarriors joining the fray out of the more Left Progressive side.

And, Alex CANNOT rebut someone like Tarpley's insane fascists FDR econ solutions and critique his New Deal 2.0 proposals by mere "all I know is that anytime these Progressives get in, even with the best of intentions, when you get people dependent on the welfare state, the state destroys you and want to take my guns!"

While ABSOLUTELY correct, but with someone like Tarpley, one has to refute his analyses with fully footnoted historical precedence. Because to ANY casual observer, Tarpley's intellect is rather obvious. So it's easy to be swayed, unless someone can counter his assertions with MORE credible roster of historical facts as to WHY what Tarpley proposes is simply Coporatism 2.0 under the fascistic FDR New Deal 2.0 banner.

Regardless, it's not surprising that AJ would react this way, because he is who he is. But, I don't get the sense that AJ is intentionally 'out to get or destroy' the Pauls.

He just feels extremely betrayed right now. And, he simply cannot hide it. But that's just who Alex is.

Right now, the Austin Bulldog is literally acting like a guy who just found out that his girlfriend was meeting another guy whom he knows of and does not like, behind his back.

So, he's at that phase where he's running through all the possible reasons for the meet in his mind, out loud: he's still not sure WHY she'd even entertain meeting him or to talk about what. That said, she has not kissed him nor has publicly displayed any intimacy. So why? Why? Why?

That, I suspect, is what we're watching play out.

So immediate reaction is one of angst and frustration.

And after trying his best to subtly give her a chance to explain herself on her own without accusing her that he thinks that she's cheating on him, the smartphone text he sent her to prompt her to 'pre-emptively' explain herself as to WHY she met that guy behind his back, has not been answered in the manner he'd have liked. So now he's ranting.

However, I believe last night's InfoWars Nightly News interview with Jon Rappaport is a bit over the top:

In it, Alex actually goes way overboard characterizing Campaign for Liberty as essentially a RICO outfit there to push other satellite political operations to get "a cut for the Paul Mafia" (Yes, AJ ACTUALLY referred to "Ron Paul Inc" as a Mafia).

Yeah. To say that he feels betrayed is an understatement.

Also in the interview, Jon Rappaport doesn't even caveat his assessment with PERHAPS Dr. Paul and Rand decided on this strategy thinking, etc., etc. He said it AS IF he can literally read their mind and stated definitely that Ron & Rand concocted this together.

While Jon and Alex critiquing the decision by Rand or perhaps both Pauls to endorse Mutt, and openly discussing has merits, but for Alex, someone who has interviewed Dr. Paul for over 14years in over 200 interviews to NOT directly contact him to get his own word on the record on Rand's endorsement situation, is pathetic.

Now, it'd be naive to assume that Dr. Paul wasn't aware Rand would do that on Sean Insanity's show, or perhaps even gave a tacit approval for Rand to do this. But that, is a wholly other matter than to accuse Ron Paul of being the same as Rand Paul.

An orchestration to make the last Friday's announcement or not, Ron Paul and Rand Paul are WHOLLY two separate individuals. Anyone who alludes that they're the same, are sorely lacking in discernment skills.

OF COURSE, at the end of the day, whatever negative political fallout from the R3VOL grassroots in response to Rand's endorsement will absolutely affect Ron, and in the aggregate whether he actively pushed Rand for the statement or indirectly reluctantly tolerated it.

Making it worse, though?

Dr. Paul's UTTER SILENCE on this matter since last Friday, is being interpreted by almost all political watchers that he, at the least, tacitly approved it.

Ron is the leader of the Liberty Movement, at least this phase of it, and like it or not, the "Buck stops with Dr. Paul."

So personally, while I appreciate his years of sacrifice and fighting for our Natural Rights even before I were ever born, I do feel that he does need to address this issue DIRECTLY to us, the grassroots R3VOLutionaries.

