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Dr Ron Paul is teaching everyone about liberty and freedom to choose

I am from the UK and have been following Dr Ron Paul for a while now. His latest speech at the Texas Convention is amazing and is what he is all about.

The amazing thing is he appears to be walking the walk defending individual liberty and freedom to choose and take responsibility for what choice you made. His son is an excellent example of that. Ron Paul lets his son choose and accept responsibility for his choices, which is what individual liberty and freedom is all about.

Dr Paul also does not engage in "people" bashing, he reiterates his message and that message does not require bashing your opponents, just steadfastly sticking to his message and honing his skills of delivering it.

Dr Paul seems to be a master at this and I believe, that is why he is so loved by so many.

I believe he will remain true to his message and whatever that entails.

Dr Paul has inspired me in many ways, when I feel blue, I listen to one of his speeches and it restores my faith in humanity. The latest speech he gave at the Texas convention is worth listening to again and again. Thanks to the team that streamed it live and recorded it for everyone. I can't spell the girl's name but her last name is Fish I believe - she and her team did an amazing job! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep up the good work of making Dr Paul's speeches available on the Internet so we can listen when we feel the world has gone crazy. Dr Paul's sanity and common sense helps immeasurably to restore a sense of goodness.

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