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The "Jones analysis" has ulterior motives

...listen to the alex jones insane broadcast on Y2K
....The russians are coming!
This isn't a joke.
AJ had people literally terrified and running
for the hills on Dec 31, 1999
Alex Jones was telling listeners that bank machines
were failing, nuclear plants had shut down,
that military were everywhere,
that the Russians were attacking (!) . ..etc etc
My question is ...Why would he do this?


I know this is who many people listen to for
his "analysis of Ron Paul"
AJ now refers to Ron Paul as "The Pauls"
To lump Ron in with Rand

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I like A.J. from all the times...

...I have heard him speak and his movie/documentaries are very enlightening. But when it comes to any accusations about Ron Paul, that is where I think he is totally off! I realize no one is perfect, but this could be very damaging because regardless of how people view A.J. in general, the fact is, he influences MANY people. Hope this all gets straightened out or there will be a great divide. Not good!

As if...

As if Alex Jones has any majority sway over the Liberty movement or over the members and readers of Daily Paul.

Who cares? Oooo, a guy with an internet show. :( I'm skeered...

booooring post

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

To be fair

the MSM was also casting doom and gloom. Hindsight is 20/20. What Jones is doing against Paul is maddening. Give him about a week and an interview with Ron and things will cool down and go back to normal.

Also, the NWO does exist.

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the alex jones smear campaign

yes, of course the nwo exists.
I didn't make the video.
Jones might destroy his own career
with the smear he's been doing on
our man Ron Paul.
I hope the Alex Jones treachery blows up in his face.

Randney smeared himself

Alex is not smearing the Pauls. He defended the Pauls against Tarpley's attacks for several weeks now. Unfortunately, Rand's sell out to Romney on Hannity proved that Tarpley was right all along. Jones is fair-minded enough to accept he was wrong. Are you?