Hopefully sooner, than later.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Used to defend Alex

No more. Tarpley is the epitome of The New World Order....I really don't think the man is playing with a full deck and after listening to Alex now referring to "The Pauls" this and "The Pauls" that he has lost all of his credibility and lost my respect. Yesterday I was reading one of Alex's underlings' article about Rand and the Agriculture dept and how he added amendments to a bill to allow for the American people to eat and drink (raw milk) natural foods without swat teams taking the producers. Great idea and I have been on the top of "Rand supporting Romney" rant and I STILL AM NOT HAPPY WITH WHAT HE DID AND HOW HE DID IT. BUT, I will not discount something good that he is doing and I will give him credit for it. Also, Rand added an amendment that the AG guys should NOT be allowed to have weapons. Praise the Lord! Take the weapons away from the government cow, corn and chicken police...THEY DON'T NEED WEAPONS TO USE AGAINST US but rather WE have weapons to protect ourselves from THEM!

Well, the writer of "Alex's" blog stated that "They are banning GUNS!" That to me is Alex crossing the line and lying to start hysteria. If anyone had not read the ENTIRE article, they would have thought that gun laws were going into place tomorrow and marshall law enacted! Is Alex losing it? Is he becoming part of the fear mongering? I don't know and I don't care but his audience will drop like a rock or he will end up getting people worked up enough to start violence. I don't think Alex realizes that he is falling right into the hands of the NWO. I commented on his blog that he needs to get a grip and if he wants the answer to his questions to listen to Dr Paul's Texas speech...all of the answers are there and I am so proud of Dr Paul standing up to the powers that be and not doing what they asked him to do in that speech. "They wanted me to talk about uniting the party but how can you unite something that is bad" and "How about us all uniteing behind the Constitution?!" Ron Paul or NO ONE!


Not even sure why I read the Daily Paul anymore. Rand will rise or fall by his own merits, not by what Alex Jones or anyone else does.

I'm of the firm beleif that you never have to play patty cake with the establishment in order to make progress, if there's anything that Ron Paul has showed us over the years it is that.

My advice to everyone is to keep focused on the revolution, we, the grassroots are what made it happen. We're the ones out there winning elections, training activist and preparing them for the conventions, winning delegates, exposing the establishment. Ron and Rand can do whatever they want, and while I don't trust Rand, I still trust Ron. But regardless our movement isn't about them. It's about an idea whose time has come.

Re: Oi....

Like yer title. Hey com'on U know Y U read. Yer hooked, like it or not.....

But U missed it on the part about Rand rising or falling on his own metits..... I'd like to think that's how things work, but not these days..... Not until the people understand the power of words. MEDIA makes/breaks Kings.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Alex Jones == a leftist Glenn Beck


Don't read anymore of his Paul family rants

People, me included are tweeting him and telling him his fans and Paul supporters have turned the page and are concentrating on the new election fraud in Texas and the legal suits and going to Tampa. Basically we are telling him to keep up to date and quit giving us old stuff, or he will become a dinosaur just like the rest of the media. We've moved on, Alex.


tarpley is a shithead , jones is just pissed because he feels like rand owes him for being in the senate, like all of his listeners voted for rand or something. Liberty is gaining steam all around the country, we will need people like rand in office to help the movements across the country.

Again I just think jones feels doublecrossed and he is venting it out like he always does.

you could always choose not to listen.

there are plenty other purely political shows to listen to.

i choose to be a little more awake though even if there is a great deal of DISINFO to muddle through.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Derba Medina

This is just history repeating itelf. Debra Medina was a loyal Paul supporter who worked on his campaign who had a real chance to unseat Rick Perry up until Jones ripped her apart for not being 9/11 truth enough. Listen to Jack Blood instead.


Huge Bump for Jack Blood. One of the best and most under-rated people in talk radio.

I love him, Joyce Riley and Vinney Eastwood. I listen to them all daily.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Debra Medina

She was doing so well until Glenn Beck had her on his show and shamelessly accused her of being a 911 truther. He deliberately torpedoed her.


She had no chance after Beck

She had no chance after Beck and Jones double teamed her. Beck asked some stupid question about 9/11 truthers expecting some McCarthyite answer from her that he didn't get. So he ripped her. Then she appeared on some neocon's radio show and the host said some unfair things about 9/11 truthers, so Jones attacked her for not coming to their defense. It was a terrible thing that happened to her and blatently unfair.

