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Laying the Foundation for a North American Security Perimeter

Through various initiatives, NAFTA partners are laying the foundation for a fully integrated North American security perimeter. In the advent of a terrorist attack, disaster or any other perceived threat to the continent, the U.S. could then execute control over the security perimeter. The global elite are not ones to let a serious crisis go to waste. Such a scenario would also provide the perfect cover needed to officially usher in a North American Union.

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NAFTA is the prelude to ONE Government

and ONE Central Bank (like the FED) ruling a UNION of USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America. This is the dream of the international elite, as a United Europe was part of the dream. The nations of Europe are about to lose their sovereign rights driven by crisis (designed by the banks) to accept the rule of one central government and one central bank.

Tax payers will be in debt forever, paying off bailouts and other designed crisis to keep the international bankers in power and PROFIT, and to guarantee their future wealth.

This is what Ron Paul and the Revolution are fighting against; BIG government and debt. But big government is exactly what the elite want.

The issues the Revolution is fighting for are the issues that affect everyone globally.

They haven't even proven

they can have a successful United States Boarder yet. That would be getting ahead of themselves.

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

And this has been coming for a loooong time

Started with Geo the One-th, then Clinton - with Newt's help - and then, Geo the Two-th got the Treaties signed.

Our Sovereign Country? Not with THIS... Bye-bye

Susie 4 Liberty