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Rand Paul Turns to the Dark Side

By Roger F. Gay (Twitter @rogerfgay)

The son of a great Jedi master of the Liberty Movement, The Force was strong in the young apprentice. Alas, he was thrust into the limelight of the battle between good and evil far too early, long before his training could be completed. Inexperienced, impatient, and eager to make his own way, the call to become ordinary, a simple mindless drone in the Washington gang was too strong.

We don't yet know whether Rand Paul broke any of his father's bones using him as he did, as a spring board into the service of The Empire. More likely than not, he did crush his father's heart.

The Liberty Movement, as it is known today, created the Tea Party, a once proud idea that inspired the masses, before “the establishment” threw it into chaos. The movement itself lives on and has begun its exponential phase; forcefully pushing out the old establishment to create a new order; one with the promise to restore a nation and the last great hope for mankind. As people around the globe begin to awaken, it made its first concrete inroads into exposing and defeating political corruption and demonstrating the voters were on the great Jedi master's side. Followers of the movement had been searching for a new generation of politicians worthy of the new age.

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Traitorous, treasonous Rand

I accuse him of shiftiness, sedition and witchcraft... BURN HIM! BUUURN HIM!!!

This is not even a worthy scenario for a bad B movie

Even the lowly made-for-TV producers at the Lifetime Channel could not read this without holding their noses.

My advice is to wad up this lame, cliche-ridden script and throw it in the waste bucket.

How could you think this helps our children's future?

another poor lost soul

who has been listening to Alex Jones all weekend unable to discern that Alex can make mistakes and actually have a knee jerk reaction that is wrong. Time will show Alex is simply wrong for once. Put down the Webster Tarplay interviews for an hour and watch RON PAUL's speech at the Texas convention. there's a reason why it has been on the front page of DP for several days now.

Romney 2012! Behave yourselves in Tampa, props

Sorry, Alex and Tarpley will remain in my bookmarks. It is Daily Paul whose days appear numbered. Still waiting for Ron to come forth and denounce his wayward son. Waiting ...

ahh 39 weeks old

still in mama's diapers. come back when you are old enough to talk.

They're coming in too fast!

Rand threads, that is.

For heaven's sake!

Stop watching your Hollywood inspired fantasy films, and join the REAL side.
Get off your bum, and into the real world, open your eyes, have a look around, and learn that it takes much courage to right the wrongs of decades.
Rand Paul is firmly on the side of liberty....someone always has to do the dirty work, and I believe that Rand Paul is man enough to do what has to be done, on "the Dark Side". Grow up, roll up your sleeves, and get working for the people who are working so hard for you!!!

He made his bed, now he must lie in it

Rand Paul better ask Sean Hannity for his campaign contributions from now on, not me.