Let's not ignore

the groundwork laid for months by the Benton-hating crew that was fomented by Adam Kokesh and his vicious personal vendetta against the Ron Paul campaign.
There were months of postings by the same usual suspects, slowly instilling a hate and mistrust of any and all in the Ron Paul campaign, and nurturing these mistrusts into outright hate by many members here. Every mis-step, or even anything that could possibly be construed as mis-step was amplified into "another treachery" by Benton or some other member of the campaign.
It actually caught on, much to the glee of the trolls, and then it exploded fully here with the Ron Paul emails discussing not having enough delegates, and the Rand Paul announcement.
People were already wound-up like springs by the psychological programming that had been done here, and were quite ready to fly off the handle at the first opportunity, and they did.
Then the Alex Jones stuff came in at the end, to complete the "pincer movement" attack, meant to finish off Ron Paul for good.
This whole thing was an operation, carried out over months of time. It as NOT "spontaneous". It was planned and worked.

Explain this...

"Adam Kokesh and his vicious personal vendetta against the Ron Paul campaign."

'The Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats. They believe that “the best government is that which governs least,” and that which governs least is no government at all.'
-Benjamin Tucker

Ya got a search button?

There's about a thousand posts on this site proving it.
Find them.
I lived thru them, AND their turmoil because I was there, unlike people like you who have been here for 3 days.

The major hints to look for are when Kokesh got fired from Russia Today, and got into some arguments with the RP campaign, and the campaign had to distance themselves from Adam over that and some other things like when he got arrested, and the comments about "assassinating Romney".
Then, the poison from Kokesh started pouring out, partially via his followers, and it took a while before I figured out what it all was about. It became a lot more obvious when Kokesh started running on about Benton's girlfriend, and supposedly "cheating on her with his current wife" and a bunch of other tripe that had no purpose other than character assassination. By that time, there was a full-fledged Benton-hating attack squad here, ready to hang Benton and anybody else in the campaign at the drop of a hat, comprised of Kokesh fanboys, and their dupes who had been effectively poisoned against the campaign by the propaganda being repeated on the DP by them.
Kokesh is just off the deep end. And I personally would never march with him in that "veterans march" to Tampa, if I was a vet. I have watched his "rise" to where he is now, and there is a strong chance that he is a mole who will attract the more volatile factions of the movement, and get them arrested or hurt.

Why the hate?

I get thumbs downed for asking a question? I requested information because I'm curious, but apparently that's not welcome here.

Another thing. Why do people think they are high and mighty for registering on this forum a long time ago? I was a RP supporter a long time ago too. You guys sound like a bunch of public employees with your obsession over seniority, for f\/(k's sake...

Anyways, back on topic. I've seen some of Kokesh's work. I actually predicted the direction his show was headed. He started off all constitutional and flag-wavy, and I knew Molyneux's influence would send him into market anarchism. He's a smart guy. I don't know who Benton is, but I hear the name around here. I really don't care who was sleeping with who though.

He's not a mole, he's an ancap. And yes, the goal of market anarchists is to let RP supporters know about the stateless alternatives.

'The Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats. They believe that “the best government is that which governs least,” and that which governs least is no government at all.'
-Benjamin Tucker

This is blatant revisionism gone haywire.

Jesse Benton was a punk 24-year-old wannabee four years ago who was such a novice at everything, and already way too big for his own hat, that the MSM rarely took anything the campaign said seriously, as he was supposed to be their "contact."

Truth is, I had to compel him to do his job after the '07 Ames Straw Poll when it was apparent he and the rest of the '08 staff were going to just sit back and say "well we tried" after Ron Paul was pronounced 5th-- when he was manifestly no worse than 2nd at Ames.

Kent Snyder hired lots of other co-orientationists, which turned off the entire Christian/patriot wing of the movement. Debbie Hopper hired people like Ken Lindell (who ran the Maine R.P. movement into the ground as he was a RINO plant and son of an international bankster.) She also lied to me for two weeks about it on the other major RP blog site, before finally admitting witnessing homosexual acts in the Arlington H.Q. People like Adam DeAngelis became the face of the campaign after rolling in the gutter dead drunk at the Mackinac Conference (MI). The enormous wasteful spending of that campaign has been documented here many times--including millions spent on production of ads that never ran, and millions saved out to start a PAC without the consent of the grassroots who wanted to elect a President.

These are not things the REAL PATRIOTS in the grassroots did. These were the types of people who were being hired four years ago. These were the actions of people paid by the grassroots to run a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, not a scam to line pockets and start a PAC. We are not responsible for that, and would have been nuts to have come into this campaign with blinders on.

Penny Freeman told me on more than one occasion that she pleaded with Ron Paul not to hire Snyder, but that once he did--the course became clear. Run a "campaign" designed for other purposes.

Now, this go 'round, the campaign did a much better job, and accomplished far more. Even hiring decisions (though usually titular positions with little authority) were better. Mike Heath in Iowa, and Paul Madore in Maine, for example. Yet, when the rubber hit the road, and it became apparent we might actually win this thing (like the night of the AZ and OK conventions) the same power players in the campaign decided it was time to pull the plug.

You find out why.

I am not saying I know why.

BUT, I DO KNOW THE GRASSROOTS IS NOT TO BLAME for the fact that Rand Paul endorsed Romney or that Ron Paul can not now be the nominee. That was done by them, not by us.

Now spin away to your hearts content, but the truth will still set you free....If you'll let it....

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
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"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


it's been quite obvious to me for a while now that you have no grasp on the truth at all.
You are here to stir up trouble, and that's also been obvious.


It's obvious to me you have no interest in the truth, and are here to try to help Rand force us into Romney's corner. Ain't gonna happen, pal.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Steve, I have no intent to do that, and neither does Rand.

I just reviewed your early posting history, because I was curious to see you with a 5 year history, but never remembered seeing your name till recently.
This was because you only had about 23 postings in 2008, seemingly centered around bashing the campaign at that time too.
Which coincidentally is what you are now doing this year, after disappearing for 4 years in the meantime.

I think I got it.
You were somehow, "involved" with the early campaign, along with "Penny what's her name" the disgruntled ex-staffer that was featured in Adam Kokesh's video.
Both of you are a pair of disgruntled ex-staffers who had sour-grapes, and never could agree with what your replacements did.
You were clearly angry with the staff back then, and you are now too.

I see you as a disgruntled muck-stirrer, and your posting actions here support that conclusion, Steve.

I posted mostly on the other site four years ago...

...and uncovered the important information I have shared with you all there four years ago, and only came back to supporting this campaign, when it appeared--for awhile--they might actually have matured/changed and really wanted to win it.

I have never been paid a penny for any involvement with the Pauls and have never been on the paid staff of any political organization or campaign. I've always volunteered with the best true Constitutional conservative candidacy for President I could find...Reagan '80, Perot, 92, Buchanan '96, Charles Collins, 00, etc. I left the Republican Party around 2000 when it became apparent they had been totally taken over by Neoconservatives--only rejoining it in 2007 when Ron Paul announced he would run.

Penny Langford-Freeman was someone I LOOKED UP four years ago to try to find out what the heck was going on inside the Paul campaign.

Penny is not a former "disgruntled" staffer. She was the person who was able to provide PROOF that the first campaign turned into a scam designed to start a PAC. I have had no contact with her since 2009. I have never "disappeared." I have been involved constantly in the Constitutional Coalition since '09 (which I founded here in ME) and also started a radio show three years ago, which has documented many more facts about how the real liberty movement gets infiltrated and turned.

You sir, are the one who is attempting to cover up the truth of what is going on. Muck stirring is of no interest to me, only the TRUTH. You obviously can't handle the truth.

If patriots can not handle the truth that this campaign has been shattered--even more effectively than in '08--then we can not rebuild the restoration effort around PRINCIPLES rather than PERSONALITIES.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer, 96.5 FM in Bangor, Maine.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

"Outright truths"?

In general this is a good post but I do take exception to the following being described as "outright truths":

"And he lumps all these absurd ideas in with truths (albeit painful ones) like

1. Peter Thiel, noted Ron Paul backer, is attending this year's Bilderberg conference
2. Ron Paul lied down against Mitt Romney, not running campaign ads against him
3. Ron Paul ran a campaign he knew he would never win
4. Ron Paul is engaging in Nepotism

By lumping together extreme untruths with outright truths, it makes for an explosive combination once the device is ignited."

1. Peter Thiel never "backed" Ron Paul per se. He "Endorsed Liberty" and Ron Paul happened to be the only candidate running as a libertarian. Mr. Thiel has his own agenda and that is probably related to his sexual orientation.

Ron Paul has never endorsed same sex unions or homosexual practices although many either accuse him of doing so or of being the opposite, homophobic, for their own ends. James Kerchick, the writer of the article in the "The New Republic" trashing Dr. Paul for his newsletters, is a homosexual as is Justin Raimondo who wrote an article defending Dr. Paul on the same subject. Kerchick admitted to Raimondo that he knew Dr. Paul was not homophobic but liked to rile his supporters with his inflammatory remarks.

It is well established that the Bilderberg ruling elites are very often involved in sexual perversions and it is they who have promoted same sex unions and sought to "liberalise" sexual practices in the West since a population that is sexually permissive is easily controlled. This is reason enough for Mr. Thiel to be associated with them, in order to further his own agenda to normalise same sex unions. This is not now nor has it ever been Dr. Paul's goal.

Mr. Thiel's Super Pac never contributed to the Ron Paul Campaign and Ron Paul would no more prevent Mr. Thiel supporting him than he would prevent Don Black of Stormfront the white power group from contributing to his campaign. What you are implying here by saying this is a "truth (albeit painful one)" is guilt by association just as do Dr. Paul's enemies.

2. Ron Paul's Campaign did run ads criticising Mitt Romney and so did Gingrich and Santorum. Mitt Romney's being on different sides on every issue in his political career is well known and hardly needs repeating. Ron Paul himself has never indulged in personal attacks on his opponents and prefers not to. He has however criticised Mitt Romney in many interviews on his policies. Some of Ron Paul's supporters have urged attacks on Romney but Dr. Paul has eschewed such an approach and I personally believe he was wise to do so.

Since the Ron Paul Campaign knew that Romney was the appointed winner and had they decided to get into a spitting match with the Romney Campaign given the latter's effectively unlimited war chest of funds who do you think might have emerged victorious? As we know being clean is no longer a defence against calumny. Unsupported accusations and twisting of half truths will work just as well as proven allegations in today's trial by media. Even here on the DP we have witnessed this spirit at work.

It was made clear from the beginning that the Ron Paul Campaign wanted to make the race between Romney and Paul. They were only partially successful in doing so. Their adversaries were determined to maintain a multiple challenge and did so until they felt they had done enough. In the meantime the grassroots did a great deal to spread information about Romney that served to discredit him.

3. This is the most invidious "outright truth". The strategy adopted by the Paul Campaign to amass delegates using the Party rules to their advantage was clearly the ONLY viable means for Ron Paul to win given the control of the mass media, the polling and the electronic voting by the establishment. The "beauty contests" were obviously manipulated and subject to fraud and deception. That the RNC, the GOP and the Romney Campaign have used illegal, improper and even violent manoeuvres to combat the Ron Paul Campaign strategy may well still turn out to be their downfall.

4. There is nothing inherently wrong with employing family members in political campaigns since two of the most important qualities required are discretion and trustworthiness. Ron Paul has always used family in his campaigns and as a result his children are politically astute.

To use the word "nepotism" is to imply corrupt behaviour and to say this is an "outright truth" is to throw mud at the Paul family just as surely as the people you are ostensibly criticising in the article you have written. In this regard you have demonstrated the same propensity as Webster Tarpley although with less venom. In my view you have probably done so innocently but nonetheless perhaps you should re-examine this portion of the article.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

your notes are true , i believe

i just listened to the tarpley interview,



"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL